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Nastya Star 🇺🇦

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Nastya Star 🇺🇦

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Women like Nastya_Star aren’t born, they’re forged, in a sex factory. This chick is going for the sex doll look. She’s in uncanny valley territory. Most of her assets are clearly fake. From her lips to her tits, it’s all surgery, baby. Or so I suspect. It’s not that assets like these can’t occur in nature, it’s that I’ve never seen anything like this in the wild. This babe is a genetic engineering experiment waiting to milk you dry. Men love this shit. I love this shit. Sure, natural tits are better than manufactured ones nine out of ten times, but I’m not going to bitch about giant breasts if they’re in my face. I’m going to motorboat. Plus, it’s not like they’re botched. Quite the opposite. They’re perfect. They’ve been molded to perfection. These tits are everything you’ve been looking for and more.


Nastya_Star is not your everyday woman. She’s hot, we all know that. You’ve already seen the pictures I’m guessing. It’s no secret that this chick is a star. She’s not what I’d call a 10, because she’s off the scale. She’s something else. I usually rate babes by their natural sex appeal, but Ms. Nastya_Star is pushing the envelope so far that she straight up can’t be compared to other chicks. This babe is trying to be an avatar of female perfection and the boys that subscribe to her couldn’t be more pleased. Also, for a babe that’s clearly had work done, she still pulls off a relatively natural look. She augments her already stunning features with a lot of gym work. Again, I don’t know this chick personally, I’m just reading the evidence. She’s tight as fuck. She’s ready for action. This is the kind of chick that most men are afraid to talk to and with good reason. I’ll bet she exclusively bangs royalty.


She Works Hard to Impress

Let’s talk assets, in detail. I mentioned that Nastya_Star’s tits are out of this world. They’re so large they deserve their own zip code. Plus, they’re perfectly shaped. They may or may not be perfect spheres. I’m more of a teardrop shape guy myself, but I’ll take fun globes over saggy tits any day of the week. These beauties are always ready for action. They’re unreasonably perky and firm. I’d love to get my hands on them and so would you. That’s why this babe is making mad bank. She knows she’s got the good stuff and she loves flaunting it.



The rest of her body is extremely lean. It’s a gym body, plain and simple. I was also really surprised at the size of her thigh gap. It’s huge. You could fly a plane in between this babe’s thighs. On the one hand, that’s impressive weight control, on the other, it does mean she’s a bit too bony for me down there. She’s kind of confusing combination of curvy and skinny. Her waist and legs are twig thin and probably as breakable. Her upper body, her ass and her chest are all packed with muscle and fat, in all the right places. I feel like some sort of biologist analyzing this chick’s fat content in detail, so let’s move on to the faps, please. At this point I’m basically a butcher discussing the finer points of lamb.


Not Quite Nude

It should be clear, since Nastya_Star is on OnlyFans, that she’s trying to cash in on her beauty. Lucky us. She’s not asking for much. I won’t be quoting prices here because it’s kind of cringe and it dates the article in case she runs a discount promo, but suffice it to say that OnlyFans babes are way cheaper than pornstars and they make significantly better porn. Hell, some OnlyFans babes do actual fucking orgies and they still charge you next to nothing to see it.



Nastya_Star will not be having any orgies any time soon, I’m afraid. This girl is skirting the line between model and smut queen. By her own admission, she does not make porn. She considers it cheap content for some reason. I’m not going to judge. She can show off her body any way she wants to. I’ve noticed this trend among other OnlyFans babes as well. They run two profiles at the same time, one free, one premium. The free one serves as a teaser for the paid one. I know that OnlyFans allows you to do free discounts on your content under one account, but some of these babes go the alternate route of having two accounts simultaneously.


Free and Premium Content

Nastya_Star is kind of going about it the wrong way, though. Her free profile has no description at all. It’s completely blank. It gives off the impression that her profile is dead in the water. The only thing written in her description is a link to her Twitter. That’s it. However, if you follow that link, then check that bio, you end up back on OnlyFans, under her premium profile. This is … irresponsible. It’s shitty marketing. That being said, if you can get over it, there’s nothing but worthwhile treasures hiding beyond the veil of a cheap subscription.



She explains on her premium profile that she wants to be your virtual lover. This is OnlyFans speak for: I will write back when you write me and I’ll pretend to like you. I know it sounds like I’m being facetious, but I actually love this shit. It’s nice to have a place on the web where you can pay a few bucks a month to have yourself a digital girlfriend who looks like she fell from smut heaven. This chick is awesome. She was online the entire time I wrote this review. Now that’s dedication. I would guess that she’s online all the time, during work hours or whatever. She’s working hard on her OnlyFans. It’s clearly a full-time job.


She Knows What She’s Doing

Unfortunately, her position on porn and nudity is … disappointing. She avoids it like the plague. For God’s sakes, she’s got perfect fake breasts but she refuses to show her nipples, ever. I found so many amazing shots of her showing off her perfect form, but the nipples are always covered. Naturally, the pussy is completely out of the question. You can’t see any of the goods here. This makes me equal parts angry and depressed.



Then again, who am I to tell Nastya_Star how to run her own profile. She seems successful enough and the fans adore what she brings to the table. She’s really open to suggestive content, like flirty photos and videos in her underwear or some sexy lingerie. She’s also quite partial to latex and her ass looks delicious in a pair of tight black pants. Seriously, her ass is divine. I want to taste it. I want to bite into it and lose myself in the sauce. This chick is a dream come true and then some.


Live Out Your Fantasies

She’s also very welcoming to fetishes and fantasies, so if you strike up a conversation with her, you can pretty much be yourself. Remember, there’s no reason to be coy. This chick has heard it all before. You can’t surprise her. Dive in for some sexy conversations and expect to have the time of your life. If there’s one thing that’s abundantly clear it is that Nastya_Star knows exactly how to make men hard. She’s talented and experienced. Plus, that thigh gap is fucking popping. I saw a promo teaser on her page, for a full-length video of her dancing around in a one piece that looks like it’s made of Benjamins. $100 bills I mean. It’s fantastic. I couldn’t stop staring at her crotch, even though her tits were all up in my face.



Babes like this are always going to get fewer subscribers than the chicks that straight up shove dildos in their assholes, but that doesn’t mean you should give them a pass. Go back to your roots. Remember what it was like before the internet, when we used to jack off to magazines with images of half-naked babes. This chick is slaying. I know you can’t jack off to a half-naked woman all the time, but for the meager price point of this girl’s subscription fee, you can certainly afford to get yourself a virtual girlfriend who knows exactly how to drive you wild.


Try Before You Buy

Thankfully, Nastya_Star is very active on Twitter, Instagram, and of course, both of her OnlyFans profiles. So, if you want to see the goods that you’re paying for, before you pull out your credit card, you can. You know exactly what you’re getting long before you have to commit. Like I said, this chick’s not shy. She’s trying to grow a boner crop and it’s working. Check her out, get lost in her massive round milkers and try not to fall in love. It’s a hazard.

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