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Anny Plein 🇺🇦

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Anny Plein 🇺🇦

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Boobs, tits, milkers, honkers, devil’s dumplings, there are a lot of words to describe a woman’s titties, and that’s only because we love them so damn much! I mean, is there anything better than a perfectly proportioned pair of all-natural mammary glands waiting for you to slide your dick between?


A fine pair of tits has caused a lot of pleasure throughout human history, and they’ve equally caused a lot of trouble. Why? Because men simply can’t resist the sight of a nice rack of milk-storing honkers!


On sites like OnlyFans, a shitload of women are using their milkers as makeshift weapons to lure in new subscribers, and, let me tell you, there are some damn fine titties spread across the site, making it hard to know which girl to subscribe to and which one to sidestep.


After all, a chick can have a world-class set of tits, but if her content is subpar, it doesn’t mean shit! That’s why I consider it a personal mission to explore every busty OnlyFans girl out there to find those busty sluts who are worth spending your wanking time on and those who are best avoided at all costs.


Recently, one pair of divine tits have caught my attention and has been on my radar for a while. It’s the gorgeous honkers attached to the chest of Anny Plein on her profile.


But while her tits did make my cock stand to attention like a sex-crazed special forces soldier, I still had to dive deeper into Anny’s content to see if it was worth me deploying him onto the frontlines of OnlyFans or not! And guess what? Today is the time to dive!


In this unbiased review, I plan to virtually tear off the tight vest of and see what else she offers besides an elite-tier pair of titties that make you thirsty for milk. Now, let’s get started!


What is is the official free OnlyFans account of Anny Plein, a busty amateur model who claims to have some of the most perfect tits on OnlyFans. Anny uses this page to post her free content to lure in new subscribers, to whom she then offers a more hardcore range and sex chats via direct message, in exchange for a fee, of course.



Anny Plein is 21, intensely busty, and downright fuckin’ breedable. Many people will warn you not to judge Anny on her age, as she has the sexual audacity of a sex-loving woman double her age and isn’t afraid to show it off to the world. But is it true? Let’s delve into her profile and its premium content to find out!


What’s the Asian Porn Like on

Ok, let me just get this out of the way. Awooga! The milk truck has fuckin’ arrived, boys! Anny isn’t bullshitting in her bio; those are some damn fine tits!



Look, I spend a lot of time on OnlyFans and have seen more milkers than dairy farmers, but these are a downright aesthetic pair of tits that are perfectly proportioned and a duo of twins I’d love to introduce my cock to for a very extended period of horny time!


But, as I said, great tits are one thing, and the ability to show them off in a way worth paying for is another thing entirely. To see her tits in all their glory, one has to reach out to and cough up some cash to get premium content. To give you an idea of what this OnlyFans model offers, that’s precisely what I did!


●    I want to feel your tongue – This video clip of Anny Plein showed her wearing jet-black stockings, a G-string, and a sheer top that was way too short to cover her tits. After flashing her milkers in your face, Anny turned around to show off her gorgeous ass and demanded that she want to feel your tongue inside it. While giving this beautiful slut a rim job would be epic, it’s a shame you wouldn’t get to see her tits when eating her from the back!

●    You need to taste my nipples – This is one of the best ways Anny showcases her tits by far! It shows her jiggling her milkers under a tight black top before she tears it off and lets them bounce out in your face. As the cherry on the cake, this horny slut flicks her pierced tongue out at you with her titties still bouncing around on her chest!

●    I like older men. Is that bad? – Damn, Anny really reveals her daddy kink here. This divine shower shot shows a tonne of soap subs dripping from her giant tits as she takes a selfie with a sleazy and corrupting look in her eyes. As well as her tits; look at those BJ lips! Damn, this girl could empty your balls in seconds. Luckily, she has those giant melons to catch all of your cum, too!


Design of the Profile

OnlyFans is a fast-moving world with a lot of competition. So, for women wishing to keep up with the top-tier models, they need to create an eye-catching profile that pulls in the cocks of anyone who gazes upon it. This is something has achieved well.



Her profile picture is a noir-style black and white snap of her lying on her back completely naked. This angle perfectly shows off her gym-toned body and her enormous tits in all their glory. Between her legs is a tactical pillow that is lying against her wet pussy and obscuring it from view. Anny, I’m in the market for a new pillow. Is that one for sale by any chance? I love its, uh… minimalist style?


Anny’s profile picture is pretty boring compared to her cover photo. It’s a selfie-style shot of her wearing a sports vest which, despite holding up her tits well, doesn’t make your dick tingle, and it kind of looks like a passport photo. After this, we have the bio Anny has written to showcase her profile and content.


The bio of is very to-the-point but sums up the profile in a few sentences. Anny describes herself as ‘’a busty girl next door’’ and her page as a place to get her daily free content. She also underlines the fact that, aside from her free content, she also offers custom hardcore content and sex chats via DM. She’s also included a link to her Telegram channel. Before her feed begins, there are two highlights from her OF stories on, too.


What I Like Most About it

After spending a few minutes on, I had an overwhelming urge to go and buy two giant fuckin’ melons and devour them; I’m not sure why. Oh, wait, I am! It’s because this 21-year-old has some of the finest titties on OnlyFans! Yep, these are some fantastic jugs that seem to get better each time you look at them.



Unlike many other OF models whose ‘’premium content’’ doesn’t leave their bedroom, knows how to keep her content fresh and exciting. From flashing at the beach to exposing herself in public bathrooms, this girl has balls (not literally) and isn’t shy about showing off her milkers in various audacious settings.


Anny isn’t shy about tapping into various themes and kinks, either. From taboo stuff like calling you daddy in sex chats and begging you to slide into her dripping-wet twat as her tits jiggle below to dressing up as a catgirl, licking her hand like a paw, and captioning her picture as ‘’this kitty wants milk’’.


What I Don’t Like

The main issue I had with is that she really overdoes it when it comes to promoting other OnlyFans models on her account. This leads to her feed being overpopulated by pictures of other busty sluts and thus brings attention away from Anny and directs it to other girls’ profiles instead. I see so many girls doing this on OF, and it never fails to disappoint.



Also, her profile picture is subpar compared to her cover photo, as it looks very official and reminds you of a passport photo rather than a profile picture for a busty and sexually audacious OF model.


Suggestions I Have for

Chill out with the promotions of other OnlyFans models. When guys click on your profile feed, all they see are pictures of random chicks with equally nice tits rather than images of what they want to see; you! This will only serve to drive traffic away from your profile and into the horny hands of other OnlyFans models.



Consider changing the profile picture to something more erotic and revealing, as this is another great chance to show off your world-class tits and compliment your badass cover photo.



*pours a glass of milk* Well, that was a damn fine journey through an equally fine pair of jugs. Anny wasn’t bullshitting; she really does have some elite-tier tits that are worth beating your meat over. Her free content is meh, but her premium content is a nice blend of exciting content that any big titty enthusiast will enjoy.

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