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Noemie Dufresne 🇨🇦

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Noemie Dufresne 🇨🇦

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Have you ever been browsing the internet and encountered some influencer chick creating mainstream content? Of course you have! These days, it’s becoming impossible to avoid them. But rather than listen to what they’re saying in their videos, you’ve no doubt felt your dick rise to attention while a naughty devil takes a seat on your shoulder and starts to put dirty thoughts into your head.


‘’Imagine what she is like in the bedroom when she’s fuelled by lust?’’ it whispers in your ear. ‘’Look at those eyes, dude! Can you picture what they must look like when she’s on her knees and showing you a dirty magic trick by making your dick disappear into her throat?’’ Suddenly, you can’t see her in any other way, and seeing this chick doing some naughty shit on camera is the stuff that your wet dreams are made of.


Thankfully, you don’t have to burn your imagination out by trying to picture what these influencer chicks look like when they’re doing some filthy stuff in the bedroom because there’s an increasing number of them moonlighting as adult content creators on platforms like It’s never been a better time to see some debauched influencer porn.


However, just like in the world of conventional influencer content, there’s also a lot of shitty content being made that any hot-blooded porn connoisseur would be best to avoid at all costs. That’s why I’ve been racing through the world of influencer porn to find out which well-known faces are ones worth spurting ropes of cum over and which are best sidestepped.


Today, my journey through the influencer sluts of the world takes me between the smooth and alluring thighs of a French Canadian chick called This girl made a name for herself by being a mainstream influencer, and she never failed to send thunderbolts into the cocks of any man who saw her. Still, she equally wasn’t shy about showing the world her NSFW side, and I’ve been told her sex drive is something not to be underestimated.


But is it all true? It’s an important question to ask because the NSFW content of this chick doesn’t come free. That’s what this review of will find out. So, keep reading!



What is is the official account of Noemie Dufresne. This French Canadian is a successful influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers on mainstream social media platforms. She recently earned quite a notorious name for herself because of the explicit content she was posting on and other similar platforms like OnlyFans.



On, Noemie has over 230 posts of herself doing some truly NSFW stuff. However, fans must cough up a subscription fee to access it all. Luckily for you, I’m going to bring you face-first into the pleasure palace that sits between her legs and determine whether it’s an account worth subscribing to!



What’s the Content Like on

With over 230 pieces of NSFW media to explore, it can be hard for some people to know where to begin exploring Plus, many are unsure whether they should pay for it when they don’t know what awaits them because Noemie doesn’t give any free sample content on her profile.



So, I took one for the porn-fuelled team and signed up as a subscriber of to get a balls-deep look into some of the content highlights within, and this is what I found!


● The Dildo in the Sauna – I’m sure many of you can relate to the scenario of being in a steamy sauna with a chick and feeling your dick turn into a steel pole at the thought of some impromptu sex in the sticky heat. If so, then you’ll love this piece of sauna porn uploaded by We see Noemie give into the heat-induced lust and bring a dildo into her favorite sauna before bending over and putting her sweat-soaked body through one of the hottest sauna masturbation shows many people have ever seen. Shit, I hope that sex toy is designed to withstand the heat!

● Cumming on Noemie Defresne’s Tits – Anybody who has watched Noemie perform mainstream content has no doubt felt their horny gaze locking onto her fake tits and feeling their dicks tingle. If you’re one of them, then you just have to see this filthy piece of content. After a candle-lit sex session with a male lover that saw her showcase her cock sucking and dick-riding talents with ease, Noemie was awarded a proverbial map of Hawaii being spurted across her tits before posing with her cum reward at the end with a beaming smile. Hot!

● Camping With Noemie – For some people, camping with an influencer sounds like hell on earth. But when it’s Noemie, there’s no doubt a stampede of volunteers. In these snaps, we get to see what kind of camping this French Canadian slut likes to indulge in, and we see her sharing a tent with her partner in a beauty spot before waking him up with a topless blowjob with a stunning view of a sun-kissed coastline behind her. That’s not all, either, because Noemie also shows some other shots from this NSFW camping trip that shows her laying a towel down at her chosen beauty spot and showing off how well she can make a fat dildo disappear into her sweet pussy. Nice!



The Design of the Account

Ok, so is winning some Brownie points with the NSFW content on her site because there’s some downright filth to be found on there, and it’s the kind of smut that will open your mind to the sex-fuelled side of this well-known influencer. Still, how well has Noemie managed to customize her profile? Let’s find out! begins with a cover photo that shows her lying on her side during a professional photoshoot. The outfit she is wearing is a dick-draining piece of red lingerie that looks stunning, but it’s poorly optimized and fails to showcase some of her body’s hottest assets due to it being poorly cropped. Damn!


Then we come to the profile picture of, which shows her posing in a pair of red heels and matching panties while topless and covering her nipples with her hands. It’s a photo taken in what looks like somewhere in Southern Europe, but despite being professionally taken, it’s just as poorly cropped as her cover photo is.


The profile bio of is basic and to the point. It just reads, ‘’Get to know me more. I’m your girl.’’ Anybody who isn’t well-versed with who Noemie is won’t be left any more well-informed after reading this, and there’s some solid room for improvement here, but more on that shortly.



What I Like Most About it

One of the hottest selling points of is the fact that Noemie is a well-known influencer with a naughty side, and she is using her account on this platform to showcase it in some of the wildest ways imaginable. It’s a vibe I’m all about because this chick is filthy!



Noemie isn’t the first influencer gone wild, but it’s safe to say that a lot of her content is porn-grade. This chick can handle a dick like a pro, and it really shows through in her XXX content, whether it’s taking cumshots to her tits or getting fucked in public places, such as on a camping trip.



What I Don’t Like

The first issue I had with was the account’s poorly optimized introduction. Her profile and cover photos are poorly optimized and cropped to cut out some of her hottest assets. On top of that, she has also opted for the kind of profile bio that does nothing to make potential subscribers’ cocks tingle on arrival.



Another downside was that the entire profile was locked down behind a paywall, and isn’t in the habit of giving any free sample content to entice potential subscribers. In the world of premium NSFW content, the art of giving some to get some does not get the attention it deserves.



Suggestions I Have for

I’d suggest undergoes some much-needed optimization in the opening sections of the profile as, currently, it doesn’t offer a good introduction to this kinky influencer slut. After all, why should people trust that the premium content within the account is worth paying for if Noemie can’t even optimize the first two images to hit their horny eyes?



Another solid tip for to take on board would be offering free sample content in the profile’s portfolio rather than locking it all down entirely behind a paywall. Doing this is a great way to reassure fans about the content that awaits them inside and remind them that it’s worth paying for.




So, does offer the kind of NSFW influencer porn that can send fans of Noemie wild? Fuck yes! However, it doesn’t shine through on arrival because, from the cover and profile pictures to the bio, this profile is in dire need of optimization and a complete design overhaul.

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