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Elissa 🇺🇦

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When the Berlin Wall fell, a lot of shit changed. In the ex-communist East, people were introduced to many new and exciting things. Still, it was people in the West who often got the nicest surprises of all when they were finally able to feast their eyes upon the beauty of Slavic women from the ex-USSR!


If you ask people where the hottest Slavic girls come from, you’ll likely trigger a fierce debate amongst hot-blooded males who each shout out their own favorite homeland of Slavic sluts like Russia! Moldova! Latvia! But want to know a secret that’ll humble any debate and make any pussy-loving male nod his head in tribute? Ukraine!


Europe’s second-biggest country has long had a reputation for being home to some of the most beautiful women on the continent. Don’t let their recent history fool you because modern Ukrainian chicks have enough sexual fire in the bedroom to rival the nastiest Latina slut from South America. Equally, they can flawlessly draw upon some old-school Slavic discipline if you want to submit to a powerful woman.


Their natural beauty and ability to adapt to various sexual environments have led to an influx of Ukrainian chicks offering their naughtiest content on sites like OnlyFans and, as a man with a penchant for Slavic sluts with a sex drive longer than the Dnipro river, I’ve made it my mission to find out about each and every one.


But I don’t do this to jerk off over them all. However, these irresistible women have made me drop more loads than a Soviet TU-154. I do it to keep my readers in the loop about the latest Ukrainian OnlyFans girls to explore and give them my unbiased opinion about those who are best avoided.


Why? Because while OnlyFans can be free, some of the finest content and interactive sexual experiences are hidden behind a paywall. I don’t want my readers spending their hard-earned cash on a subpar model; I want them to invest it into a girl who will make their balls emptier than a banker’s heart.


Today, I found myself falling between the thighs of, and this busty blonde Ukrainian chick with a damn fine pair of cock sucking lips made my dick tingle on sight! But is it all a facade, or is this girl a bona fide nympho worth paying for? This no-holes-barred review will find out everything!


What is is the official OnlyFans profile of Ukrainian adult model Elissa A. For guys who go wild for the iconic Slavic Bimbo look, this chick is a dream come true! Elissa is packing a gigantic pair of fake tits that dwarf her petite appearance, a set of silicone lips that were custom-made to wrap around fat dicks, and she’s had a handful of other procedures that have turned her divine body into something that looks like a living sex doll!



Elissa A has crafted her body into becoming a walking sex icon that makes every cock hard within 100 miles. But are her appearances deceiving? Or does this smoking-hot Ukrainian Bimbo have the sex skills to back it up? Let’s find out as we delve into the content offered by her account over at!


What’s the VIP Content Like on

Like many OnlyFans girls, Elissa A has various erotic content on her account. Users can subscribe to to see her risque but clothed content, but they’ll need to pay a VIP fee to see her most sexually explicit pictures and videos.



But is it worth it? I’d hate for you to spend your hard-earned money to find out the hard way, so I whipped my squirt-stained wallet out to take for a test ride and see if Elissa could empty my balls quicker than any Ukrainian girl had before. Now, prepare yourself for the highlights!


●    Even in the sauna, I can’t sit still – Damn, sex in a sauna can be tiring, but I doubt many guys would find their energy-sapping when sharing a steamy cabin with Elissa. This VIP clip shows Elissa playing with her sticky pussy and rubbing her tits during a sauna session. The sauna’s heat sends this Ukrainian girl wild, and watching beads of sweat roll down her giant tits is almost hypnotic. To cool down after your sauna sex, you could just skip the cold shower and spray her with jizz instead!

●    I want to be your slave – Demonstrating her penchant for kink, this BDSM-themed clip shows Elissa revealing her submissive side and begging for a strong dominant man like you to come and tie her die and fuck the rebellious side out of her. Would you be up to the task?

●    The ice cream accident – Ok, that’s not how you eat ice cream, but nobody tell Elissa this, please! This erotic snap shows the Ukrainian Bimbo holding an ice cream upside down in the heat of Dubai, causing it to drip and melt all over her gorgeous fake tits before dribbling down her belly. The white color of the vanilla ice cream looks like cum and gives you an idea of what it’d look like to spray this hot slut’s body with jizz!


Wait a second, Porn Dude! When does this chick show off her dick-riding skills? Well, from what I could see, she doesn’t. Although Elissa does engage with VIP fans in private chat and sends custom content which might include hardcore content, the stuff on her profile is mostly softcore.


Design of the Profile

OnlyFans is a competitive world, and girls must stay on top of the game to catch users’ eye and provide content wild enough to convince them to subscribe. has done a solid job in terms of profile design. Let me explain why.



Firstly, uses a cover photo that sends lightning bolts to your crotch as soon as you look at it. It comprises four pictures from a recent erotic photoshoot Elissa A did and sees her posing in a luxury hotel room wearing revealing fishnet lingerie. My favorite is the last picture, where she makes a semi-Ahegao face while choking herself with her forearms pressing into her giant silicone tits. Damn, this girl likes it rough!


Things only get better with the profile picture, it shows Elissa A wearing an expensive-looking corset with an open-chest section to reveal her gorgeous tits. This Ukrainian slut is carefully covering her nipples with the palms of her hands and flashing an alluring and cock-hungry look at you. The profile picture is followed by buttons that allow you to tip, hotlist, or message Elissa.


The profile bio isn’t the most inspiring in the world, and it boldly claims that Elissa has the biggest tits on OnlyFans. I’d readily dispute this because I’ve seen some enormous milkers on this site that make Elissa’s look like damn bee stings!


What I Like Most About it

Elissa A has really found her niche through, and that niche is to perform as the epitome of a cock-hungry Bimbo with a body that looks custom-made for hard sex. For guys who are into this scene, she’s a mouth-watering slut who is hard to resist. also has some creative ways to drum up user interest and keep subscribers on their toes. For example, the pinned post of Elissa’s feed is a roll-the-dice game where the winner can win a custom erotic photoset with Elissa or a special gift.


English isn’t a widely spoken language in Ukraine, but appears to have a decent grasp of English, and she’s always open to hearing about the fantasies of her fans and carrying them out on camera if she’s up for it.


What I Don’t Like

Elissa A is smoking-hot, there’s no denying that, but her content is far from wild. The bulk of posts hidden behind the paywall was nude snaps of Elissa or, at best, videos of her masturbating her pretty pussy. Sure, it’s nice, but it’s not on par with the kind of stuff one can find on an average porn tube site.



The bio of also needs some work being put into it, as it’s currently pretty dull and lifeless. A good bio explains what’s on offer to paying subscribers and what the model is like.


Suggestions I Have for

The content on needs to be beefed up to contend with other OnlyFans girls. I mean, shit, I’ve seen chicks selling videos of them being gangbanged by seven black guys to keep their subscribers on their toes. Nude snaps and rubbing your pussy aren’t going to cut it in the long run.



The profile’s bio needs to be better written and made more attractive and engaging. Also, the claim about having the biggest tits on OnlyFans is pure bullshit, and anyone who has spent more than an hour browsing through busty sluts on the site will know it. So ditch that.



Would I paint Elissa’s gigantic Bimbo balloons with gallons of cum? Damn right! Would I pay to see her naked tits and pussy in various pictures and videos? Not really. The VIP content on simply wasn’t engaging enough, and there are far more hardcore girls in the Bimbo subculture on OnlyFans offering wilder content for lower prices. But if softcore content is your thing, then get stuck in!

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