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Pantera 🇺🇦

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Pantera 🇺🇦

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Look, if I had $1 for every time someone professed their love for the sheer beauty that comes with Ukrainian women; I’d probably have enough to subscribe to every Ukrainian OnlyFans girl forever. However, boasting about how much you’d love a Ukrainian GF is one thing, and being able to handle one is another.


As a man who has been traversing the world of sex and porn for decades, I’ve been in more Ukrainian pussy than most. While I’ve found that the majority of Ukrainian sluts tend to get wetter than the Dnieper River in the bedroom, they also have the potential to make your cock as red as the flag of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic by riding it for hours on end!


This is why I always strive to advise nervous newbies not to go in all guns blazing when it comes to Ukrainian chicks. Instead, they should take things slow and steady and get their cock suitably trained for Ukrainian pussy by exploring the numerous UA sluts performing on platforms like OnlyFans.


But even there, threats persist! While there’s an abundance of smoking hot Ukrainian chicks on OnlyFans, there’s a vast difference between the content each of them churns out. Some of their smut is genuinely elite-tier, but others can charge a premium subscription fee for OnlyFans porn that is anything but.


Luckily for you, I’m on hand to unleash my mountains of experience in the world of Ukrainian pussy to show you the way through this maze of Slavic pussy and introduce you to the kind of girls you need to meet while helping you avoid those who promise a shit-tier OnlyFans experience.


Up for review today is a Ukrainian chick who is so downright stunning she can stop men dead in their tracks and make them become overwhelmed with lust. However, can she maintain this sexual power once she has convinced them to breach her paywall and explore the content that awaits them? Keep reading to find out because it’s time to meet!



What is is the premium VIP account of PanteraUA. This stunning blonde Ukrainian girl is so damn hot that you could easily mistake her for being an AI-prompted creation that someone has typed ‘’dick-melting Ukrainian girl who looks hotter than a high-tech sex doll’’ to create.



But there’s nothing fake about because this chick is all real and claims that her profile is the place to see her stunning body put to the test via explicit content of various forms. Naturally, an account like this comes with a price tag as meaty as my cock is when looking at



What’s the Premium Content Like on

If you want to subscribe to, you must pay $19.99 monthly. In return, she promises two updates a week of explicit content. But keep your wallet/purse where it is for now because I decided to sign up as a paying member and take her content for a test drive. Ready to see some of the highlights?



● Some Wonderful Two-Fingered Action – I love it when a woman can multitask, and is a prime example. In this teaser clip, we see this stunning blonde Ukrainian chick lying on the ground with her ass and pussy inches from the camera. With one finger deep up her asshole and the other one playing with her wet pussy, it’s the kind of double penetration masturbation that will strike bolts of proverbial lightning into your cock, and the moans she makes as she nears DP orgasm are like music to your horny ears!

● Do You Like My Butt Plug – is a woman who is the definition of glamorous, and her choice of butt plugs reflects this. We see her posing in her bedroom and pulling her virgin white panties aside to reveal a diamond and steel buttplug hanging out of her tight ass. The cutest part about this picture is the beaming look of pride on her face as she begs for your approval at her choice of anal toys. Don’t worry, I approve!

● Where the Hell Do You Cum First? – This is the problem with going to bed with women who are as hot as is; you just don’t know where to spunk first! This picture is a prime example and shows posing on her knees in a gorgeous set of slutty red lingerie that tastefully decorates her perky Slavic tits with tassels. Meanwhile, she is staring into your eyes with horny intent and sticking her tongue out in a way that just invites you to slide your cock down her throat. Fuck it! I’m sure I have enough jizz in my porn-trained balls to fill her pussy, coat her tits, and attempt to make her throat pregnant!



The Design of the Account has a sheer sense of pure sexual beauty that allows her to captivate men with her content. However, whether she has managed to design her profile to ensure people are willing to breach her paywall remains to be seen. So, let’s look at the design of her OnlyFans account.



For her cover photo, has used a well-designed photo of herself laid out over a pastel pink background. She is lying on her flat stomach while wearing a gorgeous set of black lingerie and is staring into your eyes with a playful look. Meanwhile, she is also wearing a black leather fetish mask to let you know that she isn’t as innocent as she looks.


Her profile picture underneath is just as dick-tingling as her cover photo. This selfie snap shows the stunning natural beauty of in all its glory. She is looking into the eyes of her users and showing off her pumped-up blowjob lips as well as a nice bit of cleavage peeking out of her bra.


Below this is the profile bio of Overall, it focuses more on how the profile works and how much premium content her fans will get. However, it doesn’t do much of a good job of introducing who Pantera is as a girl, nor does it delve into the kind of sexual content she is known for making.



What I Like Most About it is a girl who I’m not afraid to call porn-grade. This Slavic slut has a body that epitomizes the beauty that Ukrainian women are so well known for. She’s utterly stunning and the kind of girl that countless people worldwide would do anything to have sliding down their cock.



Unlike many OnlyFans models who charge premium subscription fees only to tease their fans further with clothed but risque images, isn’t afraid to bare it all. She has a beautiful pussy, mouth-watering tits, and she adores getting them out and revealing them to her fans. If they want to see how hardcore she is, they just have to reach out to her and drop some dirty ideas.


From the neck up, it’s easy to assume that is a classy girl with a glamorous life. However, you don’t have to look far to realize that this angelic-looking chick is actually a massive fan of anal. In fact, she can barely keep her fingers and her growing butt plug collection out of her tight Ukrainian asshole!


For the most part, is also a very well-designed account. Her cover photo and profile picture work together as a team to lure horny people into signing up to her account as paying subscribers. However, they’re missing their third amigo in the form of a well-written bio, which brings me to the next section of the review.



What I Don’t Like

The profile bio of is arguably this profile’s most significant weak point. For someone who has just stumbled across her account and doesn’t know who Pantera is, they will be left unaware. There’s nothing to showcase what kinds of kinks are covered, what type of content they can expect to see, and what kind of stuff turns this stunning chick on the most.



Another breach in the armor of is that there’s an overall lack of content on the profile. While she isn’t afraid to get explicit in her content, there are only around 22 pieces of media to explore at the time of writing, and it sure as hell doesn’t take long to burn through her content in next to no time.



Suggestions I Have for

I’d suggest that her account bio to ensure a more structured introduction that covers all the essential details people need to know. By making this as informative and erotic-sounding as possible, you’ll likely see some improvements in the conversions of visitors to your profile and see more of them turn into paying subscribers.



There’s also a dire need for more content on It’s not cheap to subscribe to, and a mere 22 pieces of content is a hard selling point to convince people to sign up. Beef up the content portfolio on and ensure a varied blend of pictures and videos to keep your paying subscribers entertained and engaged.



Conclusion is the kind of woman who can give your cock a headache as soon as you lay your eyes upon her. If you’re looking for the epitome of Slavic beauty from Ukraine, you needn’t look any further.



However, if you’re searching for a well-populated profile jam-packed with smut, falls short. She isn’t shy about flashing her divine tits and wet pussy to the world, but she really needs to increase the amount of content on the profile, as well as rewrite the bio that introduces people to it.

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