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Selling used underwear is an incredibly growing business



February 20, 2024

Underwear has been used for centuries, although it is true that this intimate garment has changed a lot since then. Today, it is one of the most interesting sectors of fashion, because underwear, despite being underwear, is very desirable and pretty. Moreover, there are many women who buy underwear more and more often so that they can even wear it on a daily basis, because they feel better in this type of clothing. There are also those who prefer traditional underwear, white and extremely simple, although not so erotic. Of course, colors change, but it’s no wonder that underwear brands are gaining more and more space, and underwear styles are fashionable everywhere. There are already many important brands that have included this type of tops in their best-selling product lines.

Underwear does not necessarily have to be feminine, but it is clear that most of these garments are primarily worn by women. For many men, in fact, a girl wearing underwear is an undeniable step before sexual climax. If she chose to wear this outfit, it’s because she knows that other people will see it than her. That’s why it’s always said that men feel a burning wave of desire as soon as they see this underwear. It is designed to have exactly this effect on men, enhancing women’s curves in a very suggestive way. Underwear thus becomes a real fetish for many, and there are girls who saw it as a big deal. Nowadays, the sales sector of used intimate clothing is getting bigger and bigger, above all thanks to the anonymous buying and selling possibilities of the Internet. Many girls chose this strange business, which can earn a lot of money, as an alternative to other, much more difficult and lower paying jobs. But is it really possible to make a living selling used underwear? Let’s see.

This is a more common fetish than it seems

We call any object or even situation that creates a particularly strong desire in a person a sexual fetish. There are very common fetishes, such as heels, uniforms or beards, but there are also less common ones, such as cigarettes or tattoos. Everyone has their own fetishes, which often arise randomly for no logical reason. Other times they come from experiences we had in our adolescence when the fire was first born in our bodies. Intimate clothing fetishes are also common, as they are directly related to sexual and morbid desires. That is why it is not surprising that this fetish has become a real gold deal for some girls.

Amateur girls and porn stars

How are used clothes sold these days? Well, in this business, of course, the sexual component is the most important. In fact, people will pay more for clothes that were worn during sex, or with which the girl or boy in question masturbated. Intimate clothes, usually panties and bras for girls and boxers for boys, are permeated with the smell of sex. For many, this can be unpleasant and they do not hesitate to wash these clothes immediately. However, many users are willing to pay for them, especially if the user is famous or directly connected to the world of sex.

On many Internet forums and Onlyfans-type platforms, we find girls selling the intimate clothes in which they were photographed not long ago, for example. The technique is simple. They buy inexpensive underwear or intimate clothing, use it for a session, occasionally masturbate with the item of clothing, inform their potential customers, and then sell that item of clothing to the highest bidder. There are special cases, such as erotic models and porn stars, where this type of business is a very important means of income. They already have a defined audience that is perfect for this type of transaction, so they just need to find the best formula to sell their used underwear. However, buyers usually ask for reliable proof that the dress was worn by the seller, perhaps in a video or photo.

How much money can you make?

There are many platforms that allow you to sell used underwear online. Like many things, the network was designed to allow these types of transactions to grow and be done faster and easier. Many girls even do it anonymously, without their names being known or their faces appearing in photos or videos. However, the biggest profits come from models and porn stars who have legions of followers. Popularity helps them sell more and better among those already interested in this type of sexual fetish. With this income, models can earn hundreds of dollars per week if they have a large audience.

Selling used underwear is usually a good business for everyone. In fact, dresses cost an average of $40. This amount can increase if there are traces of liquid, if the client loves it, or even if it belonged to a famous porn actress or celebrity. Prices can then go up to $100 apiece, which is truly outrageous considering the only thing we do is wear clothes. The fetishism of intimate clothing has progressed to the point where we can now sell these garments on many platforms. Likewise, forums like Reddit or websites like Onlyfans have also made it a common feature among users.

Buruseras, Japanese used underwear stores

In Japan, buying and selling used underwear has become extremely normal. So much so that there are even separate shops for it, the so-called burusers. In them, young girls leave their panties and intimate clothes for the occasional man to buy. Prices are around $50, especially if the panties belonged to a student. Japan is a country with many strange fetishes that border on illegal for the rest of the world, such as being so attached to girls who are too young. In fact, underage girls have no problem using this used lingerie business for extra income. Many people understand that this is just a step behind pornography or prostitution, but in Japan it is very common.

Blog written and edited by Max S