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Emily Belmont 🇺🇸

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Emily Belmont 🇺🇸

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When it comes to the spectrum of kinky tastes that men have in women, the stark contrast from end to end is truly out of this world. It takes all kinds of looks, styles, and vibes to make men’s dicks tingle. Luckily, there’s an ample and diverse array of women out there who can make it happen.


Some guys go nuts for the kind of sex-fuelled Latina with dark and sinister eyes that have drained countless ballsacks over the years. Others like the kind of mischievous-looking chicks aged 18 to 21 who, despite looking like butter would melt in their mouth, are more than eager to make your dick melt in their pussy.


But then there are the kind of people who lust after the kind of women who, from the neck up, look like the sophisticated and sexually inexperienced girl next door. However, when their bedroom door closes behind them, they turn into a combination of the two types of audacious whores mentioned above. It’s a dick-draining contrast, indeed!


Still, few people have the time to invest in finding out whether their hot next-door neighbor is actually a closet nympho, right? Luckily, there’s a far easier way to get access to the kind of naughty shit that such chicks get up to behind closed doors if you’re willing to pay for it. Yep, I’m talking about the wild world of OnlyFans!


The now notorious platform has more than 2 million performers making erotic content across it, and many of them are the kind of women with the kind of innocent faces that look like they’ve never sucked a dick in their life.


However, their loyal subscribers know that a blowjob is something on the tame end of the spectrum for them as, deep down, they’re harboring a burning nymphomania that they’re eager to unleash upon the world through their premium XXX content. For many people, is a profile that is the epitome of this vibe!


Despite only having less than 100 posts to explore at the time of writing, is an account attracting a lot of attention in recent months, and in this OnlyFans model review, I’m going to take you on a sticky adventure to find out why that is!



What is

So, let’s meet Sandra! Or, wait, is it Emily? is the OnlyFans account of a 19-year-old chick who claims to ‘’always be on her phone’’ and who is also ‘’looking for a boyfriend.’’ These days, however, she seems to be using the name Emily Belmont rather than Sandra. might only be 19 years old, but she already has a filthy look in her eyes that tells you she has developed a lust for handling cock that is starting to define her life. Luckily, her OnlyFans account allows her to unleash some of her burning nymphomania oozing from between her thighs.


At the time of writing, was home to 94 pieces of premium content and cost a mere $3 per month, but this was because she was offering her fans a massive discount. Next, let’s see if the content within is worth paying for.



What’s the Content like on

Look, $3 isn’t going to break the bank, and it’s the price of an average cup of coffee in most places. Still, that’s money that could go towards a premium membership to an elite-tier porn membership site or a bottle of lube to keep your wanking marathons fuelled.



So, I decided to take one for the team and whip out my cum-soaked wallet and take for a test drive to see if this mischievous-looking 19-year-old is capable of giving us the kind of premium XXX smut we crave. Here are the highlights!


● One Titty Out in the Woods (Kind of) – This POV picture shows posing outdoors in a tranquil woodland setting with one tit out, which is covered by her hand, and a playfully shocked look on her face. I mean, she’s covering her tit, so we have to use our imaginations. Did you just stumble across her playing with herself in the woods, and she has offered you a sloppy deepthroat BJ to make sure you keep your mouth shut?

● Do You Cum in or on Her? – This racy snap taken in the bedroom shows posing in a pair of gray panties that she gently pulled down to reveal her bikini line. Meanwhile, she is flicking her cock-hungry tongue out up above to give you a dilemma; do you cum inside this alluring 19-year-old pussy or paint her face with jizz and make some kind of perverted artwork?

● Oh, no! You Caught Me, Stepbro! – Again, we have to use our imagination here, but this snap shows standing in front of a large TV in her bedroom that looks to be playing some kind of Hentai cartoon. Meanwhile, this 19-year-old slut is posing in a pair of knee-high socks, has half of her cleavage hanging out of a neon green sports top, and is pulling her panties down enough to tease you with one pussy lip. The shocked look on her face feels like you’ve just burst into her room to catch her fingering her twat, and she’s now begging you for ideas on ways she can make you keep this to yourself.



The Design of the Account

Well, the content in is literally nothing on par with your average porn site, that’s for sure. Still, we push on! Next, I want to show you what kind of site design awaits paying subscribers and see how has customized her OF account.



Let’s start with one of the most crucial parts of an OnlyFans profile: the cover photo. has opted for a three-image collage that shows three contrasting images of herself.


One is her pulling a split pose in a set of red and black lingerie, the middle image is a selfie showing her playfully flashing a peace sign with her tongue out, and the last is a classic Thot pose that shows her pushing her ass into the screen and showing it off in a mirror selfie while looking over her shoulder with her tongue sticking out.


Then, we have another piece of prime real estate: the profile picture. Sadly, has opted to use the exact same pictures from her cover photo, and it’s the latter ass pose snap that she has taken in the mirror. Damn, how about a bit of diversity?


The profile bio of isn’t anything that’ll make your dick tingle, and it tells fans that she’s ‘’19 and ready to see what’s out there!’’ She also claims she’s looking for a boyfriend and waiting for someone to talk to! After this comes a giant block of text spelling out a legal disclaimer. Yep, if my hard-on was at risk before, it’s long gone now.



What I Like Most About it

What I liked about was the vibe this chick gives off. She looks all cute and innocent but also has that unmistakable glare in her eyes that signals she’s a wild slut who is down to ride your cock all night and do some naughty roleplaying with you.



And speaking of roleplaying, can tick off some excellent themes in her content, ranging from outdoor stuff to pictures that cater to those who love the whole ‘’caught porn’’ vibe. However, there’s an elephant in the room about her content, and I’m about to confront it head-on.



What I Don’t Like

As the cum-soaked girl who accepted three $1 bills from a mysterious hand at the local Gloryhole booth said, ‘’$3 is $3!’’ The content on is so damn tame that my dick didn’t wake up from its snooze while exploring. Usually, OnlyFans girls will post the kind of censored content that this chick does on their free content to entice people into signing up for their premium content that’s home to their hardcore NSFW posts hidden behind the paywall. So, what the fuck are we paying for here?



Also, has misused what is widely considered prime real estate on an OnlyFans profile by repeating an image from her cover photo in her profile photo. Although it’s all tame as fuck, there’s a diverse range of pictures on her profile that she can choose from to make her profile stand out and showcase herself in as many ways as possible from the get-go.



Suggestions I Have for

Girl, I’ve seen OnlyFans models charge less than this for full-blown sex tapes of them handling a room full of black cocks that are so big they’ll make your eyes water. The content on is way too tame to charge a premium price, especially when it’s not discounted. I’d suggest giving fans some more enticing content if you want to maintain them as long-term subscribers.



I’d also advise you to change the profile picture to ensure it doesn’t clash with the last image of the cover photo. These duplicate photos are a waste of space, and you’re missing out on the chance to introduce fans to another one of your themes from the moment they first arrive on your OnlyFans profile.




I’ve encountered some delightfully wild whores in the world of OnlyFans who are creating the kind of content that’ll make you open your wallet faster than a gangbang slut spreads her cheeks to welcome a big black cock. However, even though she is hot as fuck, isn’t one of them. From tame content and poorly optimized opening images, it’s not an account I’ll return to.

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