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Jade Lavoie 🇨🇦

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Jade Lavoie 🇨🇦

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My search for the hottest women on the platform that seeks out the kind of women with alluring pussies and wild sex drives, which, when combined, make them a source of premium amateur porn worth paying, has taken me to some wild places around the world. Yep, it’s been a true journey of sexual discovery.


I’ve gone to Germany to meet adult content creators who aren’t shy about going out to do errands with a blatant BDSM collar around their necks, French girls with fiery red hair and mammoth tits that make them look like some sex-crazed maiden from a medieval themed movie, and sweet-looking chicks from the U.S. who don’t waste time in shedding their well to do appearance to reveal their inner slut in their content.


Today, we’re heading to the Canadian city of Quebec. Not only is this French-speaking region known for poutine, a well-known famous French fry meal topped with tasty cheese curds, but it’s also populated by vast swathes of dick-melting women who have the kind of pussies that any red-blooded man would want to unload a delivery in her pussy of something that looks like the same stuff the locals throw on their poutine!


If you type in ‘’Quebec porn’’ online, it doesn’t take you long to find a solid range of Quebecistani people doing some downright filthy stuff, but a lot of folks will swear that few can come as close to the amateur porn content made by She’s tattooed, immensely busty, and packing the kind of passionate sex drive that can keep you and your cock awake for days.


However, girls like this don’t come cheap, and you have to pay to see the kind of filthy stuff that gets up to behind her paywall. But is it worth paying for? That’s what this review will find out, so keep reading to find out the answer and some sticky surprises on the way!



What is

So, who is the girl behind Jade Lavoie is a French Canadian girl born on the 22nd of June, 1990. She first made a name for herself by creating content on mainstream platforms like TikTok, and it didn’t take her long to reach influencer status with millions of followers and a sea of likes flooding into her content whenever she posted.



However, the mainstream attention and fanbase weren’t enough for Jade because she clearly had a far more NSFW craving bubbling between her thighs. Hence, she later went on to start an OnlyFans career and would later set up to provide a wealth of premium adult content to her fans.



What’s the XXX Content Like on

Naturally, a tonne of people were keen to see their favorite TikTok star doing some naughty shit on and Jade was well aware of this, so she slapped a subscription fee on it. In her profile bio, she promises to provide everything from sexting and cosplaying to fetish content and sex tapes. To find out whether it’s an account worth paying for, I paid for a premium membership and took it for a test run!



● Happy Halloween, Motherfucker! – Well, if Jade turned up on my doorstep dressed like this on Halloween, it’s safe to say that I’d empty my entire candy supply into her box. Jade has gone for the old-school ghost outfit that consists of a white sheet with holes cut into it (thankfully, not in that way!). But rather than cutting holes out so she can peek her eyes out of the sheet, she has cut two holes so her gigantic tits hang out freely with some tactical nipple tape keeping them somewhat SFW. Combine this with a pair of ankle-high boots and the fact that she’s wearing nothing underneath, and you have one of the hottest Halloween outfits ever seen. Man, this is a ghost I’d love to be haunted by!

● Well, Shit! It’s Not Just Her Taste in Tits That’s Big! – It seems that girls in Quebec do everything bigger, and Jade is no exception. Not only is this chick packing some of the hottest titties that many people have ever seen, but this picture of her aiming an immensely girthy dildo at her ass shows that she’s also a bit of a size queen, too! Her pink hair, cat ears, and filthy look in her eyes are enough to make your cock tingle, as are the porn-style pleaser heels sitting on the shelf next to her!

● Porn-Grade Blowjob Lips – Imagine going on a date with Jade, and she orders an ice cream before sucking on it like that? This snap shows the hot French Canadian slut on her knees in alluring black lingerie with a girthy ice lolly in her mouth. The way her lips wrap around the shaft of the ice lolly makes it impossible not to imagine what she’d look like with her mouth wrapped around a cock instead.

● A French Canadian Pussy That Looks Hotter Than a Bowl of Poutine! – Jade might have a set of silicone tits that make your dick tingle, but just wait until you see the pussy between her legs! Holy fuck, this is the perfect kind of slit that you’d struggle to slide a credit card through. It looks so damn perfect that I’d almost feel bad for pushing my giant porn-trained cock inside and stretching it out. But I’m sure I’ll soon get over it!



The Design of the Profile has a lot of assets that she can use to make men’s dicks tingle and women’s pussies melt. But what has she used in her profile design to showcase herself to new arrivals? Let’s find out!



Her cover photo is a close-up shot of Jade’s immense cleavage and has been taken in a messy bed that looks like it has just gone through an all-night sex session. You get a no-holds-barred look at her immense tattooed milkers here, and it’s the kind of shot that sends thunderbolts to the crotch from the second you first arrive.


Things only get hotter when your eyes head further south, and you see the profile picture used. It’s an underboob selfie shot that shows her stunning face combined with one hand covering her nipples in a way that presses her gigantic milkers in beautifully. When you manage to drag your eyes away from that, you get to her profile bio.


Many girls on platforms like tend to neglect their profile bio, but isn’t one of them. She has used it to showcase herself properly and outline some of the highlights of the content she can offer paying subscribers, such as custom porn, fetish content, and cosplaying material.



What I Like Most About it

Firstly, it’s undeniable that can offer that classic porn experience of a mainstream good girl gone bad. This chick made a name for herself on mainstream platforms like TikTok and has millions of normie fans worldwide. On, however, she is making a plethora of filthy content for her more open-minded fans and allows them to see her sexually wild side in all of its disgraceful glory! is also packed with a diverse range of content that is far from boring. Jade is a girl who likes to keep her sex life exciting, and this really shines through in her content. It’s the kind of amateur porn adventure where you don’t know what will come next, and to make things even better, there are well over 1,100 pieces of premium media to explore on the account!


Plus, isn’t one of those tight-fisted chicks who refuses to let a morsel of XXX content slip through her fingers and give non-paying subscribers something to go on. Instead, her paywall-dominated content is pockmarked by free sample content that gives people considering signing up for a subscription an insight into the kind of smut they’ll be rewarded with once they step inside.



What I Don’t Like

The only issue I had with was a language issue. Generally, the platform isn’t packing the best translation feature, and you’re often forced to rely on your hit-and-miss browser translator to switch up the language. If the text is embedded within photos, you’re in even more trouble. Mym. fans/Jadelavoie is all in French and doesn’t make an effort to expand into English and thus potentially expand the fanbase eager to sign up for more of Jade’s content.




Suggestions I Have for

My suggestion for would be to include French and English in the content captions and special offer posts. After all, Jade has the kind of vibe that would appeal to the horny dicks and pussies of countless people around the world, not just French speakers, so don’t miss out on a prime chance to take full advantage of this potential new customer base.





So, if Quebecistani influencer chicks with the kind of silicone tits that’ll make your mind melt combined with a sex drive that seems to know no bounds is the kind of thing that cause your cock to turn into something resembling a steel bar, then is an account worth considering subscribing to. It’s packed with creative content, is regularly updated, and offers the chance to order custom porn content from Jade, too. The only downside? It’s hard to navigate if you don’t speak a bit of French.

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