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Adriana Olivera 🇧🇷

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Adriana Olivera 🇧🇷

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For many years, the niche of Brazilian porn has always held a special place in my horny heart. I’ve always found chicks from this substantial south american nation to have a level of built-in horniess that sets them apart from the rest. They can be absolute filth in bed and are reserved for men who are capable of handling them. Otherwise, they’ll sexually chew you up and spit you out!


Despite this, I’ve always found that Brazilian porn doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Many people opt for the kind of smut produced on the sun-kissed west coast rather than the tropical sun-kissed coastlines of Brazil. However, a lot has changed these days, and many are attributing this shift to platforms like OnlyFans.


OnlyFans has seen a surge of horny Latinas from around the world flocking to the platform to showcase their wild sex drives to an international audience. Among them is a small army of cock-hungry Brazilian sluts who are downright ravenous for any form of hardcore sex that they can find through OnlyFans.


If you’re a fresh-faced newbie to the world of Brazilian pussy and looking to find your feet without being sexually chewed up and spat back out, OnlyFans can be a great way of navigating the realm of Brazilian sluts virtually. Better yet, you also have the trusted hand of The Porn Dude to guide you through it and show you which chicks are worth checking out!


This brings us to the topic of today’s OnlyFans review. We’re going to be sliding between the smooth and sun-kissed thighs of a sex-loving Brazilian chick called She’s petite and has a filthy look in her eyes, and I want to slide deep into her profile to find out if she’s able to make the passionate stereotypes of Brazilian women proud!



What is is the account of Adriana Olivera, a Brazilian girl who is currently studying on the U.S. West Coast. Standing at a mere five foot one, she is the definition of a pocket rocket and claims that she is an experienced woman who promises that you ‘’won’t get bored’’ if you’re ‘’brave enough to message her.’’



At the time of writing, wasn’t home to a massive selection of content, and she only had 48 pictures and videos to explore. However, she does offer a free thirty-day trial to explore it all and get a taste of what she has to offer. After this, a subscription to will set you back $29.99 a month.



What’s the Content like on

While her profile doesn’t have the biggest selection of content in the world, I was still eager to explore it from top to bottom and find out whether can flood our horny minds with the kind of content that makes it impossible to resist the chance to message her for most!



● A Cumshot Worthy Tongue – In this selfie snap, we see posing with her tongue hanging out and a beaming smile surrounding it. She looks super Brazilian in this picture and has that olive-skinned beauty that her nation is so well known for. The thing that stands out the most about her is the fact that her tongue is almost begging for cum, and there’s no doubt countless people out there who would dump untold amounts of jizz on her stunning face. *raises hand with a horny grin*

● The Leopard Print Lingerie – This photoshoot of wearing a set of leopard print lingerie is a consistent theme through her feed, and some gorgeous snaps are within it. We get to see her stunning Brazilian smile that really gives off island girl vibes, and we also get to indulge in the divine sight of her cleavage and the alluring camel toe sticking through the panties of her lingerie.

● First Date Vibes – The following picture of is a very SFW one and shows her posing in a gorgeous dress under the neon sign of a sleek-looking restaurant. It has some solid first-date vibes and contrasts nicely with her lingerie pictures. She gives off the atmosphere of a girl in the streets and a freak in the sheets.



The Design of the Account

If you’re going to charge $29.99 for a monthly subscription, then you need to ensure that your OnlyFans profile is designed in a way that makes a subscription appear. Now, let’s look at and see if this Brazilian chick has done a solid job customizing her account’s overall appearance!



The first part of that you’ll see is the cover photo. Adriana has used a split-screen image that shows two photos of her posing on the black leather seats of a car. The first one shows her smiling with some of her titty peeking out (censored by an emoji), and the second shows her bending over in black panties, likely begging for some backseat doggy style!


Her profile picture is downright gorgeous and shows posing with her cleavage in her hands and beaming a gorgeous smile with her pearly whites on full show. Her tits look incredible when wrapped in the leopard print bra she’s wearing, and this is only made better by her petite hands cupping them.


The profile bio that sits below her cover photo and profile picture is kind of weird. It’s the type of bio that says a lot without actually saying anything. Although it does a semi-decent job of introducing you to who is, it fails to underline what kind of sexual content you can expect from her if you subscribe.



What I Like Most About it

Firstly, it’s impossible to deny that is fuckin’ stunning. Brazilian women have a stereotype of being smoking-hot, and Adriana is no exception. From her pearly white teeth to her perfect handful of titties and her tight fuckable body to her petite height, she is the kind of girl many of us would love to see bouncing on our cocks until she cums all over it.



The imagery that has opted to use in the opening stages of her profile is also pretty badass. The cover photo is eye-catching and teasing enough to lead your eyes deeper, and her profile picture showcases just how stunning this OnlyFans model truly is. Sadly, though, the same can’t be said for the content that sits further within her profile.



What I Don’t Like

The biggest issue with is the need for more content to be found within the profile. Not only are there just 48+ pieces of media to explore, but many of them are from the same photoset, so there isn’t much diversity amongst them. Plus, they’re all far from explicit, bringing me to the next point.



The bulk of the content in is way too tame. I understand that the main point of the profile is to drum up enough interest so that fans reach out to Adriana to pay for custom content, but this profile is costly to subscribe to. $29.99 for content this tame is a damn rip-off.


The bio of is also something that requires a rewrite. It doesn’t underline any of the reasons why people should subscribe to the account. It merely alludes to erotic content rather than being explicit about what people can expect if they take the leap to sign up for a monthly subscription.



Suggestions I Have for

My first advice for is to create a diverse and exciting array of sample content for the profile. Ideally, keep it exciting by featuring other content creators, posing with sex toys, and experimenting with different themes and settings. Currently, it’s way too mundane.



Also, Adriana shouldn’t be afraid to get more spicy in her free content. There’s a tonne of ways to do this without getting fully nude. For a Brazilian chick, I found the content on to be tame as fuck and was pretty disappointed.


The bio of an OnlyFans account should never be overlooked, and the one on can be much better written. Use your word count wisely and ensure that it packs a punch. For example, rather than saying stuff like, ‘’I am a worthy woman, and if you want to know me closer – just be brave and write to me,’’ say something like, ‘’I can be your pocket-sized ball of sexual excitement. Don’t let my cute appearance fool you because I can show you some sexual tricks that you’ll never forget. Don’t believe me? Man up and drop me a message if you’re sure you can handle it!’’




Well, I got excited as fuck when I found out that this chick was a petite Brazilian with a cumshot-worthy face, but I quickly became disappointed by the lack of exciting content within her feed. Overall, might be smoking hot and with a fuckable body, but she needs to work on her account and improve a lot of things to make it worth the $29.99 subscription fee.

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