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Sweet Bunny 🇷🇴

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Sometimes you need a Sweet Bunny in your life, even if it ain’t Easter time. Sweet_BunnyXXX has been gracing my laptop screen all morning courtesy of her free OnlyFans account, catching my full attention, waking me up and brightening my whole day better than any overpriced cup of joe. In a world of seemingly endless X-rated freebies, it’s often hard to find the good stuff if you’re unsure where to look. Well, my horny friends, have I got a treat for you—at least if you’re into slim, sexy chicks with pretty faces and exhibitionist streaks.


In case you haven’t heard yet, Sweet Bunny is a model, influencer and content creator with a strong following on a handful of the major social media platforms. She’s got nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram and another 43,000 on YouTube, and she ain’t even allowed to get fully naked on those sites. I’m a bit more partial to her free account, Sweet_BunnyXXX, where you can get a peek of the goods without spending a cent. The girl’s a prolific creator, banging out an absolute shit ton of fapworthy content to shake your dick at, so without further ado, let’s dig into the pile!



Where Have I Seen This Chick Before?

When I review these free OnlyFans accounts, I’ll often start with a little mini rant about how difficult it is to find anything on OnlyFans itself. For one of the biggest, most popular adult content platforms in the world, they’re pretty lousy when it comes to discovery. If you don’t already know the names of a few models creating the type of content you’re into, it can be damn near impossible to find them through OF’s baked-in search fucntions—or lack thereof. Sweet Bunny’s high-profile social media presence is a major asset in this respect, as you may have found her elsewhere under names like RealSweetBunny, SweetBunnyIsBack or Sweet_Bunny. She’s got one of the better YouTube channels I’ve seen from adult model, so sexy that I wonder how long before the ban hammer comes down; as of this writing, it’s about 20 vids of Sweet Bunny trying on lingerie.



It might be one of the sexiest YouTube channels, but it’s still YouTube, so she still has to abide by those all-too-strict community guidelines. Likewise with Instagram, where she’s posted a couple hundred sexy but SFW selfies wearing bikinis, lingerie, and tight little outfits that would catch all kinds of looks if she were out in public. She’s a lot less restricted on, where she’s posting plenty of topless shots, full nudes and the occasional sex video. Now these are the kind of community guidelines I can get behind!


Sweet_BunnyXXX has been at it for a while, so she’s got one of the better-stocked free OF profiles I’ve seen lately. As of this writing, it contains nearly 6600 pieces of media: over 6000 photos and around 500 videos. Her feed alone will keep you fapping for a good, long while without having to branch out. Then again, I’ve got a whole list of the best Free OnlyFans Accounts ranked and reviewed here at ThePornDude, so you’re only a couple clicks away from more of that top-shelf fap fodder. The ball’s in your court, my dudes.



Daily Infusions of Free T&A

I sure as hell didn’t need any convincing to click the Subscribe button beneath Sweet_BunnyXXX’s gorgeous visage. OnlyFans still sucks as far as previews go, but that simple button unlocks the whole damn thing. Instantly, those vague text-based posts came alive with exactly the type of imagery that gets me all hard and drippy. The sticky posts at the very top of the feed include an animated Gif where she flashes her shaved coochie, a full nude with an offer for $25 dick ratings, and a game where you can spin a wheel to win an autographed pair of Sweet Bunny’s panties. You’ve got to pay to play, but you’ve got much better odds than with your average Tinder match.



It can sometimes be a little vague how OnlyFans models are monetize their free accounts, but Sweet Bunny’s a little bit more transparent about it, ain’t she? Besides the paid services she’s offering in those stickied posts, her whole free profile is basically an advertisement for the paid version. If the freebies ain’t enough for you, check out the paid version, SweetBunnyVIP. It’s only $4 for the first month, but goes up to $20 after the trial period. If you’re on the fence about spending that much, I recommend setting a reminder on your phone to reconsider in about 25 days or so.


Honestly, though? This is one of the better free OF accounts I’ve seen lately. It’s not just because Sweet Bunny is gorgeous and sexy as hell, nor simply because she’s posting so frequently, building up that already massive free stash. That’s all fantastic, but this is also one of the naughtier free accounts to slide into my DMs recently. So many models limit their free pages to borderline SFW content, but this nymphomaniac rabbit ain’t teasing her fans like that.


Sweet_BunnyXXX posts on OnlyFans multiple times per day, and her uploads tend to be explicit. I’m writing this on a Tuesday morning and she’s already added a couple of lingerie shots. Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a work holiday here in the USA, but Sweet Bunny treated us to more lingerie and a topless photo. The day before that, a Sunday when most of you lazy bastards were resting, she posted a fully nude shot where she’s putting her mouth on a dildo and making fuck-me eyes at the camera. It sure beats the hell out of those cleaner profiles where they’ll post a beach photo and tell you to spend money if you’d like to see a nipple.



Free XXX Videos and Premium Ones, Too

One of the biggest disadvantages of signing up for such a well-maintained free account is just that the libraries ain’t too well organized. On your average free tube or paysite, you can type whatever you want into the search bar or find it on a menu. With Sweet_BunnyXXX’s OnlyFans account, you’ve only got a couple ways to dig into the stash. You can either view the full thousands-deep Media selection, focus on the Photos or peruse the Videos.



The moving pictures are the smaller part of Sweet Bunny’s collection, but 500 videos is still a lot more than many of her contemporaries are offering. The catch is that quite a few of those videos are locked until you buy them, with most scenes running about ten bucks or so. It’s a little bit ironic that the account is free, but you can easily end up spending more than you would on a paysite if you ain’t too careful. (On a similar note, I offer unlimited everything for $30 a month at PornDudeCasting. Come check out the free preview videos!)


I wasn’t quite ready to pull the trigger on any premium content this morning, so I helped myself to a few faps while clicking through Sweet Bunny’s free videos. While a lot of them are painfully short, sometimes running just a few seconds, she’s giving away some truly hardcore moments of pussy stuffing, cock sucking, tit wanking and more. There’s even a short clip of Sweet Bunny jerking a dick to completion, smiling pretty as it erupts all over the place. I can relate to this scene because I feel a similar explosion building in my loins right now, and I frankly can’t wait to finish this review so I can attend to the situation more fully. may be one of the most popular sites in the world, but it’s still a pain in the ass to search. Sweet_BunnyXXX has done a great job promoting herself outside of the platform, helping drive a fanbase for one of the most generous free OnlyFans profiles I’ve seen in a while. She’s got enough free content to keep you cheapskates busy for a while, and it’s filthier than you often find among the site’s freebies. Clicking that Subscribe entitles you to a free dose or two of Sweet Bunny’s nudes every day, which is a rock-solid deal on next-level amateur porno. What are you waiting for?

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