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Mistress Tina 🇺🇦

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Mistress Tina 🇺🇦

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These days, OnlyFans is a platform boasting millions of users flocking to indulge in the pleasures that sit between the legs of the two million+ portfolio of erotic models performing there. However, people aren’t just coming to OF to bust a nut. Many are also coming to expand their sexual boundaries and learn a thing or two!


There’s no shortage of sexually experienced girls on OnlyFans who have the kind of erotic power to show you the kind of lessons usually only taught to professional pornstars. Hell, there’s even some girls who have dedicated their OnlyFans career to being a professional sexologist with a mission to teach the world how to fuck!


One of these women is As her username suggests, she’s a Femdom-loving mistress who isn’t shy about sliding into a strap-on harness and fucking men like they’re cheap whores. This is a woman who can make even the most Alpha of males drop to their knees and become submissive, so how the fuck does she do it?


There’s clearly something special about this chick, and she has some immense sexual power, according to those who subscribe to her. But, as this is OnlyFans, Mistress Tina’s services aren’t free. The first ninety days of subscribing to are free, but it then renews at $6.99 a month at the time of writing.


This membership fee is pretty damn low compared to a lot of other OnlyFans girls who charge the same price as a premium porn membership website, but it’s still a price to consider for a lot of people in this economy. So, I’m about to slide between the latex-clad thighs of Mistress Tina and hopefully not get poked in the eye by her strap-on to find out whether she’s worth paying for!



What is is the official profile of Mistress Tina. This bisexual Femdom chick has a powerful, dominant streak, as can quickly be seen from the moment you first arrive at her profile. But, alongside her thriving fetish lifestyle, she’s also a sexologist who adores teaching people a wide range of lesions in the art of sex, as well as carrying out some of the most hardcore BDSM sessions around.



Mistress Tina herself is absolutely stunning. She’s a raven-haired Dominatrix with a muscular physique that must result in a few relentless strap-on sex sessions, and she also has a plump set of tits to ensure that she hypnotizes any hot-blooded male. To top it all off, she has a divine pair of BJ lips that must look incredible when wrapped around a cock. However, it’s more likely that it’ll be your lips wrapped around her rubber cock, instead!


Of course, this is OnlyFans, so Mistress Tina also sells a wide range of erotic videos and photos to paying subscribers alongside her sexology courses. In her bio, she claims to have thousands of satisfied clients across the globe, but I want to delve deeper into her profile to find out whether that’s true.



What’s the Femdom Content Like on

The way that works is by displaying a range of teaser content of Mistress Tina to entice people into subscribing to her and reaching out to buy one of her sexology courses or some of her custom NSFW content. Now, let’s take a look at some of the most erotic highlights that her profile has to offer.



● The Finger Suck Video – This is one of the most heavily-viewed free clips on and shows the smoking hot Mistress in a dimly-lit BDSM dungeon wearing a fishnet bodysuit that leaves her erect nipples bursting out for all to see. She slowly slides her fingers past her plump lips and deep down her throat before rubbing her drool all over her silicone tits, and it’s the kind of shit that’ll make you want to submit to her every will immediately!

● You Will Beg Me to Cum in Pain and Pleasure. Prepare Yourself! – Mistress Tina really isn’t the kind of Mistress who is for nervous newbies, and this strap-on photo proves it! In latex thigh-high boots and a leather bunny mask, she beckons her submissive slave towards her while posing with one of the biggest strap-on cocks you’ve ever seen. This bright red dildo is enormous and is the same color that her sub’s ass will likely be when she’s finished with him.

● I Gave Unforgettable Pleasure to My Slaves – It’s not just enslaved men that Mistress Tina targets because she also has an ample supply of horny female submissives lining up to worship her, too. This amazingly shot photograph was snapped outdoors and showed Mistress Tina at a picnic with a younger 19-year-old sub who is having her supple and all-natural tits rudely groped by Tina with some fiercely erotic eye content to go with it.



The Design of the Profile

It can be argued that Femdom OnlyFan girls are becoming few and far between on OnlyFans and more challenging to find as a result. So, I was interested to see how much effort had made into customizing her profile to ensure that few submissives can resist subscribing when they first arrive.



Let’s start with the most dominant (excuse the pun) part of her profile, the cover photo. This is a collection of three photos that does a fine job of summing up what Mistress Tina is all about. The first picture shows her posing in a BDSM dungeon while wearing an alluring latex outfit. The second shows her beckoning you towards her while wearing an oversized red strap-on between her leather-clad thighs. The third shows her embracing lust with her hands rubbing her face and wearing a leather and lace outfit that does a great job of showing off her gorgeous tits.


Her profile picture is more on the fun side and shows Mistress Tina wearing a set of sexy glasses and a revealing top that leaves the bulk of her tits hanging out. She has a sleazy smile on her face with a peeled banana aimed at her mouth to simulate a cock. also has a short and sweet bio that does an excellent job of summing up what her profile is all about, what she offers, and how many satisfied customers she can boast. Underneath this is a set of highlight boxes that showcase various sub-niches of her content, such as her BDSM slaves, samples of her sexology videos, and content of her in the shower.



What I Like Most About it

I’ve reviewed a few ‘’Femdom’’ OnlyFans who are clearly trying to capitalize on the fetish scene while their heart really isn’t in it., however, isn’t one of them. This is clearly a woman who is invested in the BDSM lifestyle and has a long history of experience within it, and adores her role as a Femdom Mistress.



Unlike many OnlyFans models, is very generous to those who don’t subscribe to it. Not only does she provide a free ninety-day trial before asking you to pay, but her membership fee is meager compared to the quality of the content you get. Plus, she doesn’t keep everything covered up in her free content, either, and there are a few samples of content where you get to see her tits exposed. They’re a fucking incredible set of chesticles, by the way!


One of the key pillars of a successful OnlyFans profile is knowing how to engage with your subscribers. This is something that has done a great job of, and Mistress Tina interacts with her fans in a wide range of ways. For example, one post that shows her kneeling on the bed and staring into the camera with a fiercely dominant look in her eye comes with a questionnaire asking fans how they think her first BDSM session started. The answers ranged from ‘’with handcuffs and a gag in mouth’’ to ‘’strapons and anal plugs.’’



What I Don’t Like

Overall, I loved Mistress Tina’s profile, but my only slight criticism is the poor grammar in her bio. Stuff like BDSM being uncapitalized might seem small, but it can be enough to dissuade picky people who are well-versed in the fetish lifestyle.



Also, the bio invites people to check out your blog, but it’s nowhere to be found. A well-written Femdom blog can be an excellent tool for a Mistress to assert her authority in the female domination space, and not having one easy to find is a missed opportunity.



Suggestions I Have for

Rewrite the profile’s bio to ensure it’s all grammatically perfect, and don’t neglect any small details, such as ‘’bdsm’’ being uncapitalized. Also, ensure there’s a link to your blog that is easily viewable in the bio so that your fans can find it and read your work.





Overall, is a legit Femdom Mistress who clearly has a tonne of experience in the fetish lifestyle. But while she might seem absolutely ruthless in the dungeon, she is very generous when it comes to free content and offers long free trials and nude photos of herself for non-paying subscribers to enjoy.

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