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Kriss Kiss 🇷🇺

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Kriss Kiss 🇷🇺

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There was once a time, back in the early days of OnlyFans, when all a girl had to do to succeed was to flash her chesticles, slide a couple of digits into her wet pussy, or make a dildo vanish up her butthole, and an army of people would come flocking to subscribe to see more of her XXX content.


These days, however, that easy-going era is long behind us, and the truth is that a girl looking to stay on top in the world of OnlyFans has to stay on top of her game in more ways than one. Why? Because competition is downright fierce, my horny friends! Now, let me explain just why that is!


The platform is home to more than 2 million content creators, all vying for the attention of an even larger user base of people looking to consume content. Amongst these OnlyFans creators, one can find everything from mature whores with decades of sexual experience between their thighs to bona fide pornstars moonlighting on the platform.


For a fresh-faced slut looking to make a name for herself on OnlyFans, things can seem downright daunting. However, they don’t have to be provided that they know the right way to approach an OnlyFans career. For many people, is said to be a prime example.


Not only is this chick built like a pornstar, but it’s said that she can do everything your favorite porn slut can do and more! As soon as you arrive at her OnlyFans page, she promises you everything from dick-rating content and 4K smut to a feed of filth that’s updated daily and a fuck load of sexting!


However, promises are promises, but I’ve experienced several broken ones in my journey through porn. Naturally, I’m eager to dive between the thighs of and find out if she’s able to make the promises she makes at the start of her profile come true or whether they’ll fizzle out after you’ve paid the subscription fee.


Now, let’s dive deep and discover what she’s all about!

What is is a pretty meaty OnlyFans account that belongs to a girl called Kriss Kiss. Kriss introduces herself as an adult model and an actress who uses her OF account to share her hottest erotic content in 4K, rate the cocks of her fans, talk filthy with them in sexting sessions, and show them behind-the-scenes content.



Sounds exciting, right? Well, content like this doesn’t come cheap. This premium OF account will cost you around $10 per month to subscribe to, although it can work out a lot cheaper if you decide to subscribe for multiple months in bulk.


But before you sign up for a subscription and hand your money over, hold your horses because I want to take for a test run and see if it’s worth it first! Keep reading to find out what kind of content you can expect from this horny slut!

What’s the Content like on

At the time of writing, had more than 680 pieces of content to explore. Fuck, I can already hear my cock crying! I decided to find some of the highlights to give you the best insight into this chick’s content possible!



●    Do you want to eat my wet pussy? – Come on, Kriss! That’s a silly question! Of course, I fuckin’ do! Man, this is one hot piece of content. Taken from a low angle that feels as though Kriss is staring down at you like a piece of meat she has her eye on, we see her posing in a porn-grade lingerie set that’s the same color as lust. As well as getting a gorgeous undershot of her tits, we see the semi-obscured sight of her wet pussy pushing its way through the sheer red fabric of her panties. Now, on your knees and get to work, that pussy isn’t going to lick itself!

●    A Damn Hot Facial – Holy fuck, if you’re a fan of sloppy porn, then this video is one you need to see! The aftermath alone is enough to make your cock tingle, and it shows Kriss posing proudly with her tongue out and a cumshot dribbling from her chin and onto her exposed tits below. Her bloodshot eyes are the sign of a hearty deepthroating session, and if that all wasn’t hot enough, her tits are utterly glazed in a fine sheen of drool and jizz, causing the light to bounce off them beautifully. Man, if there are any cuckolds out there, licking this divine slut clean must be the stuff that wet dreams are made of!

●    Are you ready to be punished by me right now? – I don’t exactly know what I’ve done to deserve punishment from, but I’m more than willing to accept it. This shot is a prime example of the different niches that Kriss can dominate (literally), and we see her wearing a divine leather and fishnet outfit that looks stunning around her gorgeous body. In her hand is a BDSM riding crop, and in her eyes is a look that tells you to expect no fuckin’ mercy from her perverted mind. Fuck, she looks downright fierce!

The Design of the Account

Well, the content spread across has certainly woken my cock up! This chick has one vivid imagination combined with a lustful talent from diverse erotic content. But next, let’s take a look at how well she has transferred her XXX imagination to the overall design of her profile!



The first thing that will catch your eye upon arrival at is the cover photo she has used. This is a well-optimized snap that fits perfectly into the cover photo box at the top of the profile, and it shows Kriss wearing a baby blue crop top, an audacious short pair of pink denim shorts, and headphones. It’s an SFW picture, but you can probably imagine that Kriss is listening to some kind of porn PMV through her headphones, judging by the horny look in her eyes!


After this, your eyes will rest upon her profile picture, which shows laying in bed and taking a selfie with a finger in her mouth. The way that her blowjob lips are wrapped around her finger is divine, as is the way her forearm crushes her cleavage into her chest below, presenting you with a genuinely wank-worthy piece of content before you’ve even got stuck into the rest of the profile!


When you reach the profile bio of, you’re left with no doubt this is one horny and open-minded slut who can take you on a legit sexual adventure. In a short and easy-to-read way, Kriss introduces you to who she is, what she offers, and any special discounts she currently has for you to take advantage of.

What I Like Most About it

I’ve noticed a growing trend amongst OnlyFans girls who charge their fans a subscription fee and then demand more money from them to see anything remotely SFW., however, isn’t one of them. Sure, she does charge extra for you to see her full-length porn-grade videos, but she isn’t shy about giving you a tonne of explicit and NSFW content that you can easily blow your load over!



Regarding the diversity of her content, is at the next level. The range of different porn niches that this chick is willing to tackle and dominate is mind-blowing, and she can pull off a wide range of XXX styles ranging from cute gamer girls and shy-looking 18+ schoolgirls to fearsome Dominatrixes and cum-hungry sluts! also knows how to engage with her fans, too. Across her account, you can find her encouraging fan interaction via the content captions accompanying her posts as well as holding regular spin-the-wheel type games that allow fans to take a gamble and win anything from custom-made sex tapes to having their name written on her alluring tits.

What I Don’t Like

The only stumbling block I encountered with was that she failed to showcase some of her most unmissable talents in her profile bio. Sure, dick ratings and sexting sessions are hot, but so too are the range of different sexual tastes that this girl can cater to, not to mention her wildly slutty behavior that really needs to be underlined.

Suggestions I Have for

I’d suggest that Kriss ups the ante with her profile bio and underlines her slutty attitude towards making genuinely dick-draining content. For example, rather than the current intro of ‘’Hey, guys! This is Kriss Kiss, an adult model and actress,’’ you could say something like, ‘’I’m Kriss, an adult model who’ll drain your dick and a mattress actress who’ll have you coming back for more. When I’m dressed in my pink miniskirt and begging for your cum, I can be the stuff your wet dreams are made of. When I’m clad in latex with a riding crop in hand, I can be the stuff of Femdom nightmares. The choice is yours!’’


Well, damn! This chick is a prime example of an OnlyFans profile done right! Not only is she affordable and offers a jam-packed content portfolio, but she’s also generous and eager to shower her paying subscribers with explicit content spread across so many NSFW niches you’ll never get bored with.



Honestly, I’d give two thumbs up if I could. However, I can’t because I have one hand pumping my dick to the picture of her posing with the cum she has earned from a sloppy deepthroating session! But yeah, I can wholeheartedly recommend it!

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