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Victoria ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

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Victoria ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

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With OnlyFans becoming more popular every year, or really every day, it can be a chore to find the finest models on that platform. Fortunately for all of you, I have the inside scoop on the newest nubiles, the most beautiful babes, and marvelous MILFs. I will let you guess which of those three Vi_Angel fits.


She is one of the OF stars who allows for free subscriptions but does upsell posted content. However, what she is best known for are spontaneous giveaways which her fans are happy to pay up for. Keep reading this, and you’ll easily see why.


This Only Fans Fan Has Plenty Of Posts To Look At

The first thing you should know about this woman is her work rate. So far, she has 186 posts, plus 241 posts of additional media. That is rather impressive, considering she has only been operating for a matter of months. To give you an idea of what her rate is, she uploads a sexy post about twenty times a month.



As for what she posts, it’s media of the glamor variety, only with more nudity. Since there is plenty of it, she is good about mixing things up so you see everything within certain limits. By limits, I mean that Angel dresses in different outfits (which are so skimpy they are barely there) and in all sorts of scandalous settings. I mean that she does not just take shots of her lovely body around her excellent apartment. She also ventures outdoors, strips down, and shows off in a good number of her shots.


I Played A Game To Determine Her Measurements

When I was first directed to Vi_Angels profile, I was transfixed. She seemed like such a mystery that was begging to be understood. And so I ventured around the internet to find out more, and it looks like she is hidden everywhere else online.



Where was she from, and where did she live? She is a lovely white woman with burnt blond hair and an exceptionally good, natural tan. That suggested she was a little exotic lady. But nothing immediately turned up. What’s her experience in adult entertainment? I checked with adult databases and came up empty. How is it that a woman this good-looking could only be on OnlyFans? What does her pussy look like? Is it as tight as I imagine? From what I first saw, she doesn’t post full frontal.


I was not deterred and in time, I found out oh so much more about her.


Vi_Angel is a Ukranian world traveler who is an impressive 168cm or tall. Based on looking at her pics and noting the consistency of the color, her dark honey-blond hair is her natural color. Speaking of natural, all of her body is, well, hers. She doesn’t have any signs of cosmetic surgery and does not wear much makeup. She has got legs for days, perky grancity-defying tits, and an ass that you know won’t quit.


She looks great in “traditional” outfits like a slutty school uniform or a modern version of a Playboy bunny. Of course, this lady looks even better out of them, and there are ways to see all of that.


She Has A Talent For Teasing Her Followers

One of the things that I like about Angel’s profile is the fact that she kind of winks and nods at her viewers when posting. Unlike some Only Fans models who might drop a few emojis with a picture or obsess over putting up every applicable hashtag, she likes to “talk” to her viewers. When she does that, you’ll sort of get to know Angel.



Funnily enough, a poll on her profile says that she is a Virgo. Ironic, don’t you think? That someone who is a professional sex performer and her star sign is the one for virginity.


At any rate, she is pretty interactive with her fans. Through her text posts and surveys, it would appear that her (and I mean her fans’) favorite fruit is our Princess’s “peach.” Based on the picture she posted with it, she certainly looks good eating a banana.


As I said, a subscription to her work is free though you’ll have to pay a little to get full access. To see her private videos, you’ll have to pay somewhere between $5.99 and $12.55 or so. But that’s not all. Angel often comes out with specials where you can see collections of her most intimate parts. The prices change depending on the holiday. During 2024’s International Women’s Day, a ginormous gallery of juicy ass pics was $15, beautiful bare-breast images were $30, and sweet pussy pics were $60.


Then there are times when she just gives content away without charging anything. For example, she once posted that if any follower liked all of her posts from the last 30 days on her page and direct message to get a “powerful” and “beautiful” gift. Since she takes tips, if you sent her enough and DMed her, I am sure she would be open to doing even more exotic, erotic photo and video shoots.


As Far As OnlyFans Stars Goes, She’s Positively Super

In these reviews, I usually go over what I liked and didn’t, but for this one, it did not really seem like the right thing to do. I mean, I can complain with the best of them and even the worst of them, but there is nothing to whinge about with this woman’s profile. I mean, she is more of a glamor model who is comfortable being nude than a “typical” hardcore pornstar.



Not that I am complaining about it, mind you, but some people might like to see her being penetrated. Who knows, she might be willing to film something along those lines if the money is right. My only personal complaint is that she does not post more, but I could say that about any of these ladies. Still, she does well enough and already has a fine amount of work uploaded.


So, the Ukranian princess is getting a perfect score from me. Enjoy her free content but be careful.ย Once you subscribe to her free profile, you might not be able to stop yourself from tipping her and buying her exclusive content.

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