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Cursed Ellie 🇮🇱

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Cursed Ellie 🇮🇱

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If you’re someone who spends a lot of time in the world of live sex cam platforms and OnlyFans, then you’ll no doubt be able to relate when I say that some of these chicks have a weird approach to usernames. Quite often, many of their usernames will fail to reflect what their content is all about, leading to some disappointed people all around.


For example, some might refer to themselves as a squirter in their username, only to have a pussy that’s drier than the Nevada desert. Others might claim to be busty when their titties are best compared to bee-stings at best. The topic of today’s review is one of these girls, but it’s far from negative. is a girl who refers to herself as being cursed when, in reality, the situation is quite the opposite. Far from being cursed, this girl has been gifted with the kind of body that would make most men drool with lust. Not only does she have mind-melting titties, but she also has a vivid sexual imagination that allows her to showcase them fantastically!


But from the neck-up, Ellie looks like your average girl-next-door kind of girl. She has the kind of face that looks like butter wouldn’t melt, although many would attest that a lot of other things sure as hell would when she wraps her soft lips around them.


However, costs $9.99 a month to subscribe to, so many people are naturally apprehensive about subscribing in case her content turns out to be tame. So, to give you a proper insight into her account and what awaits you inside, I decided to sign up and take a deep look between Ellie’s thighs!



What is is the account of an all-American chick called Ellie. According to her profile bio, she promises her fans everything from custom porn to dick-rating videos and sexting experiences to boy-girl, girl-on-girl, and solo scenes. However, accessing it will set you back around $9.99 per month.



But is a profile that isn’t lacking in content. At the time of content, it was home to more than 450 pieces of media for paying subscribers to explore. In the next section, that’s exactly what I intend to do because I want to find out if this is an OnlyFans account worth the subscription fee!



What’s the Content like on

450+ pieces of smut to explore can eat into your time, and there’s even more where that came from because also provides custom porn to the fans who take the step of reaching out to her.


So, to save you time and allow you to explore this OnlyFans account in the most streamlined way possible, here are some of the XXX highlights that jumped out at me the most when exploring Ellie’s account!


● Do You Want to Taste Something Sweet, Honey? – Damn fuckin’ right I do, Ellie! Aside from wondering what this cake is actually called, this OnlyFans post is a baking enthusiast’s wet dream. We see Ellie posing with her finger resting on her pierced tongue and her hair being held back in the kind of pigtails that are excellent handles for when you’re throat fucking a girl. But the cherry on this slutty cake isn’t the facial expression; it’s the layer of icing and sprinkles that Ellie has covered her gorgeous tits in, while beckoning for you to step forward and lick it all clean. I hope you have a sweet tooth!

● What Part of Your Body Should Be Here? – And in the next shot, we get to see what awaits you after you’ve licked all of the icing off of her chesticles. In a gorgeous sun-kissed shot, we see Ellie posing in bed with her legs spread and her exposed tits hanging out of the sheets. Her fingers are playfully rubbing her wet twat as she asks what part of your body you’d love to have between her legs. Answers on a postcard, please!

● A Great Angle to Look at the Virtues of My Sexy Body – I agree! Man, I love a chick who adores watching herself being fucked, and it seems that Ellie is definitely one of them. In this snap, we see her taking a selfie from above as she slides her wet twat down on a dildo that is suction cupped to a mirror. This way, Ellie gets to indulge in the divine sight of her pussy getting ravaged by that girthy toy and cum over the sight of herself. Nice!



The Design of the Profile

While it’s hard to deny that packs a punch with its content, can it impress us regarding its overall design? Let’s take a look and find out because I explored it from top to bottom.



The first part of that you’ll see is the cover photo. This is a sleek-looking gray design that shows Ellie posing next to some introductory text that tells you her profile is home to exclusive content, and her followers have a mission to ‘’make Ellie horny again!’’ The photo is perfectly cropped to tease you with her upper cleavage.


Then you come to her profile picture, which is an equally gorgeous picture of Ellie posing with her long hair obscuring her tits as she gazes longingly into the distance, no doubt wondering where her next fix of hard cock is going to come from. After this, your eyes are led further south to the profile bio.


The profile bio of introduces Ellie as a sex-loving girl who is perpetually horny. She proudly boasts that she can flood you with a tonne of XXX content that ranges from sexting and custom videos/pictures to dick-rating experiences and solo masturbation content.



What I Like Most About it

In the world of OnlyFans, I’ve lost count of how many profiles I’ve encountered that lure people in to pay the subscription fee only to greet them with a semi-SFW feed of teaser content. If they want to see anything explicit, they must pay more on top of the subscription fee. But in the case of, there’s plenty of gorgeous content across this profile that is well worthy of wanking over. She isn’t shy about flashing her twat and tits to her fans, and they’re both well worth seeing!



When creating a diverse range of content that appeals to different kinky tastes, has done a fine job. There’s a massive range of themes to be found within her content, and it’s the kind of feed where you don’t know what to expect next, which is always an excellent way to experience OnlyFans!


Appearance-wise, I also found very unique. From the neck-up, she has the kind of innocent-looking girl-next-door vibe going on. However, when you look at her from the neck down, you’re greeted by a fuckable body that is adorned with sleazy-looking tattoos. Needless to say, her innocent vibe doesn’t last long when you start exploring the content she makes.



What I Don’t Like

Overall, there wasn’t much that I didn’t like about The only part of the profile I thought was lacking was her initial bio. There’s a lot of room for improvement here in the part that introduces Ellie to her fans as, currently, it only introduces her as some horny girl who loves sex. There are far more creative ways to entice potential subscribers into your online personality than this. Luckily, I will share some ideas with Ellie in the next section.




Suggestions I Have for

Rather than the current introduction of ‘’Hi, I’m Ellie! I love being horny, sex, and you!’’ kick things off with a spicier intro that sums up your sexual likes and interests, as well as your sexual prowess in bed. ‘’Hey, I’m Ellie. I might look like butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth, but I can guarantee your cock will. I do everything that boring-ass wives won’t do, and countless secrets are laying in wait between my smooth and welcoming thighs, but do you have the balls to uncover them?’’





While Ellie could benefit from a beefed-up profile intro, this is still a solid OnlyFans account. For the price of $9.99 a month, Ellie’s fans get access to an ever-growing feed of smut that is diverse, dick-tinglingly hot, and well-worthy of wanking over. To sum up, this is an OnlyFans account I’d recommend considering!

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