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Beatrice Segreti 🇫🇷

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Beatrice Segreti 🇫🇷

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Have you ever seen The Sopranos? Surely, you have! It’s one of the most iconic TV shows ever made. To kick off this OnlyFans review, I want to take your mind back to season 2, episode 4, when the mob left Jersey and returned to their Italian motherland for a business trip to Naples.


While there, Paulie ends up banging a smoking-hot Neopoplitan prostitute. As she smokes a post-sex cigarette, Paulie finds out that she hails from the same town that his ancestors did, followed by an awkward silence that is pretty fuckin’ cringe to watch.


But do you know what isn’t cringe? The naked Italian prostitute on the bed because fuck me, she’s hotter than a bowl of Spaghetti all’Assassina. If you mute the scene and beat your meat to the sight of her tits while praying the camera doesn’t pan to Paulie’s hairy chest, you’ll bust a nut in no time.


Still, it’s not the early Noughties anymore. Why the hell are we doing danger wanks to naked Italian whores like this when we could easily hop onto OnlyFans and beat our meat to a more enthusiastic Italian slut like and see a wealth of XXX content shot in full HD?


Italy is a nation that has a notorious reputation for passionate sex that dates back to Ancient Rome, and Italian OnlyFans girls like are only serving to reinforce the stereotypes. On top of it all, she also has a striking resemblance to the aforementioned Italian hooker from The Sopranos!


However, like the additional parmesan cheese in a tourist trap restaurant in Rome, this shit ain’t free! charges a monthly subscription fee for her content, and I was eager to slide deep between the olive-skinned thighs of this Italian slut to see if she was porn-grade enough to warrant us paying for her smut!


So, will be able to shower us with the kind of filth that can make a Roman orgy look tame? Or will it be worse than the fall of Rome and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD combined? Let’s slap some olive oil on our Gladiuses and find out!


Now, Andiamo, you horny fuckers!



What is is the OF account of an Italian adult model called Beatrice Segreti. Olive-skinned with an eye-catching head of curly hair, she is the epitome of a Mediterranean goddess and could easily pass for a chick from the Middle East as much as she could one from Southern Italy.



She uses OnlyFans to promote her naughtiest content which ranges from explicit photos to full sex tapes of herself getting pounded and milking cocks. She also sells her used panties fresh with the scent of Italian pussy, which hopefully has the smell of a Sicilian orange grove on a summer’s morning rather than a Palermo fish market.



What’s the Content Like on

Her account isn’t free; a monthly subscription will cost you $9.99. However, a lot of her fans claim that this chick isn’t your average amateur OnlyFans chick posting pictures with her pussy out. Instead, she’s unleashing a regular flow of professionally-made content that many would describe as porn-tier. But to discover if this is true, let’s look deeper into her content.



● A Hot Night With Janice Griffith – Holy fuck, is that the Janice Griffith? It sure as hell is! Yep, Beatrice managed to land a slutty collaboration with this iconic pornstar and teased fans of the upcoming sex tape with a clip of them feeding each other grapes in bed before swapping them between each other’s hot mouths. A sexually experienced Italian slut and the lust of a world-class pornstar in bed together? It’s the stuff that wet dreams are made from!

● An Interracial View To Die For – In this gorgeous snap, we see Beatrice in the doggy-style position between the thighs of a gym-fit black guy as she puts her throat to work on his big dick. This guy is in pure ecstasy and is sticking his tongue out with lust. You can see this Italian slut’s horny fingers digging into the bed sheets as she feels that BBC penetrating the deepest depths of her throat, and it’s a pure piece of porn art that looks like something from Renaissance Italy!

● What Would You Like to Be More in My Bathroom: My Bathrobe or the Bidet? – Hmm, that’s a tough one, Beatrice! But I’ll choose to be your bidet, please! This video is a prime example of how, with the right imaginative caption, Beatrice can turn an everyday video of herself getting ready in the bathroom into an intensely erotic experience. I’ve never wanted to be reincarnated as an Italian whore’s bidet before, but here we are!

● How Do You Think This Lesson Ended? – *raises hand* ‘’With seven loads of hot cum in your mouth, miss?’’ In this professionally made porn clip, we see Beatrice Segretti play the role of a perverted teacher in a classroom full of 18-year-old male students. She decides that today’s sex education class is going to be a practical one and decides to let them grope her body all over to get to grips with the female anatomy. However, all of these horny hands send her wild, and she soon ends up dropping to her knees and unleashing a blowbang on the guys that teaches them what a real blowjob from an experienced whore feels like! As she makes her way through all of the seven cocks around her, none of them want to hear the bell that signals class is dismissed!



The Design of the Profile

Now, this is a serious OnlyFans intro! For her cover photo, has opted for a professionally taken promo shot emblazoned with stylish lettering that spells out her name and the tagline of ‘’erotic breath.’’ We get a divine view of Beatrice’s body that shows off everything from her hand-covered tits, panty-clad camel toe, and petite feet gracefully hovering above the floor. This picture is gorgeous and something many other OF girls can learn from.



Her profile picture doesn’t let us down, either, and shows Beatrice in a profile shot with a pussy pink background. The photo is taken in a way that showcases her unique Afro-style hair beautifully and is a nice contrast with the cover photo sitting above it. Then, your eyes are led down to the profile bio, written in Italian and English.


The bio introduces Beatrice well and promises that it will allow you to discover her most erotic side with a daily updated collection of XXX videos and photos. Via an emoji bullet point list, she also details some of the things that make her profile unique, such as her used panties service, sexting sessions, and custom videos made to order based on her clients’ horny requests.


Interestingly, also has an addition that you don’t often see on OnlyFans via an official store widget that showcases her various merchandise for sale. This ranges from stylish erotic artwork posters to branded mugs that you can drink from while you beat your meat to her content.



What I Like Most About it

Look, I’ve reviewed more OnlyFans girls than I can even count, but something unique about and her content stands out. This girl has an eye for erotic art, and the kind of content she produces isn’t some random, half-assed wanking fuel; it’s well-produced erotica with some well-thought-out themes that make your cock rumble. Yep, you can really tell that she’s Italian on account of the style she uses in her work.



Also, clearly has inroads into the adult industry, and her content has reached far beyond the borders of Italy. So much so that she has been able to recruit elite-tier pornstars into her content, such as Janice Griffith. The promotional shot of Janice chilling on the bed with Beatrice as they both fed each other grapes like some kind of Ancient Roman whores was fantastic!


There’s also a tonne of content on here, and her portfolio will soon reach more than 2,000 pieces of media. It’s like looking at a map of the Roman Empire, just a porn version. However, if you think the monthly subscription fee will gain you access to it all, you’re very much mistaken. This brings me to the next part of this review, where I tell you what I didn’t like about



What I Don’t Like

Look, $9.99 isn’t the most enormous subscription fee in the world, but it’s not cheap, either. After paying to subscribe to Beatrice’s content, you soon realize that your subscription fee doesn’t go far, and watching her full-length movies requires coughing up more cash. For example, four of her custom sex tapes with titles like ‘’fucking my personal trainer’’ and ‘’a threesome with LeoLulu’’ cost an additional $30 to $40. Fuck! Oh, and the teacher blowbang scene I mentioned? That won’t be released until she receives a $2,000 tip jar filled to the top by her fans. Fuck x2!




Suggestions I Have for

There will be a lot of new subscribers who feel the same way some naive tourists do when they pay 20 euros for an ice cream outside the Colosseum in Rome and are charged an extra 10 euros for some sprinkles. I’d suggest Beatrice offers more explicit sample content to paying subscribers rather than asking them to cough up more to see what they’ve already paid a membership fee to see in the first place.





When I first coughed up the membership fee for, I was wondering whether this Italian harlot would be able to make me cum harder than a man who has just spent twelve hours at a Roman orgy or do the opposite, make me paraphrase Emperor Augustus and say, ‘’Beatrice! Give me back my subscription fee!’’



Look, is a premium account that is packed with premium content. If you’re looking for high-end smut that is legitimately porn-grade and performed by a woman with an eye for erotic art that is classically Italian, then this is the place to be.


However, just don’t assume that the subscription fee is a free pass to it all because, with all of the additional costs of her premium content within, a porn journey between the thighs of this Italian harlot can end up costing more than the defeat at Teutoburg Forest.

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