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Mickey Sweet 🇺🇦

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Mickey Sweet 🇺🇦

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I wasn’t very familiar with Mickey Sweet, aka Lolly_poly before today, and now I feel like I’m late to a really killer party. The good news is they’re letting everyone right in the door, no dress code or cover charge required, because Mickey’s running a free account full of her sexy friends. I have a lot of lovely ladies stopping by the PornDudeCasting couch who I’d love you to meet, but the thirty bucks I’m asking is a lot more than you’ll pay to see Mickey’s friends naked.


Lolly_poly is a brown-haired, 19-year-old OnlyFans model with a slim, sexy body, a pretty face and a free subscription available. She first started posting at the tail end of 2022, and she’s been building a horny following ever since. The lovely Miss Sweet has over 30,000 Likes on the platform as of this writing, and I feel like she’s just getting started. Who wants to hear me count the ways I love this babe?



Introducing Mickey Sweet, aka Valeria, aka Lolly_poly

Somebody sent me a link to Mickey’s OnlyFans this morning, and you know how I feel about this new wave of modern amateur pornstars. I clicked it immediately without knowing a damn thing about the babe, but knowing I was probably in for a treat. After all, people usually send me links that get them all hot and bothered in the first place. Mickey’s currently going by Lolly_poly, though I noticed a Lollypolly_love watermark on a couple older photos. Either nickname will bring you to the same page, though.



The first thing I saw was Mickey’s first post on the site, originally uploaded in December of 2022, pinned to the top of her page. It’s a relatively wholesome shot of the girl posing in front of some majestic mountains, wearing a somewhat bulky jacket and a pair of jeans. She’s a lovely girl, but I think a lot of the sexiness lies in the caption she’d added.


“Hi, I’m Valeria,” she begins, adding a third name to the ways we know her. “I’m 19 years old. I love traveling, getting together with friends, learning languages and buying sexy lingerie! What can you tell us about yourself?” The replies in the comment thread, as you’d expect, offer compliments on her beauty rather than any personal visitor information.


Scrolling down the page, I’m treated to Valeria’s most recent uploads. She’s very active on OnlyFans, adding a shitload of new posts every day. I’m writing this review on a Wednesday afternoon, and no shit, Lolly_poly has added a dozen posts in just the last hour alone. Some women waste all their time flipping through Instagram and Snapchat, but Mickey Sweet is doing something a lot more productive!


You know what’s interesting, though? The naughty pics in the feed mostly consist of Mickey’s sexy friends. This might be a little bit of a bummer if you came here for Valeria and Valeria alone, but as a compulsive masturbator, I can certainly see an upside. I’m not going to complain about seeing a different naked chick every few minutes!


If you would prefer to focus on Lolly_poly herself, just use the tags listed at the top of her feed. She’s typically clothed in the Traveling photos, but shows a lot more skin in the pics she’s got filed under Lifestyle. It looks like her and I live similar lifestyles, because I’m in my underwear right now, too. In fact, the barista just told me she’d call the cops if I didn’t get my bare ass off the Starbucks’ premises immediately. Why does this always happen to me?



Boobies, Pretty Faces and Lingerie

In some ways, I feel like Lolly_Poly’s feed is a microcosm of as a whole. Flipping through the pics, I see a mouthwatering variety of modern amateur porno. Just a few seconds ago, she posted a curvy Latina with her pierced titties out. A minute earlier, it was a sultry brunette taking a shower, posted right after a tattooed babe showing off her big, luxurious ass. Other posts today include a cosplay slut with elf ears, an Asian nymphette in black lingerie, some feet pics from a model offering dick ratings, and a thick mama spreading her legs in front of a mirror.



If I have any complaint at all about the content, it’s the same minor criticism I tend to roll out whenever I’m talking about, particularly the free accounts: most of the material is pretty softcore by modern pornographic standards. You’ll see an occasional babe mouthing a dildo or fucking herself, but it’s mostly just high-quality nudie shots.


There’s also a surprising amount of censorship. Maybe Mickey Sweet’s a hentai fan, because she sure seems to take a similar approach to hiding the good stuff. I spotted a handful of blurred-out vaginas, and even more orifices with emojis pasted right over them. Even some of the nipples get the digital pastie treatment. Unlike with hentai, though, I’m pretty sure the fully uncensored versions are just a couple clicks and a paid OnlyFans subscription away.


I made my way to Mickey’s Video section, hoping to see the babe getting a little more explicit. She doesn’t seem to be big on moving pictures, though, because there are only three videos, totaling under 50 seconds. You can see her nipples through her bra in a couple of them, and she’s smoking hot, but it’s still pretty tame content compared to any random video you’d find on the free tubes.


I do wonder if Mickey’s ever down for some kinkier shit. The little bio blurb at the top of her profile mentions “Sex toys and devices for hot sex,” which carries some pretty strong implications. I didn’t scroll through every last photo in her archive, so maybe there are a few personal dildo shots buried in there, or maybe she’s just saving that kind of thing for paying customers.



Gawk at Pics and Slide into Those DMs

I’ve lost count of how many new posts Lolly_Poly has added to her OnlyFans in just the time I’ve been writing this review. Every time I refresh the page, there’s new material at the top. She just posted a tatted-up white girl with blonde dreads and a dildo, giving me flashbacks to the time I caught crabs at a Rainbow Gathering. It was pretty itchy for a while, but overall worth it.



Maybe Mickey Sweet’s glued to her computer or iPhone, but that might ultimately work out in your benefit. Subscribers can message her directly, which is a big part of the appeal of in the first place. She lists “Special custom” and “Video call” among her services at the top of the page, though I highly doubt she’s offering any freebies in these categories. Sometimes you’ve just got to take what you can get.


I admit, I haven’t tried to hit her up yet, but I get the sense those private interactions are Valeria’s main bread and butter. Most free OnlyFans accounts these days are promo tools to lure you in for a model’s more premium offerings. I couldn’t find any other accounts for this babe, though, free or otherwise. Maybe her friends toss her a few bucks for all the content she’s posting, but I’m not sure how much she’d make off that alone.


Whatever the case and whatever she’s up to, I’m a happy camper. Lolly_poly is sexy as hell, as are the lovely ladies she’s posting to her OnlyFans all damn day. The volume and range of content sometimes make her feed seem almost impersonal compared to most of the models on the site, which ironically makes me a little more excited to see Valeria when she pops up amongst the nudes. There’s no shortage of beautiful women on, even among the free accounts, but I’d recommend a peek at this freebie if you’re into lithe and legal teenage brunettes, or if you just want a quick and easy smut injection into your own personal feed.

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