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Sweet Bunny 🇫🇷

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Sweet Bunny 🇫🇷

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Man, OnlyFans is a platform that is getting wilder with each day that passes. Current stats are telling us that more than two million models are performing on the site, with most of them trying to outdo each other and provide a vivid array of XXX content that is almost guaranteed to leave us with our balls drained and wanting more!


But even if you’re somewhat new to OnlyFans, you’ll know that this platform rarely lets you see the best content for free. The reality is that a lot of girls operate on a PPV basis where they’ll tease you with the softer stuff and try to make it irresistible for you to want to delve in and see the more hardcore content they have to offer.


You see where this is going, right? Yep, for the hardcore smut offered by the more elite-tier OnlyFans models, you’re going to have to pay for it. But when it comes to the payment systems offered, there are often two types that you and your porn-hungry dick need to be made fully aware of.


Firstly, some chicks charge their fans for a monthly subscription and then charge them again to see each piece of content they upload. Yep, that’s right, you have to tip them to see what they post on top of the subscription fee. But then, there are the harder-to-find kind of girls who charge you a monthly subscription fee and refuse to bar you from seeing any of their filthiest smut.


The latter kind of chicks don’t get the credit they deserve. After all, if a user has paid their dues, why not let them access what they want? This is why whenever I find an OF model offering such a subscription service, my cock goes wild with excitement, and today is one of those days!


In this review, I will take you on a balls-deep journey into the profile of I’ve been told that this is a smoking-hot chick posting porn-grade material that her fans can access in its entirety for a one-off monthly fee. It sounds exciting, that’s for sure! Still, I want to delve deep and find out whether this porn collection is everything that it’s cracked up to be and if it’s worth paying for at all!


Now, let’s get started!



What is is the VIP account of an OnlyFans model and content creator who goes by the name of Sweet Bunny. In her profile description, she promises that there are no PPV or promotional messages on the account and that it’s instead a XXX library of her content that’s updated daily and can be accessed in its entirety for only $19.99 per month. Sounds good!



Appearance-wise, this chick can easily take you by surprise because she has the face of a soft-natured girl with a sweet personality, so you end up slightly shocked when you see it fold into a porn-fuelled look of perverse lust before her tongue rolls out and leaks drool all over her rapidly exposing titties!


Oh, and while we’re on the topic of spit-soaked boobs and nympho facial expressions, it’s about time we moved on to the next section of this review and take a look at the kind of content that’s available on



What’s the Content Like on

So, you know when I said that looks all sweet and innocent from the neck up? Well, the more than 2,100 pieces of media spread across her VIP OnlyFans tell a different story. Damn, this chick can’t keep her hands to herself or keep her pants on! All the better for us, though!



$19.99 per month isn’t a huge fee to access a VIP porn selection of this size. Still, I decided to go ahead and sign up for membership anyway because I want to ensure you’re fully aware of what kind of smut you’ll be getting should you sign up and whether you’ll get the required bang for your horny buck! So, here’s some of the hottest content I could find on!


● I Can’t Wait to Show You How This Mess Was Made – Squatting in a reverse cowgirl position with her legs spread under the Christmas tree, Sweet Bunny presents an image that every man would like to wake up to on Christmas morning. There are no two ways about it, this pussy has seen some serious masturbation action, and it’s an engorged mess of juicy goodness. Sweet Bunny has her gorgeous tits exposed too, and the cherry on the cake is the glazed-over look in her eyes that signal a masturbation party that has been going on for hours. What a divine mess!

● Anal Ahegao! – With a gorgeous red and white top pulled up to leave her divine titties hanging out, this clip shows getting her asshole rearranged by a huge dick and is shot in POV format. Watching this OnlyFans stunner get pounded in the ass is hot enough as it is, but when she makes an elite-tier Ahegao face that rounds off with her licking her top lip, few men would be able to stop themselves from decorating their screens with cum in tribute. This is a chick who loves anal, and there’s no faking that sex-fuelled face. Nympho alert!

● Allow Me to Satisfy Your Cravings – Holy fuck, imagine coming home to this sight waiting for you every day? You’d be like a year-round tripod! In this VIP OnlyFans clip, we see wearing an 18+ schoolgirl’s uniform and sitting on the floor of her living room with her tits hanging out and no panties being worn under her short skirt. With a metal anal toy in her hands, she is wrecking her asshole as if it belongs to someone else. If you manage to take your eyes off her throbbing butthole and leaking pussy, look at the perverted expression on her face as her tongue hands out and oozes hot drool onto her exposed tits. This bitch is wild!



The Design of the Profile

There’s no doubt about it, the content spread across is like a cum-soaked rollercoaster ride for your cock. But has she carried on the same dick-grabbing vibe when it comes to the overall design of the profile? Let’s take a look and find out!



For her cover photo, has chosen a bird’s eye snap of herself lying on the bed that showcases her stunning natural beauty and a nice amount of cleavage. It’s not particularly to my tastes, and I can think of much better alternative snaps to use here, but it’s not the worst choice of cover photo I’ve seen being used on the platform.


Then we have the cover photo that looks like a promo shot from a porn film and shows on her knees on a couch and looking into the camera lens with a suggestive look in her horny eyes. Outfit-wise, she’s rocking a gorgeous bikini decorated with images of cherries that she’s undoubtedly eager to pop.


And then we have her profile bio, which, unlike many OnlyFans models I’ve reviewed, does a solid job of summing up what is all about and how her subscription service works. This is underlined by a link to her official website and four links to her social media channels on mainstream platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and X (Twitter).



What I Like Most About it

There’s nothing worse than paying good money for an OnlyFans subscription only to find the girl is about as wild in the bedroom as watching paint dry., however, isn’t one of them. Holy fuck, this girl is easily one of the nastiest OnlyFans models I’ve seen in a while, and that filthy facial expression she pulls when she’s in the grip of lust is something all aspiring harlots should dream of achieving!



At the top of her content portfolio, has taken the time to add a series of well-optimized tags that allow you to navigate through her various niches of content as though you were browsing a porn tube site. I’m a massive fan of this as it allowed me to see everything that is capable of, ranging from getting filled with creampies and taking facials to behind-the-scenes content and her mouth-watering selection of squirting content. Awesome!


Another thing I loved about was that she doesn’t do things in half-measures and tries to keep her fans satisfied with nothing more than nudes. Quite the opposite because is jam-packed with long-form porn clips, many of which run well over thirty minutes long. The question is, will your cock be able to withstand the urge to cum before the clips are over?



What I Don’t Like

I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t I commend on her ability to present an OnlyFans portfolio that can be fully accessed for less than $20 per month with no hidden charges and all of that stuff? Well, I would have done until I saw the pinned post at the top of her profile offering dick-rating videos for $25. What the fuck? You promised us no promos or PPV in this profile’s bio!




Suggestions I Have for

The profile bio states that it’s free of PPV and promos, yet there are a number of them dotted across the portfolio, ranging from tips in exchange for used panties and dick-rating videos for a fee. Like a sadistic Femdom MILF who promises her naive 19-year-old submissive that the twelve inch-strap on cock ‘’won’t hurt’’ this can leave some fans feeling a little betrayed. This lets down what is otherwise an immense OnlyFans account and detracts from the admirable one-off subscription fee that lets you access (almost) everything.



I also understand that dick-rating videos can’t be given out for free to all subscribers, as this would take forever and hinder you from creating the elite-tier content that makes this profile what it is. So, I’d suggest taking any tip or PPV content away from the profile and hosting it on your other OF account (, keeping this one clean, and allowing it to stick to its stated goal in the bio.




Look, my dudes, this isn’t some chick that has just picked up a camera and decided to give OnlyFans a whirl. The look in her eyes is one of a pure nympho, and this is a well-organized profile where you can explore a range of filthy porn-grade content via handy filters that you’d usually expect to find on a porn tube site or similar.



However, the only downside is that has decided to sidestep the initial promise of no PPV or promo content in her bio because there is some of that to be found throughout. However, if you can look through that, I have no reservations in saying this is an OnlyFans subscription worth signing up for!


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a few nuts to bust over her content now that my work on this review is over. Until next time!

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