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Celine Petit 🇺🇸

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Celine Petit 🇺🇸

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Have you ever seen The Sopranos? If you have, then you’ll no doubt be well aware that the show was home to a dick-draining array of chicks that many of us fantasized about relentlessly when the show was first aired. In an era when porn wasn’t as readily accessible as it is now, The Sopranos was often a bastion of wanking fuel for many.


I mean, come on, are you going to look me in the eye and tell me you didn’t bust a nut at the sight of Charmaine Bucco’s big ol’ Italian tits or beat your meat senseless when Adriana La Cerva appeared in that porn-tier tennis outfit?


So, what do all of these women have in common? Yeah, they’re all mafia wives, but they’re also all from New Jersey! These days, chicks from this part of America are still doing their reputation proud, and it’s not uncommon to find some genuinely smoking hot sluts from the state performing on the likes of OnlyFans!


But as much as I’d love to say that a chick being from New Jersey is the only thing you need to see to know that they’re able to offer some great content, reality is a bitch. The truth is that, for every one New Jersey slut offering porn-grade smut, there’s also a tonne of OnlyFans models from the state who are offering shit-tier content for a high price.


Luckily, you have The Porn Dude by your side to steer you in the right direction! From Atlantic City to Wildwood, I’ve traversed the world of OnlyFans sluts from New Jersey to help ward you away from the shit-tier girls and help you find the ones who’ll help you bust a nut bigger than Tony Soprano’s house!


In today’s review, we’re going between the smooth and welcoming thighs of a horny 19-year-old called Celine, who, in exchange for a subscription fee, is said to be offering everything from hot pictures and sexy comms on her profile over at Now, I want to see exactly what lies beneath!



What is is the profile of an open-minded 19-year-old chick called Celine Petite. She originally hails from New Jersey and claims that her private page is the place to be if you want to get access to her hot pictures and take advantage of priority communication with her.



At the time of writing, a subscription to costs $4.99 a month and gets you access to a portfolio of more than 111 pieces of content. But before you sign up, I decided to take it for a test run and see what kind of content one can expect to find after they pay. So, keep reading to find out what I discovered!



What’s the Content like on

A collection of 111 pieces of content isn’t the most extensive OnlyFans portfolio, but it can still take you a while to explore it all and determine whether this is an account worth paying for. So, to save you time and, potentially, money, I did it all for you! Now, let me introduce you to some of the content highlights from!



● You will see me in your dreams – It’s wild how much of an effect the proper lighting can have in a chick’s OnlyFans content, and this snap from is a prime example. Laying in her bed with the wall illuminated in the kind of pink neon light you’d expect to see in a high-end brothel, we see Celine wearing a gorgeous set of fishnet lingerie that ranges from fishnet knee-high tights to a bra that leaves little of her tits to the imagination. There’s arguably no shortage of men who’d love to have the chance to crawl between her legs and eat her pussy out!

● I forgot my underwear while wandering around the forest – I hate it when that happens! This shot adds a bit of diversity to the portfolio of and shows her wandering around in the forests of New Jersey while wearing a loose-fitting pink top and nothing else down below. Man, I’d love to have some outdoor forest sex with this chick because her asscheeks look so damn fuckable!

● Watch me instead of the tv – Well, Celine, I was planning to watch a DAP gangbang compilation for the next hour. So, unless you can do something that entertains me more, I’ll stick to watching the TV! In this picture, we see sitting cross-legged on a TV stand while wearing a gorgeous piece of black lace lingerie and craving sexual attention. The question is, will you give it to her?



The Design of the Account

Next, I want to see how well has managed to customize her ONlyFans page and whether or not she has turned it into the kind of profile that can engage your cock within the first few seconds of arrival. To find out, let’s start with the cover photo!



For the cover photo, has opted for a collage photo that contains four images of herself. The first two show her posing in a gorgeous red lingerie set the same color as Sin. The following two show her provocatively trying to seduce you while wearing a black leather miniskirt and a cum-white bra. Nice!


For her profile picture, has chosen a photo from the latter photo session, and it’s a close-up of her stunning face that gives you a gorgeous shot of her biting her lip as well as a decent look at her cleavage below. After this comes her profile bio to introduce you to her account.


The profile bio of is well-laid out but doesn’t offer a fascinating read. Celine introduces herself as a 19-year-old girl from New Jersey and gives a snapshot of what you can expect on her VIP account. The latter ranges from access to hot pictures and a constant flow of new content to special promotions and priority communication.



What I Like Most About it

Firstly, let’s talk about Celine herself. This 18+ teen slut from New Jersey is smoking hot. While I can’t confirm her heritage, she sure as hell looks like she could be Italian American and wouldn’t look out of place on the iconic New Jersey show The Sopranos. If you like slim and mischievous 19-year-olds with perky tits, then she’ll no doubt make your cock tingle!



I also liked that wasn’t shy about making outdoor content, either. Although they were few and far between, some pieces of content were set outside in the woods rather than in her bedroom. However, aside from this, the profile’s content portfolio lacked diversity, bringing me to the next section of the review.



What I Don’t Like

While exploring, I quickly found myself becoming pretty bored with the overall array of content. Nothing on the profile really jumped out to me, and much of it looked the same after a while. The same outfits pop up repeatedly, and the captions accompanying the posts aren’t the most exciting.



I also noticed several prominent spelling mistakes across the profile, with one of the most noticeable being at the very start of the profile when Celine introduced herself. It reads, ‘’Welcome! My name Celine I’m 19 y.o. girl from New Jersey.’’ What the fuck? It reads like Sloth from the Goonies is saying it!


In a way that fits the account’s content, the bio of isn’t very exciting either. Introducing yourself as a 19-year-old chick from New Jersey doesn’t exactly get the plums pumping, and there’s some solid room for improvement across this profile. However, it’s all good because I’m about to drop some Porn Dude suggestions in the next section!



Suggestions I Have for

My first suggestion for is to add more engaging content to the profile. Some examples of stuff to spice up your portfolio could be collaborating with other content creators, posing with sex toys, or provocatively drooling over your tits. Right now, it’s way too mundane.



Also, invest in some spell-checker software because the grammar on is fuckin’ awful. Look, OnlyFans isn’t some kind of spelling bee contest, but a level of literacy is required to make people consider signing up for your content. If you can’t be bothered to spell check, then it’s not a good indicator that the content inside is very good.


I’d also suggest rewriting the profile bio to create a more enticing intro from the very start. Currently, it’s not very sexual at all and does little to create excitement amongst potential subscribers. For example, you could replace ‘’I’m a 19-year-old girl from New Jersey’’ with ‘’I’m 19 and from the land of The Sopranos, New Jersey. Just like your favorite Goomah, I have a wet pussy that can go all night and still beg for more when your balls are drained! Think you can handle my hungry 18+ teen pussy? If so, it’s time to subscribe!’’



Conclusion might be the hot kind of NJ 19-year-old we’d all love to cum inside, but her OnlyFans profile has some issues. Sure, the subscription fee isn’t high, but it’s still hard to justify it, considering the typo-riddled and dull content that awaits you. Overall, it’s not an account I’d suggest signing up for.

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