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How to set up a brothel



February 20, 2024

In these times, when it is increasingly difficult to get ahead with our own business, many entrepreneurs are looking for alternatives rarely seen. And originality usually lies in the success of an idea that can become a profitable business. Putting the umpteenth restaurant on a street where there are already dozens, or a beauty salon in a neighborhood full of these types of salons, no longer works as well as it used to. Secure businesses seem to have disappeared or moved online. But not everyone can work online or have a store that sells products all over the world. Sometimes you have to get closer to the world you know, to your block, to the people close to you, to know what the public needs. What is a niche market that can really bring stability to your life through your own business?

Whiskey shops have always been in the spotlight because, for many, they are “low life” places. In Buenos Aires, for example, these types of establishments were banned a few years ago when it was discovered that they were actually secret brothels. The ban on this type of establishment in Argentina has led many businessmen to use this trick to survive in their business. And perhaps a country where prostitution is prosecuted is not the best place to set up a brothel, but fortunately there are many where it is legal. In Europe and most of Latin America, prostitution is regulated and permitted. Administratively, a brothel is a business like any other, with its taxes, fees and licenses. And in fact, since the demand for paid sex remains high in the world, this type of business can be a lifesaver for many, because it is extremely profitable. As long as we keep them in good condition and comply with the law 100% without falling into illegalities, a brothel can generate a lot of money, as explained here.

Legality of these premises

Obviously, the first thing we need to know to start this type of business is what the law says about it in our country. There are places like Germany or Holland where prostitution is completely legalized, as well as brothels. Others, like Hungary, allow prostitution but not brothels, considering them places where pimps exploit girls. In other countries, such as Spain or Portugal, these establishments are set up illegally behind the facades of nightclubs or discos. Everyone knows that they are brothels, but at the administrative level all the procedures are in order and they usually take care of all the controls. Knowing the law allows us to take advantage of it in case of any problem that arises.

What it takes to open a brothel

A brothel is nothing more than a place where sexual relations take place between assistants and clients. There are many types of brothels, from the smallest ones with only a few rooms to the largest ones with dozens of girls working. The usual thing is a large room, at least two floors. In the first one we put a bar where clients can have a drink with the girls while they choose who they want to be with. The services of all liquor stores must also be included, such as WC, emergency exit, etc… With these papers we leave the upstairs in order in the girls’ rooms. They will be able to work and even stay there, for example in exchange for a small sublease.

If we are in a country where brothels are allowed, the most important thing is to have all the procedures in order. We will surely need permission from the municipality where the site is located or, where appropriate, from the Ministry of Labor. Likewise, we will need special permissions to hire girls. We can do it on a service basis, or with a fixed contract, commission or paying a certain amount per month, although this is more complicated due to the fluctuation of benefits. The girls are usually independent and charge per service. Cleanliness is another key point of the room, since it must always be kept impeccable. This will improve the customer base and it will be more comfortable for the girls to work here.

Tips for success

A brothel is a rather peculiar business, and although it can be considered just another company, we need to understand the differences from the others. For example, understand that you will face accusatory looks from the public and try to be consistent with that. No need to look for arguments, we just do our work in the most efficient way. Advertising should be essential to make ourselves known. Word of mouth from customers also helps a lot, so you need to make them feel at home. Take advantage of the Internet to reach a larger audience, faster and easier. And above all, refrain from illegal activities that are usually associated with prostitution. No trade, no drugs. Creating a safe and relaxing place in the brothel is the best way to be successful.

Profitable business

For this article, you have searched for a business that can be profitable for you. Knowing that it’s very complicated in this day and age with everything we’re going through, brothels are at least one alternative to consider. The demand for sex is constantly increasing around the world, and in countries where prostitution is regular, clients have lost the fear of going to brothels. In the Netherlands, for example, this business already accounts for nearly 1% of GDP, a more important industry than the cheese industry, and so popular in these parts. Where there is a brothel, there is business, as long as we know how to manage it intelligently and take advantage of this important market niche. The best way to thrive in a brothel is to keep the girls happy and the customers even happier. And yes, there can be lean and hard times, but it always comes back in the end because the desire to enjoy sex never goes out of style.

Blog written and edited by Max S