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Putri Cinta 🇮🇩

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Putri Cinta 🇮🇩

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My horny readers, it’s time to head to the exotic archipelago of Indonesia! This stunning land is home to over 100 active volcanoes, and, from the moment you lock eyes with the local women from 600 different ethnic groups across the nation, you’ll no doubt find your hard cock erupting like a volcano!


However, before your sex-crazed ass books a flight to Indonesia, hold your horses! This is the fourth most densely populated country on earth, home to over 264 million people. So, where on earth do you even begin when seeking out the hottest Indonesian girls this nation has to offer? Well, you’re in the right place!


From Jakarta to Surabaya, I’ve traversed every last corner of Indonesia to find the hottest, most exotic, and most sexually-liberated chicks this country has ever produced. You see, since Indonesian-born slutty sisters Nyomi and Jade Marcela took the U.S. porn industry by storm in the Noughties, many folks have developed a soft spot for the dark-skinned Asian beauties this country can produce. In particular, they can’t get enough of how wild they can be in bed!


Nyomi and Jade also paved the way for many of their sluttiest compatriots to dip their petite feet in the waters of the adult entertainment world, and there’s now a plethora of Indonesian sluts making waves on sites like OnlyFans.


One girl in particular, Putri Cinta, is turning heads and hardening cocks worldwide through her divine erotic content on the platform and her profile at has over 1,400 pieces of erotic media to explore!


But, like any erotic performer worth her salt, much of her most elite content isn’t free. But this is where I come in! I’ve taken it upon myself to explore her profile and see what kind of content she offers because I’d hate for you to get your wallet out and pay only for the content to be subpar to something you’d find on an average porn site.


So, will Putri Cinta make my porn-hardened cock erupt harder than Indonesia’s Mount Tambora? Or will I have wasted my hard-earned porn coins when I could have just beat my meat to a compilation of Jade and Nyomi Marcela? Let’s find out!


What is is the official OnlyFans account of Putri Cinta. Putri is an exotic Indonesian model and influencer born in 1999 who has developed a firm following of fans lusting after her dark-skinned beauty, gorgeous natural breasts, and various other alluring features.



Putri has made a name for herself because of her appearances in various erotic films that play on the exotic origins of her homeland. Her sexual specialties range from girl-on-girl and gorgeous masturbation sessions to squirting adventures and oiled-up feet videos. Plus, her favorite fashion accessory is often a diamond butt plug. Nice!


But, according to many of her fans, the most exclusive content from Putri Cinta can be found on her official page. Now, I’m about to dive deep and discover whether that’s true.


What’s the Content Like on

At the time of writing, Putri Cinta had more than 1,400 pieces of media on her OnlyFans page, spread across 1,167 horny photos and 237 erotic videos. As much as this Indonesian sex goddess is a joy to behold, that’s a lot of porn to get through.



So, to save you time and keep you informed as to whether is worth exploring yourself, I decided to carry out the journey through her content for you and bring you some of the highlights that have to be seen to be believed!


●    What’s the only thing that can make Putri Cinta’s tits even better? – This exclusive VIP clip shows Putri in her element at an exotic seaside mansion on her knees and servicing some white dude’s cock! After delivering a world-class cock sucking performance, this guy can’t hold back anymore and paints Putri’s gorgeous brown tits with layers of cum. The contrast between her exotic Indonesian skin and the ice-white cum is a sight to behold, making it one of the few things on earth that can actually make her incredible tits look even better than they already are!

●    Putri Cinta’s Fountain Of Emotion – Hey! Did you know that Indonesia has the third-largest rainforest area on earth? Cool, right? But do you know what’s wetter than the nation’s rainforest? Putri’s squirting pussy! This VIP clip shows the Indonesian goddess wearing knee-high socks and spreading her legs for an intense masturbation session. The light grey couch she’s lying down on soon turns dark with her divine juices, and she loses control of her petite Asian body while unleashing a flood of squirts longer than the Kapuas River!

●    Putri’s dick-riding capabilities – Sure, this Indonesian model might look hot, but some of you are probably wondering if she’s all just hype or whether she’s an absolute beast in bed. Well, this video proves it; Putri is a dick-riding demon! After slapping a jet-black dildo to the tiled floor of her home, Putri puts her tight pussy to work and begins showcasing just how good she can ride a dick. The luckiest dildo in the world is pushed to the limits of its manufacturer’s warranty until, true to form, Putri starts quivering and squirts all over it!


Also, it’s worth remembering that this is merely the tip of the iceberg regarding the exclusive content Putri Cinta offers on her OnlyFans page. Although there’s a tonne of free content on offer, for those who are willing to pay a little extra, she is often ready to send 100% exclusive content via private message that many fans take advantage of to get fully-customized erotic content of Cinta doing things they’ve fantasized about seeing for a while.


Design of the Profile

Putri Cinta and her team have done a solid job overall regarding the design of her profile, and it provides a welcoming appearance to new and old subscribers alike. For a cover photo, Putri has used a stylish studio shot of herself lying on her stomach with an audaciously short white skirt revealing her ass, a tight bikini top wrapped around her big tits, and a pair of ice-white trainers on her feet. Of course, the picture also showcases her iconic smile, too.



The profile picture below is equally eye-catching and shows Putri Cinta posing against a yellow background in a sheer white bikini top that shows off her erect nipples in all their glory. There’s also a set of buttons that lets you send Putri a tip, drop her a message, and add her to your favorites. If those two pictures haven’t grabbed you by the balls, the next part of her profile certainly will!


After a brief introduction and a link to her VIP page, Putri’s profile showcases some of her latest story content in a series of thumbnails. Then you have her posts feed which can be divided and filtered according to whether you want to see photos or pictures of this Indonesian Goddess in action.


What I Like Most About it

First, we have to talk about the elephant in the room. Putri Cinta is hot enough to make any man’s cock hard, and her content showcases this in a damn good way. She has a cute appearance but a debauched sexual side that she loves to show off, and anyone with a penchant for horny Asian girls with perfect bodies will undoubtedly find a lot to enjoy with



Putri Cinta has the skill of keeping her profile fresh and exciting for people who subscribe; one of the best examples is the regular competitions she holds. For a small stake, fans can play a spin-the-wheel type game to win a number of exclusive rewards, ranging from Putri giving you a written dick rating to custom selfies and voice notes.


For many folks, the chance to interact with a world-class girl like Putri Cinta is what wet dreams are made of. However, Putri adores interacting with her fans. As long as they’re a paying subscriber, they can get access to exclusive VIP content and even converse with Putri herself in private chats.


What I Don’t Like

My main issue with is the bio of the profile. Putri Cinta is one of the hottest adult models Indonesia has ever produced, but you can’t expect everybody to know her name. Currently, her bio fails to showcase what makes her unique, where she’s been featured, and why people should consider subscribing. Overall, this is a missed opportunity.



Suggestions I Have for

Beef up the bio of to reinforce everything that makes Putri Cinta worth signing up for. This is a smoking-hot Indonesian chick who has starred in some high-end adult productions. She isn’t shy about eating pussy, she loves sliding a dildo or two inside her tight asshole, and she loves to baptize the screens of her fans with her sweet squirt. See? I just wrote one for you!




I’m not afraid to admit it, but some of the content on made me cum harder than all 100 of Indonesia’s volcanoes erupting at once! This is one smoking hot Indonesian slut with a long and sticky portfolio of erotic content to explore.



For those who really feel their dick being lured in towards her smooth thighs, the chance to join her VIP club and see exclusive content and chat with this exotic beauty is a chance too good to miss. The only downside? The bio on could do with a makeover to showcase Putri’s erotic talents and background.

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