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Riley 🇺🇸

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It takes all kinds of tastes to make a world when it comes to body size. Some guys like chicks who are so skinny that they can see their tummy change shape as they thrust their huge cock deep into their tight pussy. On the other hand, some people go wild for a girl with a big and bouncy ass who is willing to sit on their face and peddle their eyes.


However, those who go weak in the knees for a bouncy butt often find themselves in friendly debates with those on the other side of the spectrum who will happily forgo a big booty if the girl has a pair of mammary glands that are big enough to get lost in and also offer the chance to recreate the sound of a cargo ship engine when you motorboat them.


But why should we have to debate when there are plenty of girls out there who don’t have only half of these asset classes but who instead have both a bouncy booty and the jiggling boobies to match?


Well, damn, Porn Dude! Don’t keep these sluts to yourself! Spill the beans and tell us where to find these chicks! I hear you shout. There’s no shortage of places to seek them out, that’s for sure. But if you’re looking to find thick women who aren’t afraid to spread their breedable thighs on camera, one of the most popular places to seek out these aesthetically gifted women is OnlyFans.


That’s precisely where we’re heading today as we jump into the thick and breedable profile of To say this chick has a pair of ass and titties worth drenching in cum is an understatement, but is her content the kind of filth worth paying for? That’s exactly what this review is going to find out!



What is is the official account of the OnlyFans model, who goes by the name of Riley Swift. Her busy profile has over 1,000 posts and a fast-growing member base of people eager to take advantage of her filthy content that features her voluptuous body in some of its hottest forms.



Riley is the kind of girl who can switch things up at a moment’s notice, and judging from her content, she’s the kind of girl who loves to be dominated by a strong pair of hands as much as she likes submissive people licking her high heels clean.


She’s heavily active on the platform and regularly posts content and updates that range from erotic photos to smoking-hot videos of herself. However, in the same way that many other models utilize OnlyFans, the bulk of her NSFW content is merely teaser content, with the most hardcore stuff reserved for paying subscribers who contact her and ask for custom smut from the filthy mind of this curvy goddess.


Now, let’s look at some of her content and find out one of the most important questions this review intends to answer: is Riley a girl who is hardcore enough to make her content worth paying for?



What’s the Content Like on is a profile packed with content, and Riley is a girl who sure knows how to tease her fans and entice them into reaching out to her and discovering just how dirty and wild she can truly be. Now, let’s take a look at some of the content highlights to be found on her OF profile!



● Do you want to cum on my massive tits? – Riley, why are you asking silly questions? In that gray Calvin Klien sports bra she’s wearing, I’d unleash so much cum across your mammary glands that it would affect global salt levels. Imagine sliding your cock between those puppies while the sports bra holds them together? It’s the stuff that tit wank dreams are made of!

● Are you ready to slide your hard cock into my thicc ass? – I’m always fuckin’ ready for anal, Riley! This gorgeous shot of her bouncy booty features her tits held behind a retro white vest with the logo of a Chinese takeout emblazoned across her protruding nipples. It’s fitting, really, because I’d happily squirt some sweet and sour sauce inside her prawn cracker and watch her mouth form an O-shape as she squirts a proverbial won ton soup out of her pussy. Of course, I’m insinuating.

● After I suck on your cock, what should I do? – This gorgeous show shows Riley on her stomach with a dildo halfway down her throat and a seriously cock-hungry look in her eyes. I’m a fair man, Riley, so I’ll allow you to spin around and plant that Badunkadunk ass on my face, peddle my ears, and let me return the favor by giving you the best pussy-licking session you’ve ever experienced!



Design of the Profile

Now, that’s the highlights of her content covered, but what’s the profile itself like? You can judge a lot about a model based on how well she modifies her profile, as it reflects how much passion they have for their modeling and how well their content can grab people by the genitals within seconds of arriving.



Let’s start with the profile’s cover photo because this is an area that has done very well in customizing. Riley has used a collage of three pictures that are all unique in their own right and do a great job of showcasing her smoking hot body from different angles and wearing different angles.


The cover photo is complemented by her profile picture, which comprises a standalone image of Riley holding a finger to her plump lips while wearing a bikini that… frames… her… Fuck me! Look at that beautiful pair of chubby chest cheeks! I want to peel that bikini off with my teeth and suck her nipples harder than an octopus in a brothel!


So far, Riley has our cocks revving like motorbikes with her chosen imagery. However, things fall flat when you reach her profile bio. It isn’t that imaginative and only consists of a few sentences that intend to tease her users but don’t really do such a great job, especially when compared to the images that precede it.



What I Like Most About it

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room first. Riley is thicker than a Snickers and has the type of voluptuous body many women dream of having and many men dream of having sit on their faces. Her ass, tits, and thighs are all thicker than quicksand, and I’d happily let all three of them suck me up! is a profile that, unlike many OnlyFans girls, has a decent amount of NSFW content for non-paying fans, albeit tactically cropped. Riley isn’t afraid to show off just the right amount of the breedable pussy between her legs to entice her fans into paying for her premium content, and there’s even free content of her with a dildo halfway down her throat, too!


I also dig the overall design of because this chick not only knows how hot she is but also has the talent to be able to show it off through a selection of hand-picked photos that do a great job of showcasing each angle of her body and, most importantly, the elite-tier pair of Hindenburgs on her chest! However, her imagination for erotic content doesn’t really extend to her writing, which I’ll cover in the next section.



What I Don’t Like

The biggest stumbling block I found hitting was through the written content. Writing isn’t a skill that comes naturally to everyone, but it can improve with practice and training. I found both the bio and content captions on to be pretty dull overall, and I feel they didn’t do an excellent job of engaging fans well enough. But don’t worry, Riley, because I will share some advice with you on how to fix that next if I can keep my attention off your tits for five minutes!




Suggestions I Have for

A good OnlyFans profile will entice users both through images and text. The bio on the site needs to be rewritten to ensure it provides a decent introduction to your character and the kind of content that fans can expect in an easy-to-digest way. This can be accomplished through a few introductory sentences to who you are, followed by bullet point emojis covering your favorite kinks and interests.



● Also, beef up the captions that accompany your content, too. There’s so much badass content here, but their captions let them down. To show you how to change things up a little and create captions that encourage user engagement, here’s a handful of examples of current captions on the profile and what I’d write instead:

● Instead of saying, ‘’Just covering up these massive boobies and my thicc pussy!’’ say something like ‘’Hey, you! I’ve got two questions to ask. What would you do to strip me naked and see my massive boobs and thicc pussy? Second, where are you dumping your load; my hungry mouth, my warm and wet pussy, or my irresistible lady bubbles? I’m waiting boys!’’

● Rather than captioning your eye contact picture with ‘’Eyes on me. cum on my titties’’ you could make it spicier with something else like, ‘’Do you think you could maintain eye contact while painting my breedable tits with your jizz? If you do, I’d let you cum in my ass next! If you think you’re up to the task, drop a comment below!’’




Man, those have to be some of the hottest chesticles I’ve seen on OnlyFans in a while. Overall, is a badass content creator with a smoking-hot body and the talent for showing it off in a range of erotic content, both free and paid. However, she does need to work on her skills for captioning her media with imaginative written content!

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