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Luciana Acosta 🇦🇷

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Luciana Acosta 🇦🇷

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Ah, Argentina! This stunning South American country is known for many beautiful things. From majestic mountains to friendly locals and vibrant culture, this Latin nation has a lot to offer the adventurous traveler. Oh, and who could forget the food? If you want a prime piece of succulent beef.


However, my trips to Argentina are often to bury my face in a very different kind of beef because my priority is to have as many big booty Argentinian whores sitting on my porn-loving face as possible. Fuck, I’ll let them use my face like a human sybian for hours on end and maintain a massive smile on my face as they do!


As a well-traveled porn connoisseur, I strive to learn as much jargon as I can to ensure I can get into as many XXX cultures as possible with no barriers. When I first started learning Spanish before my first-ever trip to Argentina, the first phrase I learned was ‘’sit on my face and pedal my fuckin’ ears!’’ Let me tell you, it paid dividends!


Since then, I’ve developed a deep lust for Argentian whores with big asses, and I’m not alone. This is a common search term on porn tube sites, and countless people find themselves watching the niche so damn much that they crave the chance to fly to Buenos Aires and create their own custom porn experience with a local Argentinian slut!


These days, however, you don’t have to endure a long-haul flight to the bottom of South America and breathe in other passengers’ farts for hours. It’s now never been easier to find horny Argentian whores performing on platforms like OnlyFans who, for the right place, will make all of your big booty Latina dreams come to life, albeit virtually.


However, let’s be real. While there’s a plethora of elite-tier Latina sluts out there on the likes of OnlyFans, not all of them can be considered equal when it comes to the quality of their content. Thankfully, you have me on hand to guide you through them all and teach you about those worth considering.


Today, I’m going to take you between the olive-skinned thighs of another Argentian slut who is creating content over at!



What is

So, who is, and what’s she all about? Luciana Costa is a petite Argentinian girl who has now moved to the United States to study in Los Angeles. Yep, she’s a legit Latina student, and she is looking to spice up her studies with a tonne of kinky sex, as well as make some money on the side through making custom erotic content. is an initially free OnlyFans account that, at the time of writing, can be subscribed to for thirty days before you have to pay a subscription fee of $19.99 a month. So, in the next section, I want to take you on a journey through her content to see if it’s worth the money!



What’s the Content Like on

For a lot of people, $19.99 won’t break the bank. But let’s be real here; it’s the kind of cost that is entering the same price territory that major league porn studios charge for access to a library of well-produced smut. So, to see if can justify her monthly subscription fee, I took a deep dive into her content portfolio to find out what she’s all about!



● That’s Not the Only White Thing I’d Like to See Luciana Wearing – Man, I bet this college slut attends her lectures with lingerie like this under her everyday outfits. In this bedroom snap, we see Luciana playfully rolling around in her bedsheets and aching for the presence of a hung man to enter the room and show her a good time. The contrast of the white fabric on her tanned Latina body looks stunning, especially when you see the thin thong disappearing between her plump asscheeks. I’d love to add some white stuff to her outfit, that’s for sure!

● Your Face Looks Super Comfortable to Sit On! – has a pair of Latina eyes that are neither here nor there. They often look cute and unassuming, but there are other times when she isn’t afraid to showcase the burning sense of nymphomania within them. In this picture, we see her staring back at the viewer while aiming her big Latina ass at their face. How long do you think you could last underneath this mighty rump? I’d bring some diving equipment to ensure I can stay there long enough!

● She Could Take Someone’s Eye Out! – Look, the bulk of the attention is often focused on the ass of Luciana rather than her titties. She hasn’t been gifted with the biggest milkers in the world, but she more than makes up with them with a set of nipples that could easily take your horny eye out if you’re not careful. In this picture, we see her posing in her bedroom with her nip-nips piercing through the thin fabric of her bra, signaling that she has some filthy thoughts running through her slutty mind!



The Design of the Account

Few sights can beat that of a naked Argentian slut standing in front of you with her jiggling buttcheeks aching for your tongue to be buried between them. However, many Argentinian chicks love to beef up their aesthetics by wearing some of the sluttiest lingerie imaginable and making your dick tremble uncontrollably.



But what about Has this sexy Argentinian OnlyFans chick managed to make her profile proud by ensuring she ticks all the boxes in terms of marketing and aesthetics? Let’s take a look and find out! starts with a cover photo that is truly captivating and gets your attention from the start. It’s a sultry snap of Luciana posing in her virgin white lingerie with her sex-hungry eye staring deep into the camera lens. You get a solid look at her stunning ass as well as an insight into her lustful gaze.


While teases you with a snap of her ass in the cover photo, this chick shows it off to the fullest in her profile picture. She can be seen wearing a stunning set of slutty red lingerie and posing with her ass near the camera lens while looking over her shoulder with a look that says, ‘’Are you gonna eat that?’’


Then we come to her profile bio, which kicks off with two words I love to hear from any Latina, ‘’Hola, Papi!’’ Look, it’s not the best bio I’ve seen on OnlyFans, and a few typos can be found. Overall, though, it’s playful and fun to read, and it does a decent job of introducing you to Luciana and what her account has to offer.



What I Like Most About it

The first thing I liked about was that this Argentinian 18+ teen is smoking hot. She’s a college student who no doubt has cock on the brain when she is studying and probably counts down the hours until she can get back to her accommodation and tease her fans to the brink of orgasm with some smoking hot content! is also a pretty well-designed profile that does a great job of capturing your attention from the start. Luciana knows what she is doing and isn’t afraid to show off the naughtiest parts of her body to entice her fans. Her profile bio is far from perfect, but you can still see that she has at least put some effort into making it fun to read, which is more than can be said for many other OnlyFans accounts out there.



What I Don’t Like

My first gripe with was the lack of content on the account. I feel like Luciana is trying to run before she can walk by asking for such a high subscription fee when the content is limited. At the time of writing, there were only around 50 posts to explore on the site, and to make it worse, many of them weren’t even of Luciana. This brings me to my next point.



The content feed of is packed with advertisements promoting other OnlyFans girls. Sure, support your fellow content creators, but don’t slap paid ads on a feed that you’re already charging for. People pay to see Luciana, not get spammed by promotional posts of random models from across the platform.



Suggestions I Have for

My first tip for is to build the account to a respectable level and form the foundations of a solid content portfolio with enough diversity to keep fans entertained. Only then should you start asking for such a high subscription fee. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, and build up a loyal fan base before diving in with pricy monthly fees.



Also, a premium OnlyFans account that requires a monthly subscription fee must deliver content worth the cost. Paid advertisements that promote other OF models aren’t it, and this will only lead to disgruntled subscribers who turn off their rebilling. Keep your premium profile unique and provide something of worth to your fans.




So, what are my final thoughts? is a hot Argentian chick with the kind of Latina ass that I’d happily bury my face in for hours at a time, and she isn’t afraid to show it off in some gorgeous snaps on her account.



However, is far from perfect. It is expensive to subscribe to, and you get little content in return. To make it worse, much of the content behind her paywall isn’t even of Luciana and is paid posts. Overall, I can’t justify the cost of the subscription and wouldn’t recommend it.

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