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MelRose Michaels 🇺🇸

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MelRose Michaels 🇺🇸

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Have you ever feasted your eyes on a smoking-hot influencer with a massive fanbase and lusted after the chance to not only see her naked but also get a fly-on-the-wall look at the kind of nasty shit she gets up to in the bedroom? Her makeup might look perfect in her mainstream content, but imagine how it looks when it’s dripping onto her tits after an intense deepthroat BJ?


That’s the kind of stuff that often goes through the heads of people who watch the content of Melrose Michaels. When you see her for the first time, you’re often inclined to think that she’s a chick with a body that looks custom-made for porn and that the likes of video game streaming and YouTube videos are below her.


Well, you’d be somewhat right! Melrose is one highly sexual chick who, alongside her mainstream content, is also active in the adult industry and runs several adult-focused businesses. As a natural entrepreneur, she also knows how powerful her gorgeous tits and pussy can be when revealed to hot-blooded porn fans, and she has decided to take full advantage of it.


Melrose maintains an active presence on adult content platforms like OnlyFans, where she isn’t shy about showcasing her sexual side to her adoring fans. She actually has two accounts on there. The first is completely free and lets you see her nudity-free sample teaser content. The second,, is paid for but is said to be a no-holds-barred adventure into the hypersexualized mind of this stunning influencer.


But because of Melrose Michaels’ fame, a subscription to the latter doesn’t come cheap. At the time of writing, it will set you back around $24.99 per month. Seeing as that is entering the same territory as a subscription to a premium porn site, I decided to take one for the team and sign up for myself to see what it’s able to offer and whether it’s worth subscribing to.



What is is the premium account of Melrose Michaels and offers a VIP experience for her most adoring fans, who are willing to pay the $24.99 subscription fee each month. However, judging from the profile bio, this monthly cost gets you some proper bang for your buck!



Melrose promises daily updates of new content on, and she isn’t shy about telling potential subscribers what they can expect to see on her account. From lesbian content to jerk-off instructions and dick ratings to fetish Femdom content, this chick isn’t intimidated by her mainstream status and loves to show fans how nasty she can get!



What’s the VIP Content Like on

Well, at least that’s what she promises. But can deliver? That’s what I’m about to discover as I prepare to delve into some of the premium content on her VIP account. Now, prepare yourself as I showcase some of the content highlights from!



● What Turns You On More: My Kitty Or My Titties? – I initially saw this photo on the free Melrose Michaels OnlyFans account. However, it was censored. Thanks to the premium subscription benefits that come with, I could see it in all its glory. Fuck me; this chick has a gash to die for and the kind of tits that you could suck on for days. It’s genuinely a sexual dilemma here because you don’t know where to look first. Do you stare into her cock-hungry eyes, gaze upon these gorgeous natural tits, or lock your eyes onto her dripping wet twat between her smooth thighs that she is tastefully spreading the lips of for your enjoyment?

● Melrose Gets Wild on Set and Masturbates in Front of a Cute Photographer – Melrose Michaels is definitely a girl who gets a kick out of being in front of a camera and knowing that she’s being watched. In this scene, we see her taking part in a tasteful lingerie shoot, and she isn’t shy about turning into a sordid disgrace. Feeling the cute photographer’s eyes on her and watching the bulge grow in his trousers, Melrose let her exhibitionist side take control, and she soon found herself stripping naked and masturbating herself into a frenzy. This bitch is hardcore and loves to rub her cunt furiously. Thankfully, the photographer kept the camera running!

● Watch Me Ruin the Bedsheets! – Melrose is downright insatiable, and goodness knows how many hours she whiles away chasing the next hardcore orgasm. In this clip, you can see her stripping naked and nestling her body amongst virgin white bedsheets as she thrusts a sleek blue dildo deep into her pink pussy. She can barely control herself and thrusts her hips wildly into the toy until her pussy turns into a frothing mess of pleasure. The gorgeous linen she has chosen to adorn her bed with is promptly drenched in her juices, and it’s a glorious clip to watch as she edges herself like a true nympho.



The Design of the Account

Melrose Michaels is well known for her ability to turn a lot of the things she touches into gold, and it’s fair to say that the design of is another prime example of this. Let me explain why!



You see, while many chicks choose to utilize their cover photo section to showcase a photo of themselves, Melrose is so well known at this point that she doesn’t have to. Instead, she has opted for a collage of feedback and positive messages that she has received from her satisfied VIP clients. In turn, this creates a solid sales point to encourage people to click the subscribe button.


Her profile picture, on the other hand, is meh. While Melrose looks stunning in this portrait, it’s clearly been heavily edited and portrays her on a cheap-looking baby blue background that clashes with her bra. In my opinion, there are tons of better options in her portfolio that she could have used instead of this one.


But things improve when you get to her profile picture further down. A subscription to isn’t cheap, but Melrose has done an excellent job writing a well-worded introduction to her account and everything it offers. She breaks down the pricing structure and explains that, over the course of a month, it works out to less than $1 per day. She also outlines some of the niches she specializes in, such as gamer girl content, lingerie, spit play, dirty talk, role-playing, etc.



What I Like Most About it

Look, I’ve reviewed a tonne of OnlyFans profiles that charge a similar fee to, and the content they offer is shit-tier, to put it lightly. On the other hand, Melrose really knocks it out of the park. This premium OnlyFans account is home to more than 3,080 posts at the time of writing. With new content added daily, you really do get your money’s worth.



The diversity in the content to be found across is also epic. This girl might look cute in her mainstream content, but she harbors a very kinky side, and this can be seen within a few scrolls of She’s the kind of chick who’ll beg you to make her squirt and submit to your cock but also one who will equally flip the tables on you, go into Femdom mode, and use your mouth like a spittoon!


I also love it when a chick knows how to market herself properly on OnlyFans, and is an excellent example of how it’s done right. Her use of positive messages from her VIP fans in the cover photo really shows how she thinks outside the box, and the well-written bio creates a solid call to action to sign up for a subscription. However, the same can’t be said for her profile picture, which brings me to the next part of this review.



What I Don’t Like

Come on, Melrose! It was all going so damn well! For an account that is otherwise largely flawless, I and my throbbing dick were disappointed in the choice she made for her profile picture. This looks super cheap and heavily modified, and it looks like it has no place on a profile of this caliber.




Suggestions I Have for

I’d suggest that Melrose Michaels change the profile picture on and find one that is more natural and better represents her. There’s no need for such heavy edits for a chick as smoking-hot as this, and the modified background of the picture makes it look even more low-grade. I can find a shit load of examples of better replacements a couple of scrolls into the feed!





Profile picture aside, is one of the rare VIP OnlyFans accounts that are more than worth the high price tag of a subscription. There’s some scorching content within her VIP feed, with the added bonus of being from a well-known mainstream influencer. So, would I recommend adding this to your OF portfolio? Fuck yeah!

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