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Daria Angel 🇷🇺

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Daria Angel 🇷🇺

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Across the wild and ever-growing porn landscapes of OnlyFans, it’s fair to say that a horny smut-hunting user can find any kind of woman they want, according to what their sex-loving heart desires. After all, more than two million people are now creating content on the platform, which has led to it reaching all new levels of popularity worldwide.


If you’re looking for a legitimate pornstar who is moonlighting on OnlyFans, then they’re not hard to find. If you’re looking for an early fifties MILF who looks as though she has done more than a few circuits of the adult industry in her life, there’s an abundance of them. Hell, maybe you’re looking for the kind of woman with a bit of extra meat between the thighs (And I’m not talking about labia!). If so, you won’t find a shortage of transsexual OnlyFans models.


But in today’s review, we will be looking into the profile of a chick with a very specific look going on. She kind of looks like an 18+ cheerleader in some Hollywood movie and is rocking everything from the cute eyes and blowjob lips to the suckable tits and petite frame that all come together to make her a genuinely dick-melting site.


If you’ve already guessed who I’m talking about, then you’re likely an OnlyFans veteran already and have a chest full of cum-stained medals. If not, I’m talking about the stunning Daria Angel. While this gorgeous blonde chick’s portfolio isn’t the biggest one around, it has still managed to turn a few heads and garner her some sexual attention.


Today, I will take you on a journey between the smooth virtual thighs of Daria as we kick off an adventure into her VIP OnlyFans account over at and see everything it offers. After all, a subscription to this account isn’t free, so I want to see whether it’s worth signing up for before you get your wallet out.


Now, are you ready to meet this stunning blonde harlot with a cute smile and a naughty look in her eye? If so, let’s get started and see what has to offer!



What is is the VIP account of a model called Daria Angel. Blonde, petite, and with a surgically-enhanced face that makes her a seriously cumshot-worthy sight, she never fails to steal the hearts and cocks of many people who meet her for the first time. Her profile location is listed as ‘’the world.’’ Still, judging from her name and overall appearance, we can assume that Daria is a classically sexy Slavic chick from Central or Eastern Europe.



So, how does it work? comes with a subscription fee that will set you back around $10 a month, but up to 40% discounts are available for those who order multiple months in advance. Once you sign up, you can access her teaser content and contact her directly for custom smut. Be aware, though, that the basic subscription fee won’t get you access to all of her smut, as some of the full-length videos come with additional fees.


On her OnlyFans account’s bio, Daria promises to ‘’make all of her fan’s desires come true’’ and proudly declares that her VIP page is the ‘’hottest, wettest, and naughtiest’’ OnlyFans account out there. To find out if this is true, let’s push on and take a look at what her content portfolio is like!



What’s the VIP Content Like on

At the time of writing, was only home to 32 photos and two videos. For many people considering signing up as a paying subscriber, this is risky as it’s far from a big portfolio. So, to help you out, I signed up myself and took one for the team with the mission to introduce you to what kind of stuff can be found inside and help to give you a better idea of whether she’s worth subscribing to.



● ‘’Who is this girl in a naughty mood? Do you know her?’’ – I have to say that this picture is a rollercoaster for the eyes. Taken from a low angle, it forces your eyes to pan down Daria’s body from the neck down. First, you take in her angelic face and long blonde hair before moving down to the cleavage from her low-cut crop top. But then, your eyes widen enormously when you see the cherry on the cake in this picture. Daria yanked her military green panties aside to reveal her gorgeous pussy topped off with a perfectly shaped landing strip of pubic hair. Fuck me, you could barely slide a credit card through that pussy. Beautiful!

● Do I look fuckable? – Well, let’s answer Daria’s question first. Yes. Yes, you fuckin’ do! In this non-nude photo, we see Daria spread out on her bed wearing a pair of tight-fitting white panties that wraps around her camel toe beautifully. Further up, she is wearing a porn-pink button=up crop top that is struggling to keep her gorgeous tits contained. It’s safe to say that, after a session with Daria dressed like that, her pussy would be the same color as her top, and I’d be leaving a deposit the same color as her panties deep inside of it. Damn!

● Daria got a Big Angel sex toy for Christmas – Remember when I said that you’d struggle to slide a credit card through Daria’s neat slit? Well, it seems that I was fuckin’ wrong! In one of the rare videos that she posts to, we see Daria posing in a sexy Christmas outfit before showing off her Big Angel sex toy that she has been gifted. After subjecting this lucky toy to a sloppy blowjob and getting it all lubed up, Daria ends up with a sleek layer of sex sweat coating her divine body. Then, she thrusts and twists this mighty see-through dildo deep into her wet pussy until she goes cross-eyed. It’s still not enough, though, and she later upgrades the experience to a Hitachi wand and makes herself cum repeatedly. The way that she holds her exposed feet in the air near the camera and wraps her petite hands around them as she hits an orgasm is some legit wanking fuel and a dream come true for foot fetishists!



The Design of the Account

Ok, so the content on checks out, even if the selection is smaller than a cuckold’s dick. Next, I want to see how well Daria has customized her account and if it’s rocking the kind of design that can make our dick tingle as much as her content does! begins with a cover photo showing Daria lying on her stomach and posing in a set of virgin white lingerie. You get to see her cumshot-hungry face, fuckable ass, and alluring cleavage, but it could be cropped better as some parts of her tits and face are not visible.


Then, we have her profile picture, which shows Daria posing in one of her favorite sexy Christmas outfits. It’s a great way to see this chick’s stunning face, but it’s cropped in a way that prioritizes the Christmas hat rather than her cleavage. *sad Porn Dude noises*


Below her profile and cover photo is the account bio. This consists of two sentences introducing the profile to new arrivals and is interrupted by emojis. While there’s a lot of room for improvement here, Daria does make up for it via the pinned post at the top of her profile.



What I Like Most About it

Firstly, like most porn fans, I’m a sucker for a cute blonde with cum-hungry tits, and is a Slavic-looking chick who really fits the bill. She has a pure-looking appearance that is soon contradicted by some downright filthy behavior, and it’s a vibe I’m all about.



Initially, I was put off by her obscure and poorly-written account bio, but Daria has made up for this by adding a pinned post to the top of her feed that explains how the account works. Personally, I’d keep this kind of stuff in the profile bio, but this is still better than nothing.


Also, we need to talk about the content within because some of it will send your dick into a porn spiral! Daria can create some downright filthy content in her OnlyFans journey, but the only problem is that there was so little of it. This account desperately needs more smut, which brings me to the next section!



What I Don’t Like

For an account that’ll set you back around $10 per month to subscribe to, there isn’t much content here. I’ve seen more smut being offered by brand-new porn sites that are free, so Daria needs to up her game in this department.



Also, the $10 monthly subscription fee just for teaser content seems high, and things can get expensive when you must pay extra for full-length videos. I have some suggestions for Daria in the next section to make the account more appealing.



Suggestions I Have for

I’d suggest that gets stuck into making as much high-grade content as possible for her OnlyFans. Currently, the content portfolio is way too small to be appealing, and it’s made even more difficult when you consider how much competition is currently out there on OnlyFans.



And speaking of competition, you have to give some to get some, so I’d also suggest that Daria drops more generous teaser content to really entice her fans into paying for full-length clips. Once your OnlyFans account is running smoothly like a well-lubed asshole on a porn set, a free video to say thank you to your fans won’t break the bank and will go a long way in ensuring they remain subscribers.




Overall, I have mixed feelings about On the one hand, she is a stunning OnlyFans girl with a talent for creating some very eye-catching content. On the other hand, the account lacks the varied content portfolio that so many others offer. Plus, it’s a pretty expensive venture, considering that the subscription fee doesn’t get you very far.



If blonde, Slavic stunners with the ability to make huge dildos vanish inside of their tight holes are the kind of thing that stirs your cock from its slumber, then is worth considering. If not, then you’d best seek elsewhere.

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