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Sara Core 🇺🇸

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Sara Core 🇺🇸

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College is expensive. And, no, I don’t mean the tuition fees. One of the most expensive hobbies that a guy going to college can have is to keep sticking his dick in the countless cock-hungry college girls who are away from home for the first time and taking advantage of all of the casual sex that college can offer them.


When they don’t have their heads stuck in a textbook, there’s a tonne of college girls who are giving head to an array of swinging dicks on campus, and it’s easy to slide down the rabbit hole of wanting to try all of them out one by one like some kind of blowjob buffet. However, while things used to be like that, things are changing.


Your average college student has now discovered the world of OnlyFans and the wealth of college girls performing a range of filthy content on the platform. Nowadays, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your dorm to see what lies underneath the clothes of your average horny college chick, and it’s a lot cheaper too!


Well, it can be cheaper. But if you’re the kind of person who makes terrible decisions in choosing the right college girls on OnlyFans and forks out subscription fees for shit-tier content, things can be just as pricey as taking your average college girl out on a date. Luckily, you have me on hand to help you find the elite-tier sluts and avoid the shitty ones!


That’s precisely what we’re going to be doing in today’s review as we kick-start our horny engines to take a deep dive into the world of Sara Core. This college girl claims that she often gets bored of studying and finds herself becoming horny instead. When this happens, she comes to her profile at to produce a range of dick-melting content and to converse with her fans in dirty talking sessions.


Well, that’s what she promises, but is it true? It’s time to slap some lube on our smut-hungry cocks and dive deep between the legs of this hot and busty college slut to see if she’s the perfect virtual alternative of a campus fuck buddy. Now, let’s begin!



What is is the account of Sara Core, a horny college girl who comes to OnlyFans to show the world how filthy she is when she’s not studying. She boldly claims to be ‘’the horniest GF you’ve ever had’’ and has a portfolio of more than 130 posts that she uses to prove it. isn’t free to subscribe to, though. At the time of writing, a subscription to the account costs around $5 a month. To find out whether the content lying in wait behind the paywall of is worth paying for, I signed up as a premium subscriber to take a look!



What’s the Content like on

130+ posts is a mid-tier OnlyFans portfolio in terms of size. It’s not small, but it’s easily dwarfed by other OF models out there who are churning out multiple posts a day. Still, you can still invest some decent amount of time exploring this feed to find out if it’s capable of extracting the cum from your balls, so allow me to give you the streamlined version and show you some of the highlights of Sara’s most popular posts.



● Caring is my superpower – Ah, I do love a slut in a naughty nurse’s uniform! This gorgeous snap of Sara shows her posing in a slutty nurse costume that leaves little to the imagination. It’s the kind of uniform that would cause a lot of healing if she were to walk down the ward of her local hospital, and her cleavage looks divine in this snap being held back by a red lace bra.

● Hold My Hair, Please? – Gladly! But only if you’re sucking my cock while I do! This picture shows Sara posing in a gorgeous set of black lingerie that frames her hot college slut frame perfectly. She is gazing down into the camera’s lens with lustful intent, and it’s the kind of sight that can make any man’s cock roar into action in the space of a few seconds!

● A Porn-Grade Bikini – Oh, now we’re talking! In this post, looks like she is taking a selfie before she shoots her first porn scene. Wearing nothing but a gorgeous bikini in porn pink, she shows off her most outstanding assets flawlessly with her fat tits hanging out of her bikini top, her blowjob lips being pushed out, and her camel toe chewing up her bikini bottoms!

● The Piercing Nipple Video – In this clip, entices her fans to reach out to her and start a sex chat over DM. To do so, she poses in a white vest that tightly hugs her tits so much that her rock-hard nipples pierce through the fabric beautifully. On top of that, she has a gorgeously cock drunk look in her eyes and playfully flicks her tongue out at you.



The Design of the Account is sure as hell a profile that can grab your attention from the moment you first arrive, and the main reason is because of the cover photo that Sara has chosen. It’s a collage of four snaps showcasing some of her greatest assets, all lightly censored by a heart emoji.



The first picture shows Sara posing with her tits covered by her hands. The second shows a close-up of her fuckable pussy. The third shows her pulling her bikini top down to reveal her fat milkers, and the final picture shows her posing with her ass out, which, judging from the position of the censor, also features some of her pussy lips hanging out.


The profile picture of is just as hot as her cover photo and shows Sara posing topless with her fingers censoring her nipples. However, the way she is pressing her fingers into her chesticles shows you just how fat these puppies really are. Man, this chick has been blessed with an epic set of titties!


After this, you come to her profile bio. It’s not the most detailed bio in the world, and it introduces Sara as being ‘’the horniest GF you’ve ever had’’ and challenges anybody who subscribers to try and ‘’keep up with her sex drive.’’ However, it lacks much detail on the kind of sexual activity that performs behind her paywall.



What I Like Most About it

If you want to see a girl who is the epitome of a fuckable college slut, then you could do much worse than This is a girl with the kind of body that the porn industry would snap up, and it’s capable of unleashing all manner of lusty thoughts in the minds of anybody who sees her. She also knows how to show it off in some incredibly hot ways.



While is far from the most diverse content portfolio on OnlyFans, she has managed to maintain a nicely varied collection of posts that incorporate different backgrounds, outfits, and themes. This is in stark contrast to the OF girls who just post an endless feed of dull shots from their own bedroom and don’t try to diversify at all.


I also liked the design of Sara has created a prime example of how a profile on the platform should look in terms of imagery. She can grip users by the balls/clit as soon as they arrive through the combined profile and cover photos. The bio isn’t the most detailed, but the images tell you everything you need to know.



What I Don’t Like

While her content quickly makes your cock tingle, there are a lot of boring captions accompanying them. It’s clear that Sara has a talent for creating engaging content, but there’s a lot of room for improvement in the written content she joins them with. But I have some solid suggestions to fix this in the next section.



I also encountered several sponsored posts across her content portfolio that promoted other OnlyFans girls. I mean, this would be fine if this was a free account, but it’s not. People are paying a subscription fee to see Sara’s content of Sara, and the number of promotional posts for third-party models taking up prime real estate space on her content selection will likely lead to some pissed-off fans.



Suggestions I Have for

My first suggestion is for to hone her talents in creating engaging content captions that tantalize her fans just as much as the images and videos. There are a lot of missed opportunities to be found across the site. For example, rather than saying, ’’I don’t want anything right now but your lips on mine,’’ you could say, ‘’I don’t want anything right now but your lips on mine, and I’m not talking about the ones on my face! What are your favorite ways to make a girl like me cum with your tongue? Drop a comment below and tell me!’’



I’d also tone it down with the promotional posts of other OnlyFans models on the account. If people pay a monthly subscription fee, they’re not looking for other models; they want to see you! Doing so will not only potentially annoy your subscribers but also lead to you losing custom if your fans are introduced to another model that offers more explicit content than you do.




Overall, isn’t the wildest OnlyFans account I’ve encountered. The bulk of the content in Sara’s portfolio is censored, and you need to contact her to receive the hardcore stuff. There’s also a lot of room for improvement. Still, it’s far from the most expensive subscription fee, and for $5 a month, the profile’s quality matches the price.

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