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Back in the day, many men held the idea that the ideal woman had a tall, long-legged, and domineering aesthetic about her. It’s kind of like the models you’d see walking down the runway at Paris Fashion Week. These days, however, there’s a far different aesthetic that’s making men’s cocks hard!


Yep, the day of tall and sexy women is over (kind of), and the day of the cute and petite pocket rocket has come! There’s no shortage of fellas out there who can’t help but feel their cocks bursting through their trousers the second they lay their eyes upon a short chick with a perfect body who offers a fuck tonne of sexual adventures in a pocket-sized package!


I mean, what’s not to like? With a short chick, you’re often able to pull off the kind of intricate sex moves that would be 100 times more difficult with a vertically powerful woman. Whether you want to turn her around on your cock like a perverted fidget spinner or lift her up and down on it like a sex-powered elevator, the world is yours!


Plus, don’t let their small size put you off because, just like a short guy who has had five beers and aims to turn into a tornado when somebody looks at him wrong, a short chick can pack a punch when it comes to having a sex drive that outweighs their petite appearance. But I get it; you’re still a skeptic.


Hey, I don’t blame you. Maybe I’ve been bribed by the short chick lobby. Perhaps a petite fuck buddy of mine is forcing me to write this while holding a strap-on dildo to my head. Actually, neither of those is true; I’m just speaking from experience. I fuckin’ love banging petite chicks, which is why the topic of today’s review caused a surge of power in my underpants!


It’s time to kick start another OnlyFans review as we prepare to dive deep into the world of Not only does she have a username that looks like it was created while in the grip of orgasm and leaning on her keyboard, but this is a chick who is a petite pocket rocket and proud of it.


But can pull off the kind of content that makes the niche of short nymphos proud? Or will it have made my entire intro pointless? Let’s find out, my horny friends!



What is is the official OnlyFans account of a Los Angeles-based adult model called Luna, who has a semi-decent following on social media but not enough to be called an influencer. She’s short, busty, fuckable, and with a solid sex drive that looks as though it could keep you awake all night long with marathon sex sessions.



In her profile, Luna promises to be ‘’your fun size buddy’’ and a girl who can do ‘’anything you want.’’ Man, be careful what you wish for, Luna! I have some Czech porn-inspired requests that may make you rewrite your entire bio!


So, how does work? This OnlyFans profile is completely free to subscribe to and receive the latest updates from Luna. However, while she does post regular free content that is very erotic, the most hardcore smut she has to offer remains behind a paywall and is on a PPV basis. Also, for those seeking custom smut, her DMs are open for you to make requests, provided that you pay for them.



What’s the Content Like on

As always, I like to go as deep as possible into the profiles of OnlyFans girls to ensure that my beloved readers can get the insight they deserve, thus allowing them to properly decide whether this is the kind of pussy worth paying for or something that your average porn tube site can easily rival. Now, let’s see what the sample content on is like!



● The Catch of the Day! – Fuck! I don’t know what it is about fishnet stockings, but they never fail to awaken the Kraken between my thighs! This gorgeous snap of shows her presenting a divine pair of titties that are gently wrapped in the alluring sight of a fishnet bodystocking that she’s gradually pulling off. The way her nipples flawlessly chew through the fabric of this erotic outfit is flawless.

● Fuck Me! – Well, seeing as you asked nicely! This next snap from is truly some gorgeous aesthetic. She is wearing a jet-black crop top with Japanese text emblazoned across it. However, while she has hiked her top up to flash her tits at you, she has an additional surprise that’s one of the few forms of censorship I can get behind. Luna’s divine nipples are covered in black crosses made from black tape that has the words ‘’Fuck Me!’’ emblazoned across them in sperm-white text. Man, I love this shit!

● That’s Lunch! – Next up, we have a particularly alluring snap from Luna that is taken from between her silky smooth thighs. Wearing a set of porn-pink lingerie, we see a close-up of her sweet pussy trying to eat its way through the thin pink fabric. So much so that you can blatantly see her throbbing clit bursting out. As your eyes move further North, things only get better. Luna has a sleazy-looking tattoo above her crotch that says ‘’Kiss Me’’ and a look in her eyes that is begging you to bury your tongue as far up her snatch as it’ll go and then replace it with your quivering dick. Are you up to the challenge?



The Design of the Profile clearly knows her shit when it comes to creating aesthetic OnlyFans content. But, in the past, I’ve reviewed some girls who let their content down with a poorly designed profile. Will Luna be one of them? Let’s find out! begins with a cover photo that features three snaps of Luna laid out on the background of a plush bedroom. Each featured image of Luna shows her wearing a different outfit and presenting her gorgeously tattooed body from different angles. None of them, however, showcase her tits very well.


Then we have her profile picture, for which Luna has opted for a selfie that shows her looking into the camera with the iconic and sleazy cock-drunk look she often has in her eyes combined with a mischievous finger on her pumped-up lips that look ideal for being wrapped around a cock.


The introductory bio of is written in the style of an 18-year-old Zoomer with grammatical errors to match. Usually, I’d pick a fault with spelling errors, but I get how this appeals to her market base. Overall, it’s not the most engaging bio, and it could be more sexually explicit to match the content within.



What I Like Most About it knows her aesthetic and is tackling it well. This tattooed and slutty-looking Zoomer is a classic-looking 18+ teen OnlyFans model who can pull off a wide range of vibes ranging from a Big Titty Goth GF to a ‘’fuck me, (step) daddy!’’ slut who makes an Ahegao face when she cums.



Luna also does a solid job of enticing her fans into paying for premium content by teasing them with snaps of her pussy hidden behind thin panties or pictures of her titties hanging out. Her premium content, on the other hand, can range from clips of her ginger asshole being stretched out to one of her fuck buddies busting a fat nut all over her cute face, and she isn’t afraid to get explicit with it in the content captions.



What I Don’t Like

My first issue concerns the imagery used in the profile and cover photos. Luna has a smashing pair of titties that everyone wants to see, and they’re arguably one of her best assets. However, both her profile picture and cover photo fail to showcase them properly to potential subscribers, and it’s such a damn waste!



Also, the profile bio is written stylishly to appeal to those who want to see a Zoomer whore doing naughty shit on OnlyFans, but it’s nowhere nearly explicit enough. OnlyFans users don’t want a ‘’personal friend’’ or a ‘’fun-sized buddy,’’ they want a sexually passionate model who can make their cocks melt! But don’t worry because I have some tips on overhauling this while maintaining your cute Zoomer vibe.



Suggestions I Have for

I’d suggest that considers changing the imagery used in her profile aesthetic to one that showcases her tits better because these are some epic assets that can really lure people in. Your ass is great, but why not appeal to both ass and boob-loving users by showing off both?



Also, while I suggest keeping the cute 18+ teen style of text in your bio, I also advise making it more explicit to warm up the cocks and pussies of potential subscribers before they even reach your content. For example, you can add something as simple as: ‘’Wanna know a fun fact about me? :3 The secret button to my Ahegao face is located in my cute butt!’’




Overall, is an OF model who has the telltale look of a cock-drunk nympho in her eyes, and she isn’t afraid to back this up through her premium content, whether that’s taking fat loads of jizz on her face like a pornstar or melting into an Ahegao face as her asshole gets stretched out.



However, her profile could do with some work as it doesn’t exactly do a great job of introducing you to her most significant assets and sexual potential at first glance, which, in the world of OnlyFans that has over two million other models and counting as competition, is becoming increasingly important.

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