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History of porn: how and when was this phenomenon born?



April 4, 2024

Porn today is something so everyday that many would think it was something from the end of the 20th century… Not at all. What? Did you think the ancestors weren’t up to that? Of course, in the absence of the Internet in those days, statuettes were drawn or made with enormous paleolithic Venus-style breasts, or guys with XXL phalluses with the story of asking their gods for fertility and good harvests. A little later, about 2,500 years ago, Hindus began to decorate temples with reliefs and sculptures of couples in action. In the Far East, during the Chin dynasty, drawings and engravings circulated with representations of young people in the sexual act. Not to mention the Greeks and Romans, who left evidence of orgies on everything from vases to murals to erotic texts.

The fun stopped with Christianity, which turned graphic manifestations of any alternative sexuality into a sinful taboo . Even so, those who lived through the Renaissance managed to continue “ pornography ” in a more discreet and covert way, something that is even seen in the works of the great masters of painting. This is how everything went until the end of the 19th century, with the Belle Epoque and the appearance of photography. That is more like what we know today as pornography . As soon as Daguerre invented his daguerreotype, the first photos of nudes and couples engaged in sexual acts appeared. The first photograph of oral sex is English, from 1890. In the midst of Victorian puritanism that limited sex to marriage to procreate – with the formula “come in, get out, get her pregnant and go to sleep” – on the one hand, women were condemned to suffer from the husband who touched them and, on the other, men complied with “society” and then they went with prostitutes to have fun. If there was no time or they couldn’t afford the allowance, the photographs and erotic stories were there to entertain them with sleight of hand.

Cinema and the first stages

As you can imagine, the invention of the cinematograph was a tremendous gift. The first films only showed women undressing and were known as “stag films”, which circulated clandestinely, without titles and associated with brothels that were only accessible to aristocrats, high-ranking politicians and, of course, male members. of European royalty. The business grew and it became fashionable for the “actresses” to be the brothel prostitutes who paid for the production for the consumption of their voyeur clients and, at the same time, as advertising for the place. This is considered the beginning of porn as we know it today. There they began to film masturbations, oral sex , vaginal and anal penetrations, ejaculations, lesbian scenes and many penises to also satisfy homosexuals , who then had to live inside a closet with double doors and seven keys.

Among the first Stags is an Argentine film, El Satario, from 1907 , which is distinguished by having a plot, although precarious: a group of naked women are having a lesbian scene, when a demon-possessed satyr appears and begins to chase them. Finally, when he captures one of her, he rapes her and ends up ejaculating profusely on her. Like for the Oscar! Hundreds of stags continued to emerge from that cut in the 1910s. In the 1920s, “The Casting Couch,” produced in the United States, was already considered something more “serious,” with narrative and all: a beginning actress who wants a role has to sleep with the Director to get it… and there everything happens and the repertoire of heterosexual sex is taught with seasoning of misogyny, abuse of power and humiliation of women, just as if it had been produced by Harvey W himself. In the 60s and 70s highlights the work of Russ Meyer.

End of the World War and the cyber age

The other great leap for the porn industry occurred after the Second World War and, much more so in the 60s, with its so-called sexual revolution . Since then , sexuality has been treated in a more open and public way, with the consequent mega exposure, including the star category for actresses and actors, and great commercial successes such as Deep Throat, Taboo and Inside Jennifer Wells. But until then you had to go to the cinema to see these films, unless you were a liberated bachelor and had a projector at home for those events. All that changed with the great democratizer of porn : the video cassette. The video brought porn films into every home, making Cicciolina and Rocco Siffredi almost close friends of the “pornophiles” of the time. There is no need to talk about the cyber-age anymore, because we have lived it and we are living it.


Blog written and edited by Max S

How to set up a brothel



February 20, 2024

In these times, when it is increasingly difficult to get ahead with our own business, many entrepreneurs are looking for alternatives rarely seen. And originality usually lies in the success of an idea that can become a profitable business. Putting the umpteenth restaurant on a street where there are already dozens, or a beauty salon in a neighborhood full of these types of salons, no longer works as well as it used to. Secure businesses seem to have disappeared or moved online. But not everyone can work online or have a store that sells products all over the world. Sometimes you have to get closer to the world you know, to your block, to the people close to you, to know what the public needs. What is a niche market that can really bring stability to your life through your own business?

Whiskey shops have always been in the spotlight because, for many, they are “low life” places. In Buenos Aires, for example, these types of establishments were banned a few years ago when it was discovered that they were actually secret brothels. The ban on this type of establishment in Argentina has led many businessmen to use this trick to survive in their business. And perhaps a country where prostitution is prosecuted is not the best place to set up a brothel, but fortunately there are many where it is legal. In Europe and most of Latin America, prostitution is regulated and permitted. Administratively, a brothel is a business like any other, with its taxes, fees and licenses. And in fact, since the demand for paid sex remains high in the world, this type of business can be a lifesaver for many, because it is extremely profitable. As long as we keep them in good condition and comply with the law 100% without falling into illegalities, a brothel can generate a lot of money, as explained here.

Legality of these premises

Obviously, the first thing we need to know to start this type of business is what the law says about it in our country. There are places like Germany or Holland where prostitution is completely legalized, as well as brothels. Others, like Hungary, allow prostitution but not brothels, considering them places where pimps exploit girls. In other countries, such as Spain or Portugal, these establishments are set up illegally behind the facades of nightclubs or discos. Everyone knows that they are brothels, but at the administrative level all the procedures are in order and they usually take care of all the controls. Knowing the law allows us to take advantage of it in case of any problem that arises.

What it takes to open a brothel

A brothel is nothing more than a place where sexual relations take place between assistants and clients. There are many types of brothels, from the smallest ones with only a few rooms to the largest ones with dozens of girls working. The usual thing is a large room, at least two floors. In the first one we put a bar where clients can have a drink with the girls while they choose who they want to be with. The services of all liquor stores must also be included, such as WC, emergency exit, etc… With these papers we leave the upstairs in order in the girls’ rooms. They will be able to work and even stay there, for example in exchange for a small sublease.

If we are in a country where brothels are allowed, the most important thing is to have all the procedures in order. We will surely need permission from the municipality where the site is located or, where appropriate, from the Ministry of Labor. Likewise, we will need special permissions to hire girls. We can do it on a service basis, or with a fixed contract, commission or paying a certain amount per month, although this is more complicated due to the fluctuation of benefits. The girls are usually independent and charge per service. Cleanliness is another key point of the room, since it must always be kept impeccable. This will improve the customer base and it will be more comfortable for the girls to work here.

Tips for success

A brothel is a rather peculiar business, and although it can be considered just another company, we need to understand the differences from the others. For example, understand that you will face accusatory looks from the public and try to be consistent with that. No need to look for arguments, we just do our work in the most efficient way. Advertising should be essential to make ourselves known. Word of mouth from customers also helps a lot, so you need to make them feel at home. Take advantage of the Internet to reach a larger audience, faster and easier. And above all, refrain from illegal activities that are usually associated with prostitution. No trade, no drugs. Creating a safe and relaxing place in the brothel is the best way to be successful.

Profitable business

For this article, you have searched for a business that can be profitable for you. Knowing that it’s very complicated in this day and age with everything we’re going through, brothels are at least one alternative to consider. The demand for sex is constantly increasing around the world, and in countries where prostitution is regular, clients have lost the fear of going to brothels. In the Netherlands, for example, this business already accounts for nearly 1% of GDP, a more important industry than the cheese industry, and so popular in these parts. Where there is a brothel, there is business, as long as we know how to manage it intelligently and take advantage of this important market niche. The best way to thrive in a brothel is to keep the girls happy and the customers even happier. And yes, there can be lean and hard times, but it always comes back in the end because the desire to enjoy sex never goes out of style.

Blog written and edited by Max S

Large companies in the porn industry.



February 20, 2024

According to the latest data, the porn industry generates more than 40 billion dollars a year. An amount that exceeds the GDP of many countries in the world, and it falls short when compared to everything that sex generates in general, including prostitution, erotic films… Porn is still sold today, in an era where everything seems to be available for free on the internet. And this is true even in adult cinema, but somehow the industry managed not only to survive, but to reinvent itself. Through new formulas and subscriptions, such a radical change of concept as before the shooting of films, and now the recording of scenes. It used to be successful because of how many people rented your latest movie, and now production companies pay attention to your followers on your social media. All this in order for the market to continue to grow, which seemed unimaginable, but it happens year after year, without rest.

Like any industry, porn has gigantic companies and other more modest ones. From the small production company that shoots videos in Buenos Aires to Brazzers that makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year and has the best stars. From the main lighting artist who started shooting in Europe to the star who has been in front of the camera for more than twenty years. Everyone keeps spinning this money wheel, according to consumer tastes. And there are more and more of them, because young people are still interested in porn, and obviously adults are not losing it either. New technologies have expanded the industry’s ability to reach mass audiences in a discreet and non-intrusive manner. Therefore, today more porn is consumed than ever, in parallel with other leisure and entertainment options. Such a market needs the big totems, companies that have managed to create authentic, porn-based empires based on their capacity or turnover. Some are very well known on a popular level. Others with names you’ve probably never read in your life, even if you’ve visited their site a million times. These are the major companies in the adult film industry.


Almost fifteen years ago, a small technology company was founded in Asturias, founded by a few young computer scientists who wanted to take on the world. It was called Techpump, and its first big project was a porn website. The boys understood that the gateway to the world of the Internet must be sex, and they were not wrong. They created Cumloader, a major Spanish producer of pornographic content, and used the momentum to join other international joint ventures. Now, with the production company closed, Techpump continues to create websites and domains that make money beyond porn. They admit that at first they did not want to be included among the companies belonging to the technology park of their city, Gijón. Nor did they need to become one of the most important companies in the European porn industry.


When we talk about Mindgeek, we are definitely talking about the Google of porn. Not as a search engine, but as a conglomerate of different companies that dominate practically everything in the industry. The company had its roots in Montreal, two small computer companies that started websites on all topics, including pornography. In 2010, businessman Fabian Thylmann bought these two companies and added them to his conglomerate, calling it Manwin. This group of companies already stood out at that time for having the most visited porn sites on the Internet. In fact, Manwin became MindGeek shortly after and continued to expand.

To give the reader an idea, Mindgeek has sites like Pornhub or RedTube, which are among the 30 most visited sites on the entire network. Their catalog also includes popular production companies like Vixen or even Brazzers, which is one of the strongest in the industry. Thanks to this combination, Mindgeek can control the type of videos uploaded to the most popular porn platforms to encourage the purchase of subscriptions on its payment pages. This method has drawn serious criticism from the industry, as its role appears to be practically monopolistic. However, the company argues that they are in a completely free market and that there is more pornography available to everyone today than ever before.


A brother and sister who make money quickly and easily. And if you can enjoy a little sex, even better. With this premise, Bangbros was born almost twenty years ago in Florida, United States. A site that has grown enormously in the last years of the 2000s and has managed to establish itself as one of the most important porn sites. The company has about twenty active pages, each one with a different theme. The videos usually have a gonzo theme, that is, recorded by hand, without thinking too much about the footage or quality. Bangbros has featured exclusive stars such as Alexis Texas, Jayden James, Sasha Gray and Amarna Miller and continues to be a benchmark in the world of porn.


We cannot leave behind the two great erotic societies of the 20th century, which are trying to survive in the jungle of the new reality of porn. Playboy was the first popular men’s magazine in the world, thanks to its articles and reports and, above all, its cover girls. Hugh Hefner was a true visionary who built a true empire from scratch. Currently, Playboy has publications in more than a dozen countries, in addition to its own television channel and website with exclusive content. While these are not the best of times for Bunny Company, they still have a lot to say in a market like this.

And immediately after the overwhelming success of Playboy, Penthouse, its great rival, appeared. More expressive, even hotter, this new publication followed in Hefner’s footsteps and created a large business based on the erotic and sexual space. Without reaching the level of popularity of the other large company, Penthouse achieved a large market share, and even in the 80s it did not hesitate to bet directly on porn, which is why today it continues to produce films, so that at the same time , Their magazine is one of the largest sources of porn stars in the United States. Few big porn stars have reached the top without first appearing on the cover of Penthouse, and that says it all. A publication that, despite the changes that have occurred in the industry, serves as a reference for those who are still looking for a bit of class in this erotic world.

Blog written and edited by Max S


Erotic toys, pop-up shop



February 20, 2024

Times change unstoppably, and sometimes it shows in the smallest details. At a birthday party, a group of friends gather at the birthday girl’s house to celebrate the anniversary in style. Laugh, drink and enjoy the company of her daughters, although there are also men, family members, etc… After eating the cake it is time to open the gifts. Jewelry, the occasional book, lots of clothes… and something else special. As he approaches the smaller gift, his friends begin to laugh uncontrollably. The birthday girl carefully opens it and her eyes widen. She puts her hand to her mouth to stifle a scream and, laughing, shows what she is wearing. It’s a clitoral sucker, from that famous brand. Everyone laughs, some older people without understanding what it is about, some men with forced smiles…

This image would have been unimaginable a few years ago, but today it is repeated at many birthday celebrations or at any party where gifts are given. Female pleasure is no longer a taboo and the affordable price of this type of sex toy has brought a new era where it is an overwhelming success. An area that not long ago seemed almost secret, a business that already generated a lot of money, but could not expand further, precisely due to “moral” limitations. The sex toy business has operated in the shadows for decades, for both men and women, but like porn and many other sex-related sectors, women’s visibility has remained in the background… until now. Things have changed so much that now a vibrator can be a gift as perfect as a good book for a friend, and she will be proud to show it off. So much so that even coffee afternoons are dominated by conversations about these devices, proving that female empowerment is slowly reaching the world of sexual pleasure.

Joy at your fingertips

And the sex toy business is growing by leaps and bounds lately, which – as we will see – is also supported by a much more open mentality. Some argue that they are sexualizing society itself, and not exactly for the better. However, these types of opinions are based on a moral rather than a scientific premise. There is nothing wrong with masturbating, with having your own pleasure at your fingertips. The situation experienced during the pandemic and confinement, when millions of couples separated and singles who could not meet new people, was a real shock. Sexual health is very important for proper physical and mental health, and these tools can be the perfect tools to enjoy the pleasure that sometimes resists us too much. Alone, without needing anyone.

A more open mindset

The freedom to enjoy these games has always been there if you think about it. In most countries, this sector has been allowed for decades and there was nothing illegal about selling vibrators or silicone vaginas to adults. What was it that stopped us from using these types of games? Society itself and the taboo that has arisen around complacency. A woman was not supposed to vibrate at home, not even those who were single and preferred to enjoy this pleasure for themselves. For men, these types of gadgets were a way to let off steam at certain times. They were not considered as harmful as vibrators, but a “real man” always found a girl with whom he could satisfy his carnal desires.

Fortunately, this whole mentality is changing little by little, and the Internet’s push towards sexual knowledge has been brutal and decisive in recent years. Many people claim that today access to porn is easier than ever and this affects us on a sexual level, in terms of desire, as we understand pleasure. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing in itself. In fact, at this point it was necessary to internalize the pleasure so as not to repress these perfectly normal ideas. The mentality has changed a lot, especially in the case of women, who are no longer ashamed of a vibrator or a clitoral sucker. In fact, they see their ability to decide when and how to pleasure themselves as a victory of their own.

Porn toys

Sex toy sales have increased significantly over the past five years. In fact, according to some studies, growth will continue for a few more years, at a rate greater than 12% annually. The industry is already making hundreds of millions of dollars, but it doesn’t seem to be close to its limit, precisely because more and more people are daring to try these games. Not only do they function as a means of self-gratification, but they are introduced into the couple’s dynamic, as another way to enjoy each other. There are all kinds of toys because technology has advanced so much that now the customization of these devices is complete and everyone can get the perfect vibrator.

One of the most extravagant aspects of this industry is its relationship with the world of porn. Many of these tools are not only appearing in the panorama of large production companies, a type of product location that usually gives very good results, but brands are going further. How do you get that new vibrator that you want to sell more of? Or will the customer choose that high-end silicone case once and for all? Add a porn star’s name to the package to make it more visible. In fact, the most powerful brands have worked closely with actors and actresses to create replicas of their genitals as the basis of their products. If you have always dreamed of having sex with Rocco Sifredi, now it is easier than ever. These replicas are more or less realistic, but they represent a perfect marriage between business and entertainment.

Internet as a sales platform

We’ve talked before about the importance of the Internet in changing archaic mindsets about sexual pleasure, but it’s not just about information. Today, the Internet is the great bazaar of the world, an endless shopping center full of huge stores and warehouses that are also open 24 hours a day. Fears and doubts about online shopping have long disappeared, which is why today everyone can go to any website and order anything. Of course, sex toys too, in a much more elegant and discreet way than entering the neighborhood sex shop. The large platforms also sell these types of games, although in a quite subtle way, changing their names so that they do not have such clear sexual references. It doesn’t matter. They continue to sell in the millions and we all love to enjoy them.

Blog written and edited by Max S

Selling used underwear is an incredibly growing business



February 20, 2024

Underwear has been used for centuries, although it is true that this intimate garment has changed a lot since then. Today, it is one of the most interesting sectors of fashion, because underwear, despite being underwear, is very desirable and pretty. Moreover, there are many women who buy underwear more and more often so that they can even wear it on a daily basis, because they feel better in this type of clothing. There are also those who prefer traditional underwear, white and extremely simple, although not so erotic. Of course, colors change, but it’s no wonder that underwear brands are gaining more and more space, and underwear styles are fashionable everywhere. There are already many important brands that have included this type of tops in their best-selling product lines.

Underwear does not necessarily have to be feminine, but it is clear that most of these garments are primarily worn by women. For many men, in fact, a girl wearing underwear is an undeniable step before sexual climax. If she chose to wear this outfit, it’s because she knows that other people will see it than her. That’s why it’s always said that men feel a burning wave of desire as soon as they see this underwear. It is designed to have exactly this effect on men, enhancing women’s curves in a very suggestive way. Underwear thus becomes a real fetish for many, and there are girls who saw it as a big deal. Nowadays, the sales sector of used intimate clothing is getting bigger and bigger, above all thanks to the anonymous buying and selling possibilities of the Internet. Many girls chose this strange business, which can earn a lot of money, as an alternative to other, much more difficult and lower paying jobs. But is it really possible to make a living selling used underwear? Let’s see.

This is a more common fetish than it seems

We call any object or even situation that creates a particularly strong desire in a person a sexual fetish. There are very common fetishes, such as heels, uniforms or beards, but there are also less common ones, such as cigarettes or tattoos. Everyone has their own fetishes, which often arise randomly for no logical reason. Other times they come from experiences we had in our adolescence when the fire was first born in our bodies. Intimate clothing fetishes are also common, as they are directly related to sexual and morbid desires. That is why it is not surprising that this fetish has become a real gold deal for some girls.

Amateur girls and porn stars

How are used clothes sold these days? Well, in this business, of course, the sexual component is the most important. In fact, people will pay more for clothes that were worn during sex, or with which the girl or boy in question masturbated. Intimate clothes, usually panties and bras for girls and boxers for boys, are permeated with the smell of sex. For many, this can be unpleasant and they do not hesitate to wash these clothes immediately. However, many users are willing to pay for them, especially if the user is famous or directly connected to the world of sex.

On many Internet forums and Onlyfans-type platforms, we find girls selling the intimate clothes in which they were photographed not long ago, for example. The technique is simple. They buy inexpensive underwear or intimate clothing, use it for a session, occasionally masturbate with the item of clothing, inform their potential customers, and then sell that item of clothing to the highest bidder. There are special cases, such as erotic models and porn stars, where this type of business is a very important means of income. They already have a defined audience that is perfect for this type of transaction, so they just need to find the best formula to sell their used underwear. However, buyers usually ask for reliable proof that the dress was worn by the seller, perhaps in a video or photo.

How much money can you make?

There are many platforms that allow you to sell used underwear online. Like many things, the network was designed to allow these types of transactions to grow and be done faster and easier. Many girls even do it anonymously, without their names being known or their faces appearing in photos or videos. However, the biggest profits come from models and porn stars who have legions of followers. Popularity helps them sell more and better among those already interested in this type of sexual fetish. With this income, models can earn hundreds of dollars per week if they have a large audience.

Selling used underwear is usually a good business for everyone. In fact, dresses cost an average of $40. This amount can increase if there are traces of liquid, if the client loves it, or even if it belonged to a famous porn actress or celebrity. Prices can then go up to $100 apiece, which is truly outrageous considering the only thing we do is wear clothes. The fetishism of intimate clothing has progressed to the point where we can now sell these garments on many platforms. Likewise, forums like Reddit or websites like Onlyfans have also made it a common feature among users.

Buruseras, Japanese used underwear stores

In Japan, buying and selling used underwear has become extremely normal. So much so that there are even separate shops for it, the so-called burusers. In them, young girls leave their panties and intimate clothes for the occasional man to buy. Prices are around $50, especially if the panties belonged to a student. Japan is a country with many strange fetishes that border on illegal for the rest of the world, such as being so attached to girls who are too young. In fact, underage girls have no problem using this used lingerie business for extra income. Many people understand that this is just a step behind pornography or prostitution, but in Japan it is very common.

Blog written and edited by Max S

The Rise of Porn Actors Turned Mainstream: How Adult Film Stars Became More Famous in Hollywood



January 20, 2024

The adult film industry has long been stigmatized and looked down upon by mainstream society. However, in recent years, there has been a notable shift in attitudes towards porn actors and their presence in Hollywood. Some adult film stars have successfully transitioned into mainstream entertainment, carving out successful careers in television, film, and even music. This article examines the reasons behind this rise of porn actors in mainstream media and explores the factors that have contributed to their increased fame and acceptance in Hollywood.

The transition from adult film to mainstream

The transition from the adult film industry to mainstream entertainment has not always been an easy one for porn actors. Historically, their involvement in adult films often led to social stigma and limited opportunities outside the industry. However, in recent years, we have witnessed a shift in the way society perceives and embraces these individuals.

One reason for this transition is the changing landscape of the entertainment industry itself. With the rise of streaming platforms and the increasing demand for diverse, inclusive content, there is a greater demand for unique and unconventional talent. Adult film actors, with their experience and expertise in performing, have found a new avenue for their skills within this evolving landscape.

Another factor contributing to this transition is the willingness of mainstream actors, directors, and producers to work with porn actors. Many industry professionals recognize the dedication, talent, and work ethic that these individuals possess. By giving them opportunities in mainstream projects, they are not only breaking barriers but also leveraging the existing fan base of these actors to attract a wider audience.

Furthermore, the advent of social media and the ability for individuals to promote themselves has played a significant role in the rise of these stars. By utilizing platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, porn actors have been able to connect directly with fans, gain a following, and build their personal brands. Through strategic online presence, they have successfully transitioned into mainstream media by showcasing their versatility and attracting the attention of casting directors and producers.

In conclusion, the transition from adult film to mainstream entertainment has become more common in recent years. Factors such as the changing landscape of the entertainment industry, increased acceptance from industry professionals, and the power of social media have all contributed to the rise of porn actors in Hollywood. As attitudes continue to evolve and boundaries are being pushed, we can expect to see even more adult film stars making their mark in mainstream media in the future.

Factors contributing to the rise of adult film stars in Hollywood

While the transition from adult film to mainstream entertainment has become more common in recent years, there are several factors that have played a significant role in the rise of adult film stars in Hollywood.

Firstly, the changing societal attitudes towards adult entertainment have contributed to the increased acceptance of porn actors in mainstream media. As people become more open-minded and willing to explore diverse forms of entertainment, the stigma surrounding adult film actors has started to fade away. This shift in perception has given these individuals the opportunity to showcase their talents in mainstream projects.

Secondly, the entertainment industry itself has undergone a transformation. With the rise of streaming platforms, there is a greater demand for fresh and unconventional talent. Adult film actors, with their unique skills and experiences, bring something different to the table, attracting casting directors and producers who are looking for fresh faces and captivating performances.

Lastly, the power of social media cannot be overstated. Adult film actors have used platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to build their personal brands and connect directly with fans. This allows them to showcase their versatility and attract the attention of industry professionals who are constantly looking for the next big thing.

In conclusion, the changing societal attitudes, the evolving entertainment industry, and the influence of social media have all contributed to the rise of adult film stars in Hollywood. As the industry continues to embrace diversity and push boundaries, we can expect to see more adult film stars making a name for themselves in mainstream media.

Challenges faced by adult film stars in their transition to mainstream

While the transition from adult film to mainstream entertainment has opened doors for many adult film stars, it is important to acknowledge the challenges they face along the way. These challenges stem from the stigma still associated with the adult entertainment industry, and they can have a significant impact on the careers and personal lives of these individuals.

One major challenge is the perception of adult film actors as being solely capable of portraying explicit and sexualized roles. Despite their talent and versatility, they often find themselves pigeonholed in similar types of characters, limiting the range of opportunities available to them. Overcoming this stereotype requires persistence, resilience, and a strong support system.

Another challenge adult film stars may encounter is discrimination and judgment from both industry professionals and the public. Despite the changing attitudes towards adult entertainment, there are still individuals who hold biases against those who have worked in the industry. This can make it difficult for adult film stars to secure mainstream acting roles or be accepted by their peers in the industry.

Additionally, the transition from adult film to mainstream can be emotionally and psychologically taxing. The public scrutiny and heightened exposure that comes with mainstream success can take a toll on their mental health. It is crucial for adult film stars to have access to resources and support systems that can help them navigate these challenges and maintain their well-being.

Despite these obstacles, many adult film stars have successfully made the transition to mainstream entertainment, proving their talent and resilience. By breaking down barriers and challenging societal norms, they continue to pave the way for future generations of performers in the industry.

In the next section, we will explore some of the strategies and resources available to adult film stars as they navigate this transition and establish themselves in the mainstream entertainment industry. Stay tuned to learn more about the tools and techniques that can aid in their success.

Success stories and notable achievements of adult film stars in Hollywood

Despite the challenges they face, many adult film stars have successfully broken into mainstream Hollywood and achieved notable success. Their talent, dedication, and perseverance have paved the way for a new wave of acceptance and recognition in the entertainment industry.

One prominent example is Sasha Grey, who transitioned from adult films to mainstream acting. She gained critical acclaim for her role in the independent film “The Girlfriend Experience” directed by Steven Soderbergh. Grey’s performance showcased her acting skills and proved that adult film stars can hold their own on the big screen.

Another success story is James Deen, who made a name for himself in the adult entertainment industry before branching out into mainstream productions. Deen has appeared in several mainstream films and television shows, including “The Canyons” directed by Paul Schrader and “Smash” on NBC.

These success stories highlight the immense talent and potential of adult film stars, demonstrating that they can seamlessly transition into mainstream roles and make a significant impact in Hollywood. Their achievements serve as inspiration for others in the industry and further break down the barriers between adult film and mainstream entertainment.

In the upcoming section, we will delve into the strategies and steps that adult film stars can take to improve their chances of success in Hollywood. Join us as we explore the pathways to a successful career transition and the resources available to help them along the way.

The impact on the entertainment industry and society as a whole

The success of adult film stars transitioning into mainstream Hollywood has had a significant impact on the entertainment industry and society as a whole. It has challenged traditional norms and perceptions and opened up conversations about the intersection of sexuality, talent, and art.

Firstly, the rise of these actors has brought attention to the stigma surrounding adult film performers. Their successful transition into mainstream roles has shown that adult film experience does not define an artist’s talent or potential. This has sparked discussions about the need for more inclusivity and acceptance in the entertainment industry, allowing for diverse stories and perspectives to be told.

Furthermore, their presence in mainstream media has also influenced society’s perception of adult films. As these actors gain recognition for their craft, it challenges the notion that adult films are inherently exploitative or demeaning. It encourages a more nuanced understanding and acceptance of the adult film industry, as well as the people working within it.

Overall, the impact of porn actors turned mainstream is far-reaching. It has contributed to the diversification of talent in Hollywood and has paved the way for more inclusive and open discussions about sex, sexuality, and the entertainment industry. In the final section of this blog series, we will explore the future prospects for adult film performers in the mainstream spotlight and the potential challenges they may face. Stay tuned!

The evolving perception of adult film stars in Hollywood

In conclusion, the success of adult film stars in transitioning to mainstream Hollywood has revolutionized society’s perception of these individuals. The stigma surrounding adult films and their performers has been challenged, leading to more inclusive conversations about talent, sexuality, and art in the entertainment industry. Their presence in mainstream media has not only diversified the talent pool but also encouraged a more nuanced understanding and acceptance of the adult film industry. As we look towards the future, it is important to recognize the potential challenges that these performers may face in maintaining their mainstream careers. Stay tuned for the final section of this blog series, where we will delve deeper into the prospects and obstacles that lie ahead for adult film stars in the Hollywood spotlight.

Deep Web Directories (Onion Links)



August 5, 2022

The directories within the deep net are a kind of web page that comprises an organized content material of hyperlinks to different web sites; Along with having a construction of classes and subcategories. Normally, deep net directories enable site owners or web site creators to report their website to be included, after which approved editors overview these requests earlier than together with their hyperlinks to examine that they meet the acceptance necessities. decided by the online listing.

Checklist of hyperlinks in deep net directories


The following addresses are V2 only (they don’t have V3 addresses yet):

http://dirnxxdraygbifgc.onion – OnionDir – Directory of services, has a list of links .onion  updated daily, for security reasons some categories that this directory contains are not published on our website, due to illegal content.

http://onionsnjajzkhm5g.onion – Onion link list – The big list of Daniel, this directory has a list of .onion links updated daily, for security reasons many links are not published on our website, due to its strong content.

http://7cbqhjnlkivmigxf.onion – onion crate – A large list of onion sites. Cloned hostname warnings.

http://easyonionsantyma.onion – EasyOnions – New. Search for onion domains by keywords.

http://auutwvpt2zktxwng.onion – Onion Dir – Small site list. Categories. Add your own URL.

http://hwikis25cffertqe.onion – Hidden Wiki – Categorized link sections with descriptions.

http://skunksworkedp2cg.onion – Site list – Harry71’s list. Updated daily. Over 4K sites.

http://torlinkbgs6aabns.onion – TorLinks – A moderated replacement for The Hidden Wiki.

http://underdj5ziov3ic7.onion – UnderDaug – The Undernet Directory. Register, login and submit your site.

http://jdpskjmgy6kk4urv.onion – Darknet links – earch for darknet links and darknet NNTP postings.

http://torvps7kzis5ujfz.onion/~user – HSmon – A Hidden Service Monitor. Submit your own.

What are the directories within the deep net or hyperlink directories?

Internet directories, also called hyperlink directories, are web sites that record helpful and fascinating Web websites and pages, normally organized by classes. They’re a sort of information or indexes of pages and web web sites, generally with a brief description of every website they advocate.

They emerged some years in the past, in view of the necessity and demand of customers to know websites and pages of curiosity, based on the target of every one when browsing the Web. There are thematic directories, that’s, targeted on particular content material and open ones, by which it’s doable to search out references on any subject.

What number of forms of directories are there on the web?

  • Cost directories.- It’s essential to pay to incorporate our hyperlink. They’re very useful for positioning since having much less hyperlinks transmit increased authority and generally PageRank.
  • Free directories, it’s doable to register an internet site without cost. Nevertheless, they’ve little curiosity for positioning as a result of they’re very saturated.
  • Directories by registration.- They’re free however you must register, recommend a website and await a overview. The advantages are just like the earlier ones.
  • Reciprocal Directories.- These are free however require a hyperlink to seem on the record or create a hyperlink change that favors each. They’re extra related than the free ones.
  • Directories by bids.- It is a new modality. As a result of a place is occupied based on the value paid by public sale. The extra you pay increased.

How do directories and hyperlinks work?

One of many essential elements to realize a very good positioning is thru the hyperlinks and directories both by means of an internet site with comparable content material than yours with which you do hyperlink recommending one with the opposite sharing guests, in addition to hyperlinks by means of directories hacienda of this reciprocal hyperlinks, whichever it’s going to assist that sooner or later higher your positioning, now I like to recommend that you just have in mind the next:

To begin with you possibly can search by means of Google directories and you can too place adopted the nation you need to seem and you’ll go away a number of alternate options, whenever you begin to register first examine should you determine in that listing as a result of normally the homeowners of these directories don’t They like that individuals repeatedly enter the identical net web page as a result of they normally delete you in case you make them work double.




August 2, 2022

We aren’t a fan of struggle, however what I’m a fan of is after we can have a contest between pornstars! Let’s take a bit of take a look at one of the best babes from Russia and Ukraine: who fucks higher? It’s query that I can’t wait to reply! These international locations aren’t precisely identified for producing world-class cock pleasuring expertise, however they’ve some stunning girls that I’m certain we will all agree must be appreciated – and sexually pleasured – every time attainable. No matter which facet you’re on, it’s positive to understand these broads and their contribution to the world of grownup leisure. Now then: let’s take a look at a number of of my favourite pornstars from each of those international locations.

Sybil – Ukraine

Kicking off the record right here, now we have what I feel might be the most well-liked pornstar from both area when it comes to movies created and whole views throughout all platforms. Her identify is Sybil and she or he’s been within the enterprise for fairly a number of years. Sybil is from Kiev and is a beautiful petite spinner that I actually love for her group intercourse and lesbian scenes. Certain, she will be able to suck a imply dick, however she’s additionally a stunner relating to pleasuring pussies. She has 4 unbelievable scenes on Girlsway which I extremely advocate you try – all can be found in 4K and have been recorded in the previous few years. that you would be able to try too: for those who love all-girl motion, that is the lesbian hub for you, that’s for rattling certain.

Adriana Chechik – Russia


Though she isn’t actually a lot of a local of Russia, when Pete Lawrence over on Twitter said his choice for Jap European girls, Adriana responded that she was Serbian and Russian. From what I can truly collect, this ethnic attachment to Russia is principally that: she was born in the US and from what I can piece collectively, has primarily lived there her total life. Nonetheless, she’s greater than keen to play up the Russian angle, and she or he’s an unbelievable pornstar – so what’s to not love about Adriana Chechik and her dastardly methods? She has lengthy been one among my favourite stars and I can promise you: she is aware of the best way to fuck higher than most. She’s additionally a complete submissive slut that’ll do mainly something when it’s requested of her. Nasty is an understatement: she’s a type of pornstars that I feel actually enjoys their job for extra than simply the money in brings in.

In order for you my recommendation on discovering one of the best of Adriana, Brazzers looks as if path to go down. She has over 40 unique scenes on that platform, and I’ve received an unbelievable Brazzers low cost deal you’ll be able to reap the benefits of to get all of that content material for a all-time low value!

Nancy A – Ukraine


Subsequent up, we’re going to take a look at Ukrainian goddess Nancy A. Positively within the class of pornstars that I might name ‘attractive’ – she’s received a killer capability to look implausible bare, however she’s additionally keen to go a step additional and have hardcore intercourse in entrance of the digital camera. I’ll say that for a lot of the work of Nancy, she’s within the erotic artwork facet of the enterprise. We’re speaking about locations focusing on excessive manufacturing worth, intimate and sensual materials. what I’m speaking about, proper? When you could have a European babe as attractive as this, you higher spend a whole lot of money cash ensuring the shoots are as excellent as attainable. Have you ever received a VR headset? If that’s the case, I actually simply wrote up a overview on VRCosplayX – Nancy A has a number of scenes on that challenge so that you can try!

Bunny Colby – Russia


Beforehand generally known as Nadya Nabakova, Bunny Colby is a busty broad from Russia that I first noticed having a sizzling oiled fucking session on Crew Skeetagain in 2018. Much like Sybil, she’s performed a good chunk of lesbian content material that I’ve completely cherished – however she’s additionally down for hardcore motion and threesomes when required. She’s now based mostly in California and runs a reasonably decent OnlyFans account – for those who’re fascinated about that sort of factor. I’ve seen an enormous amount of Bunny’s work through the years truly – I helped a buddy out with an internet site that he runs the place she options. If I had to pick a favourite scene of hers, it must be the incest threesome she did on Bang Bros. It’s known as ‘Camming With The Fam’ – fairly sizzling stuff. I particularly love the pores and skin tone variations between her Jap European vibe and Courtney Taylor’s seashore slut tanned aesthetic.

The Pink Fox – Ukraine


Final up, I made a decision to go together with The Pink Fox. That hair is simply unbelievable, and she or he’s so wonderful when she will get in entrance of the digital camera and strips down – who doesn’t love freckles throughout a girl’s physique? Oh, and what would you understand – seems that she’s performed a bunch of lesbian stuff previously as properly! That’s proper: I’m shocked that so many Jap Europeans are identified for his or her capability to pleasure pussy, however that’s the world we reside in. I actually do get pleasure from seeing it although – particularly after they’re as mushy as scrumptious as The Pink Fox is. Enjoyable reality: she will be able to’t truly communicate English – Russian just for this babe! Anyway, she’s a deal with regardless, and Mr. Porn Geek thinks we must always see much more from her sooner or later.

Do you could have a favourite pornstar from Russia or Ukraine that I didn’t cowl? Let me know and I would replace my record if I feel they’re adequate!