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Eva Baby Girl 🇦🇷

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Eva Baby Girl 🇦🇷

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Few feelings in life can compare with the post-sex sensation you get after you just gave a chick the fuck of her life. Maybe you indulge in some pillow talk, have a post-sex cigarette, or shower together and get yourselves all hot and steamy and ready for round two! But if you’re a guy who knows what he is doing in the bedroom, then you’re no doubt doing something else after sex.


Laying back in bed, you’re gazing down at the enormous dark patch on the bedsheets that the girl you’ve just fucked has left. Congratulations, my dude! You turned that bitch into a walking fire hydrant, and she’s eternally grateful for it! Needless to say, the fact that she’s a squirter means she’ll definitely be getting an invite for another round of sex soon. Just put a damn towel down next time!


And that brings us to the topic of today’s review: squirters. They were once viewed as a myth that existed only in porn films. Still, there’s an increasing amount of evidence out there that reveals a proverbial army of women who can make it rain from between the thighs and turn themselves into a cross-eyed mess of orgasm that squirts harder than a garden hose on a hot summer’s day.


Well, fuck, Porn Dude! Will you spill the beans on where to find this evidence for research purposes? I hear you ask. You’re damn right I am! You see, on platforms like OnlyFans, where the competition amongst the two million+ content creators is getting fierce, unleashing jets of squirt from your pussy gives it a kind of superheroine status and makes you stand out from the crowd.


This is why is one of the latest OF models to pop up on my radar. I’ve been told that her content is a Pandora’s box of amateur squirting porn and that it’s wild enough to quench the thirst of even the most hardened smut seekers out there. But is it true? That’s what we’re about to find out!



What is is the OnlyFans account of Eva Wet Pussy, as she’s more formally known. But to say she is merely ‘’wet’’ is an understatement. This girl hits the ground running from her OnlyFans bio and promises ‘’squirt videos’’ from the get-go.


So, how does work? This account is free to subscribe to, and you can get instant access to content previews. However, where this soaking-wet slut makes her money is by creating custom content for her paying fans upon request or releasing long-form porn clips that you have to pay to unlock.



What’s the Content Like on

She’s said to be a gushing queen who can turn your computer screen wetter than a monsoon season, but I want to investigate her content and find out if this is true and, more importantly, whether her content is the kind of smut you should consider paying for!



To find out the answer, I went all the way back through to explore every piece of content she has ever uploaded. With over 416 posts, this was no easy feat, but it was thankfully a well-lubed adventure, thanks to how wet this chick gets. Now, are you ready to see the highlights?


● My Sweet Juices Are Exploding All Over You! – Holy shit, man! This ten-minute video from can be unblocked for $10, and I couldn’t help but hand over the cash to watch it because the thumbnail preview she teases you with is downright fuckin’ immense! It shows her in the doggy position with her Latina ass perched in the air while she looks back at you from between her own thighs. Using a massive BBC dildo, she thrusts and grinds on her rubber cock and repeatedly baptizes it with copious floods of squirt. Her bed is ruined by the end of it, and she’s literally kneeling in pools of her own orgasmic juices. It’s smoking hot! But can she get even wetter?

● I Was Bored and Made a Late Night Squirting Video Thinking about Your Penis – Well, thank you! Dudes, sleeping next to this chick must be wild. Imagine being woken from your slumber to find her straddling you in cowgirl with her legs spread and a pink hitachi wand grinding against her trembling clit. Before you even know what’s happened, you’re wiping copious amounts of squirt off your face as she says, ‘’Good morning, motherfucker!’’ Hell, there are worse ways to be woken up, I guess. This gorgeous clip shows her masturbating on a hardwood table, and the amount of juices she sends spraying across the room is insane. This chick must need a dehumidifier after one of her masturbation sessions. Damn!

● Is THIS Why So Many People Ride Bikes in the Netherlands?! – Do you like cycling? I can guarantee you don’t like it as much as Eva does. In this clip, we see her showing off her new bike and getting ready to take it for a spin around town. But she’s added a custom accessory to the seat in the form of a huge white dildo suction cupped to it. She is praying that her bike ride goes over some bumpy terrain. The juices flowing from her pussy will ensure that her bike chain remains more well-lubed than any other bike on earth. I wonder if she’ll ring the bell when she cums. Ding fuckin’ ding!



The Design of the Account

Well, sure as hell delivers on her promise of being an amateur squirting slut with a pussy wetter than the Rio Grande, but is she able to drive it home in the opening stages of her profile? Let’s find out as we look at the design of kicks off with a three-picture cover photo. Each one is an ass picture that shows the gorgeous rump of Eva wearing different types of underwear, with the latter two pictures featuring copious amounts of baby oil slathered all over her cheeks so that they catch the light beautifully.


The profile picture used on is a gorgeously artistic shot of Eva posing next to a window, allowing beautiful lighting to highlight her stunning body. She’s wearing white denim shorts and a gorgeous red bra that shows off her cleavage and tattoos. Meanwhile, she’s looking down expectantly at her crotch as if to see, ‘’It’s going to be a wet weather forecast today!’’ But she sure isn’t talking about the kind of rain you’d expect!


Then we come to her profile bio, which really kicks off with a corker of a line that reads, ‘’Are you ready to be my daddy?’’ Well, I’d rather discuss that in private, Eva. She also promises squirt videos, lesbian content, and much more. It’s a short bio and to the point, but it does its intended job.



What I Like Most About it promises squirting videos, and, holy shit, she sure as hell delivers! Her squirting content is divine, and this girl is capable of unleashing copious amounts of pussy juices in her videos, and it’s enough to make you thirsty for more. How she manages to do it all and not end up dehydrated is a mystery to me!



While epic content is the key to a successful OnlyFans journey, creative content captions are the cherry on the cake and can play a huge role in winning over the horny hearts of the people viewing your content. This is something that understands well, and she has mastered the art of creating engaging content captions that paint a vivid sexual picture as much as the photo or video itself does.


Also, I liked that is far from stingy with her content. You can subscribe for free, see her tits, and feast your horny eyes on generous previews of her latest squirting adventures. She also keeps her prices competitive and fair.


To say that the content being put out by is diverse is an understatement. This smoking hot squirter loves to keep it fresh, and her fans are always kept on their toys by her vivid selection of videos. Want to see her squirt into another woman’s mouth? Spray her bedroom with juices in a late-night masturbation session? Or paint a real cock with as much female ejaculate as she does her dildos? You can find it all!



What I Don’t Like

The main issues I found in lay within the profile design. Firstly, I found the cover photo to be a poor introduction to Eva as it showcases just her ass in three angles which all look alike. There’s nothing to showcase some of her main talents in the opening cover image, although the profile picture is pretty fuckin’ badass!




Suggestions I Have for

I’d suggest that change her profile picture to one that introduces potential subscribers to the main themes of her content. To keep it semi-SFW, I’d suggest a three-picture collage like you already have, just with the following types of content:



● A shot of squirt pouring down your thighs

● An SFW girl-on-girl picture

● And, of course, retain a shot of your epic ass drenched in baby oil




Man, I am thirsty after that! You’ve got to love a chick who squirts, especially when it’s an amateur model reaffirming that the art of the squirt isn’t just reserved for hardcore porn films. This girl is confident in her content, and she isn’t afraid to spurt free samples into your horny mouth to entice you into buying her full-length clips, and it’s an OnlyFans account I suggest following. Just make sure that you bring your raincoat!

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