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April Maxima 🇯🇵

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April Maxima 🇯🇵

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When it comes to the wild world of porn and sex, it’s safe to say that I’ve traveled the globe. From the neon-lit cobblestones of Amsterdam’s red light district to the notorious sex clubs of Tokyo, where you can hear the telltale wails of sexual pleasure echoing down the street before you even arrive, there aren’t many corners of this hypersexualized world that I haven’t been balls deep inside.


Alright, Porn Dude! Spill the beans! Who are a better fuck in bed, Japanese chicks or Dutch whores? I hear you ask. Well, it’s a good question, but we’re comparing apples and oranges here, my friends!


Sure, your average blonde Dutch chick can offer you a quintessential European fuck and ride you for hours on end with a cigarette dangling precariously on her plump cock-sucking lips. But it’s completely different from the sensual and sometimes bizarre sexual experience that lies between the smooth and silky thighs of a Japanese slut.


What I will say is that both are a sexual experience that will blow your mind and two that should firmly be on the kinky bucket list of any porn-fuelled traveler! However, rather than flying to Amsterdam or Tokyo for the experience, I might have the virtual option that will allow you to make two horny birds cum with one stone. That’s how the saying goes, right?


Today, I’m going to bring you between the virtual thighs of an OnlyFans model called She’s just 5’2″ and weighs a mere 90lbs, making her the perfect fuck doll that you can spin around on your throbbing cock all night. However, it is not just her stunning appearance and petite nature that lures so many people into her profile; it’s her mixed Japanese and Dutch ancestry.


But will be capable of creating the kind of European/Asian content that can make us cum so damn hard that it blows our clogs and kimonos off? Allow The Porn Dude to take you deep into her profile, and let’s find out!



What is is the VIP profile of a stunning Japanese Dutch girl, April Maxima. Currently, she is one of the top 69% performers on the platform. A subscription to the profile will set you back just under $11 per month unless she’s offering one of her regular discounts. But what does a subscription get you?



According to her profile bio, offers everything from a fuck load of XXX content that is posted every 12 hours and sex chats with her fans to dick ratings and custom content. But the question remains: is the content worth subscribing to? Let’s find out!



What’s the VIP Content Like on

$10.90 might not seem like the biggest subscription fee in the world, but it’s still important for people to know what they’re getting to ensure they don’t waste any of their hard-earned money that could otherwise be spent on a premium porn subscription that better fits their needs.



So, to find out whether is worth the monthly subscription fee, I signed up with the mission to explore it from top to bottom and bring you some of the highlights that this Dutch/Japanese chick has nestled between her premium thighs!


● The Bimbo Lips Mouth Gag – Japanese chicks are known for being shy and reserved, albeit sexually wild and submissive in the bedroom. Dutch girls are known for being open-minded and downright kinky in the bedroom. This divine snap is a perfect blend of two cultures coming together. It shows the divine April Maxima posing in a Bimbo mouth gap that prises her lips open and covers them with a massive pair of plastic lips that leave her cock-hungry tongue hanging out. The look in her alluring Asian eyes just begs for cock, and this is a genuinely dick-melting image!

● Oiled and Spread – One of the things that makes JAV porn so damn aesthetic is the copious amounts of baby oil used in their shoots. This is something that has taken some serious inspiration from in this snap that shows her on her knees and spreading her pussy lips to the camera as shiny oil drips from her gorgeous body. If you manage to pull your gaze away from that sweet Japanese pussy, you’ll see that she also has her suckable titties exposed for all to see. Fuck me, the top half of this chick’s body is definitely Dutch, while the lower half is quintessentially Japanese!

● April Loves Dutch Portions When it Comes to Cock! – This chick might be petite as fuck, but that hasn’t stopped her from developing a taste for some classic Dutch cock! In her VIP dildo sessions, she isn’t afraid to pull out a girthy white cock dildo that’s longer than her forearm and make it disappear deep inside of her tight Asian pussy and leave it a dripping mess with a formidable gape!



The Design of the Profile

When creating a VIP profile on OnlyFans, an equal amount of effort must go into the overall profile design as much as it does into its content. So, let’s see how many modifications has made to her account and whether it’s able to successfully lure in horny fans to become subscribers.



Well, my dick is hard already, but that’s not hard to do! starts with a ball-tingling cover photo showing April lying on her side while wearing virgin white lingerie and a pair of see-through stripper heels. This erotic outfit, combined with the horny gaze she is locking with the camera lens, means April looks fuckin’ divine!


Then we have the profile picture of, which is a well-snapped selfie of this Asian slut with a unique look of sexual pleasure on her face. It’s also perfectly cropped, so you get to see just enough of her exposed nipple to ensure your cock is left tingling and eager to see more of her!


Below is her profile bio, which does a pretty decent job of showcasing her height, weight, and what kinds of erotic content has to offer. However, it falls short of introducing you to her on a personal level, but I’ll discuss that in more detail shortly.



What I Like Most About it

The first thing that stood out about was the amount of VIP content available on her account. April doesn’t fuck around when it comes to erotic content creation, and, at the time of writing, there were over 1,150 pieces of VIP erotic media for her fans to enjoy. This is a regularly updated portfolio of filth that is well worth the relatively small subscription fee. has also ensured that her content portfolio is diversified enough to appeal to a wide range of fans. Whether you want her to rate your cock and talk dirty with you or share custom content that ranges from outdoor sex and erotic cosplay fun to BDSM gags and more, this open-minded slut has you covered!


Also, has put some solid effort and thought into the visual aspects of her profile. Both her cover photo and profile picture work together to form a gorgeous introduction to this stunning slut, and it’s genuinely an eye-catching combination. However, I had some issues with her written bio sitting below them, which brings me to the next section.



What I Don’t Like

Although does an excellent job of showcasing the various online sexual services that can be taken advantage of through a subscription, she doesn’t do a good job of introducing herself aside from her high OnlyFans rank, weight, and petite frame. Other critical information, such as her background, favorite kinks, and hottest attributes, are left out.




Suggestions I Have for

While it’s great to showcase what your profile offers, you shouldn’t neglect to place a spotlight on yourself in your profile bio. I’d suggest that introduces her personality to her fans better and use her profile bio to showcase what kind of sexual stuff she adores the most, how her bowling ball-style tits and welcoming pussy are downright unmissable, and how her mixed Dutch-Japanese ancestry makes her the best of both worlds with the ability to offer both European and Asian sex experience at once!





So, is a VIP OnlyFans account worth the subscription fee? Yes! There’s a fuck tonne of content in this profile that ticks off a wide range of different niches and sexual interests, all of which are carried out by a seriously hot model with a unique background of Dutch and Japanese ancestry. She’s wetter than an Amsterdam canal and hotter than a Tokyo summer!

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