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Erotic toys, pop-up shop



February 20, 2024

Times change unstoppably, and sometimes it shows in the smallest details. At a birthday party, a group of friends gather at the birthday girl’s house to celebrate the anniversary in style. Laugh, drink and enjoy the company of her daughters, although there are also men, family members, etc… After eating the cake it is time to open the gifts. Jewelry, the occasional book, lots of clothes… and something else special. As he approaches the smaller gift, his friends begin to laugh uncontrollably. The birthday girl carefully opens it and her eyes widen. She puts her hand to her mouth to stifle a scream and, laughing, shows what she is wearing. It’s a clitoral sucker, from that famous brand. Everyone laughs, some older people without understanding what it is about, some men with forced smiles…

This image would have been unimaginable a few years ago, but today it is repeated at many birthday celebrations or at any party where gifts are given. Female pleasure is no longer a taboo and the affordable price of this type of sex toy has brought a new era where it is an overwhelming success. An area that not long ago seemed almost secret, a business that already generated a lot of money, but could not expand further, precisely due to “moral” limitations. The sex toy business has operated in the shadows for decades, for both men and women, but like porn and many other sex-related sectors, women’s visibility has remained in the background… until now. Things have changed so much that now a vibrator can be a gift as perfect as a good book for a friend, and she will be proud to show it off. So much so that even coffee afternoons are dominated by conversations about these devices, proving that female empowerment is slowly reaching the world of sexual pleasure.

Joy at your fingertips

And the sex toy business is growing by leaps and bounds lately, which – as we will see – is also supported by a much more open mentality. Some argue that they are sexualizing society itself, and not exactly for the better. However, these types of opinions are based on a moral rather than a scientific premise. There is nothing wrong with masturbating, with having your own pleasure at your fingertips. The situation experienced during the pandemic and confinement, when millions of couples separated and singles who could not meet new people, was a real shock. Sexual health is very important for proper physical and mental health, and these tools can be the perfect tools to enjoy the pleasure that sometimes resists us too much. Alone, without needing anyone.

A more open mindset

The freedom to enjoy these games has always been there if you think about it. In most countries, this sector has been allowed for decades and there was nothing illegal about selling vibrators or silicone vaginas to adults. What was it that stopped us from using these types of games? Society itself and the taboo that has arisen around complacency. A woman was not supposed to vibrate at home, not even those who were single and preferred to enjoy this pleasure for themselves. For men, these types of gadgets were a way to let off steam at certain times. They were not considered as harmful as vibrators, but a “real man” always found a girl with whom he could satisfy his carnal desires.

Fortunately, this whole mentality is changing little by little, and the Internet’s push towards sexual knowledge has been brutal and decisive in recent years. Many people claim that today access to porn is easier than ever and this affects us on a sexual level, in terms of desire, as we understand pleasure. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing in itself. In fact, at this point it was necessary to internalize the pleasure so as not to repress these perfectly normal ideas. The mentality has changed a lot, especially in the case of women, who are no longer ashamed of a vibrator or a clitoral sucker. In fact, they see their ability to decide when and how to pleasure themselves as a victory of their own.

Porn toys

Sex toy sales have increased significantly over the past five years. In fact, according to some studies, growth will continue for a few more years, at a rate greater than 12% annually. The industry is already making hundreds of millions of dollars, but it doesn’t seem to be close to its limit, precisely because more and more people are daring to try these games. Not only do they function as a means of self-gratification, but they are introduced into the couple’s dynamic, as another way to enjoy each other. There are all kinds of toys because technology has advanced so much that now the customization of these devices is complete and everyone can get the perfect vibrator.

One of the most extravagant aspects of this industry is its relationship with the world of porn. Many of these tools are not only appearing in the panorama of large production companies, a type of product location that usually gives very good results, but brands are going further. How do you get that new vibrator that you want to sell more of? Or will the customer choose that high-end silicone case once and for all? Add a porn star’s name to the package to make it more visible. In fact, the most powerful brands have worked closely with actors and actresses to create replicas of their genitals as the basis of their products. If you have always dreamed of having sex with Rocco Sifredi, now it is easier than ever. These replicas are more or less realistic, but they represent a perfect marriage between business and entertainment.

Internet as a sales platform

We’ve talked before about the importance of the Internet in changing archaic mindsets about sexual pleasure, but it’s not just about information. Today, the Internet is the great bazaar of the world, an endless shopping center full of huge stores and warehouses that are also open 24 hours a day. Fears and doubts about online shopping have long disappeared, which is why today everyone can go to any website and order anything. Of course, sex toys too, in a much more elegant and discreet way than entering the neighborhood sex shop. The large platforms also sell these types of games, although in a quite subtle way, changing their names so that they do not have such clear sexual references. It doesn’t matter. They continue to sell in the millions and we all love to enjoy them.

Blog written and edited by Max S