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Mary MyRay 🇺🇦

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Mary MyRay 🇺🇦

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Anybody who opens YouTube these days is often greeted by an array of videos put out by stunning travel influencers who look like they could easily make it in the modeling world. As they naively travel around the world, sample different foods, and indulge in foreign cultures, you can’t help but wonder what other foreign things these female influencers are sampling on their tours worldwide.


Once they’ve tried all of the coolest food spots in town and edited their Youtube content, you can almost guarantee that they unpack a big pink dildo from their suitcase and fuck themselves senseless in the privacy of their hotel room. Maybe they go one step further and hook up with some local guy on a dating app and invite him over to her hotel to rearrange her holes and give her a taste of local dick?


Often, the female influencers in question look like the ‘’princess’’ kind of girl from a good background. You know the kind I’m talking about. They’re usually blonde, pretty, and raised well but are now seeking everything the wild world of sex has to offer when they’re on the road and exploring new places.


That’s the vibe I got when I first came across Mary MyRay on OnlyFans. This girl describes herself as ‘’a little princess who loves traveling, good food, working out, and sex.’’ Yep, she sure as hell fits the bill, right? To say she jolted my dick into action with the opening introduction to her profile is an understatement, and I was more than eager to dive deeper and explore more of her content.


And guess what? I’m taking you with me! In today’s review, we’re going to slide deeper between the virtual thighs of than anyone has before. Along the way, we’ll find out all of this pretty blonde slut’s naughtiest secrets, what makes her slit drip, and whether her premium OnlyFans content is worth buying.


Now, let’s begin!



What is

Meet Mary. This blonde and cute-looking chick not only looks like a spoiled princess but blatantly admits she is. Her hobbies range from traveling and chowing down on good food to getting her holes rearranged in intense sex sessions. She captures all of these on camera and showcases them to the world via is free to subscribe to, but some of the most premium content she posts comes with a price tag you must pay for. You can also reach out to her to get your hands on custom content. Amongst her promised content, she pledges to spurt the likes of nude pictures, solo masturbation, and fetish content all over your face.



What’s the Content Like on

The promised content in the bio of sure sounds like a dick-tingling affair. But to find out whether it packs the required punch for our porn-trained cocks to roar into action, let me show you a sample of her content to give you an idea of what Mary can offer us!



● I Need Your Advice, Honey! Which Hole Should I Choose for Playing with My Lovely Dildo? – Well, I’d firstly suggest that you push it deep inside of your wet pussy to get it covered in your sweet juices. Then, you should make it disappear into the depths of your throat and get it drenched in enough spit to slide it balls-deep into your ass. How does that sound, Mary? This picture is fuckin’ divine and shows Marry presenting her ass to the camera with a bright pink dildo resting on her thigh. The pink against her skin is a gorgeous contrast, and the pleasure-hungry look in her eyes is compelling. The fact that Mary has preemptively placed a thick towel down tells us that her masturbation sessions have the power to get very wet and messy, just how we fuckin’ like it!

● Her Censored Masturbation Video – Now, this is good marketing! In this clip, has posted a sample clip of herself masturbating into a frenzy. She has gently censored her pussy with a blur, but you get a solid idea of what kind of sex drive rests between this blonde slut’s alluring thighs. She isn’t shy about rubbing her pussy like a proper nympho, and the noises she makes as she pushes herself toward the brink of orgasm are wank-worthy on their own. To top it off, she is pulling off a gorgeous pose that leaves the soles of her feet a few inches from the camera, which is ideal for anyone with a foot fetish!

● Should I Replace This Candy With Something More Tasty? – I haven’t brought it up yet, but has a pair of elite-grade blowjob lips that many men would dream of having wrapped around the shaft of their cock. In this picture, she reinforces the lust that many people feel when they see her lips by resting a pink lollipop against them and staring lustfully into your eyes. There’s no doubt countless people who would rather see that lollipop replaced with the tip of a fat cock dribbling pre-cum before it disappears into the depths of her throat, causing her perfect makeup to drip down her cheeks!



The Design of the Account

When many people first arrive at Mary’s profile, they find themselves engaged immediately because she is deploying the kind of marketing tactics that many other aspiring OnlyFans models could learn a lot from. Now, allow me to explain why!



Let’s look at her cover photo, for starters. has opted for a photo of herself on all fours in bed. It’s perfectly optimized and fits the dimensions well. You get to see everything from her long and alluring legs to her dangling titties to her fuckable ass and her cumshot-hungry face.


Things only get better when you scroll down to the profile picture. This snap of has some Marylin Monroe vibes from the curly blonde hairstyle she is rocking. But, aside from the old-school vibe, she is covering her titties with both hands and crushing them together beautifully. Hot!


Below this is the profile bio of Like the rest of her account, this well-designed section perfectly showcases who Mary is, what she is all about, and what people can expect to find from her account. It’s easy to read, not overwhelming, and free of spelling mistakes.



What I Like Most About it

The first thing I liked about was the approach that Mary has taken. She has kept her subscription free while offering her fans a decent selection of erotic teaser content. If they want to take it a step further and get their hands on her premium content, they can buy it on a one-off basis without committing to a subscription.



Regarding content, has a talent for keeping her smut diverse. She knows how to keep fans on their toes with a dynamic range of XXX content that can range from fetish material to classic solo masturbation videos. Plus, she might look like a little princess, but she is more than keen to take a cock up her ass, which is always a nice contrast!


Although the array of content on isn’t the biggest in the world, I liked how Mary added some handy content tags to the top of her feed. This allows fans to filter through her posts according to stuff like tits, playing with pussy, videos, tight ass, etc.


Last but not least, I also liked that this well-designed profile looks gorgeous and is equally smooth to navigate through. This is a prime example of how an OnlyFans profile should be. It has well-optimized imagery and an easy-to-read bio that tells you everything you need to know.



What I Don’t Like

The only thing I didn’t like about was that the array of content was pretty short for a profile of this quality. At the time of writing, Mary had only made 87 posts to her account, and you soon feel your cock crying tears of sorrow when you reach the end of it, as her content is just so damn good!




Suggestions I Have for

My only advice for is to keep building a formidable content portfolio and beef up the selection of sample content as much as possible. Thanks to the content tags system she has implemented, she can provide an easy-to-navigate method for her fans, regardless of how big her content portfolio gets.





It’s free to subscribe, well-run, and packed with both sample and premium content that is equally wank-worthy in its own right. So, do I recommend Fuck yes, I do! This blonde princess might look like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but it certainly would in her asshole because she’s a naughty and anal-loving little nympho with the kind of sex drive that will keep your eyes glued to the screen. Disclaimer: Please don’t put butter up your ass, any of you!

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