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21 Sextury! The 21st century has been a wild ride thus far. We are officially living in the future. It might not be exactly how we imagined it would be when we were 18+ teenagers, but it’s still pretty fucking cool. nonetheless. We don’t have flying cars, but you can get road head while sitting in the driver’s seat of self-driving cars and instantly upload the videos to the internet (or just broadcast it live if you like). We don’t have completely immersive virtual reality video games still, but we do have VR porn, which is pretty fucking cool (and when paired with a good enough pocket pussy, it turns out, can be pretty close to the real thing). Oh, and there’s even this shit called teledildonics that makes the pocket pussy (or dildo, whatever you’re into) move in conjunction with the porn stars on the screen. Pretty fucking cool, no? It may not be the future in every sense, but shit, the future of porn is here!


And it’s only getting more advanced by the day. Have you seen some of the sex dolls that exist nowadays? They look so fucking lifelike and realistic that you can hardly tell the difference between a sex doll and a real person anymore (at least by looking at a picture). Plus, we’re on the verge of a large-scale AI breakthrough. And that means that mass-produced sex robots are just around the corner. Shit, some company in Japan or some shit just developed a robot that learned how to give one of the meanest blow jobs of all time, just by uploading thousands of hours of BJ porn into its software. It’s kind of creepy to look at (just a bald head, face, tongue, and two hands), but still … pretty fucking awesome. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to bust a nut into the future. Cumming to infinity, and beyond!


The 21st century has also been the age to revolutionize media consumption. In the 20th century, the consumer didn’t have a whole lot of control. What we watched was at the whim of what was scheduled on TV, when new episodes of our favorite shows would air, and what movies were available at the store or Blockbuster, right? Well, thanks to the advent of movie and TV online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, we’re in control. We can binge-watch every episode of a series in one sitting if we so desire. And we can watch our movies on demand without ever having to step foot out of our homes.



Wet Flix

Well, the porn industry, of course, has been trying to figure out how to best emulate this model for years now since the rise of Netflix. Everyone wants to be the porn equivalent of Netflix. And, although I’m not sure that there definitely is a porn equivalent that quite matches it, the online offerings of the porn network, Adult Time have definitely come much closer than any other (at least that I’ve seen). Maybe you caught my review of the actual Adult Time site. In it, I break down just how close they get to nailing the Netflix model (without getting so close that they could be sued, of course).



Well, today we will be looking at another Adult Time website: 21 Sextury. With one of the catchiest and easiest to remember names in the porn industry, high hopes are definitely propped up before even visiting the site. But, seeing as it is an Adult Time project, I have a good feeling that these high hopes will not be let down. Everything I have ever seen from Adult Time has been a very professional affair. Without further ado, let’s hop right in.



30+ Sites, Endless Variety

So, 21 Sextury actually gets its name (in addition, I would presume, to wanting to set themselves up as the porn leaders of this century) from their original offering of 21 sites that users can have access to simultaneously. I don’t know how much experience you have with premium pay porn sites, but this is actually a huge fucking deal. Most porn networks (especially the huge big-name studios) make you pay separately for each individual site. If you want access to, say, Teens Love Huge Cocks as well as First Time Auditions, even though both are Reality Kings sites, you’d have to pay two separate monthly fees. That or you’d have to pay a steep monthly fee for entire site access. The people at 21 Sextury, however, have an alternative to that dated and, frankly, rip off of a model.



Borrowing from the innovative business model of Netflix, 21 Sextury gives you access to over 30 different porn sites – some of which are Adult Time original content, whereas others are produced by other studios. This is very similar, of course, to the way in which Netflix offers plenty of original content, as well as the movies and tv shows that we know and love. This is a great way to do things, I think, especially for a porn site. Because the one thing that most premium pay porn sites seem to be missing is diversity, a little variation, so you’re not spanking it to the same video over and over again, just with different chicks in each iteration.


On 21 Sextury, however, this is far from an issue. This is really where this site shines, if you ask me, in the variety that it offers. Let me take you through just a few of the sites that 21 Sextury features content from, just to give you an idea of what I mean. Firstly, you’ve got fun Adult Time original series, like Girls Under Arrest (crooked cops having their way with sexy troubled girls) and Future Darkly (basically if Black mirror were 100% hornier).


Then, you have non-Adult Time sites as well, such as Pure Taboo, Vivid, Filthy POV, and Wasteland. Lastly, the range of fetishes, kinks, and sexualities that 21 Sextury caters to is impressive … there is a little something for everyone here – from the feminist to the humiliating dom; from the lover of gentle lesbian erotica to the anal addicted ass destroyer. No matter where you fall on the sexual and fet spectrum, you really can’t go wrong here.


Another great element to this site is how well it’s designed, and how comprehensive the search function is. This is such a necessity for a large site like this, with thousands upon thousands of videos to browse through, especially when there is such a large range in type of content. To be able to easily and quickly find exactly what it is that you’re looking for is key. 21 Sextury has made this easier than ever, though … all you have to do is select your sexual preference, filter by type of content (Adult Time Originals, Channels, and Series), and show or hide as many categories as you want. Sifting through a smorgasbord of porn has never been simpler.



All About Your Experience

They also do their due diligence when it comes to how customizable your experience can be. If 21 Sextury borrowed elements from Netflix, then it would appear as if they have also borrowed some elements from the very popular porn tube model, allowing you to subscribe to various channels, girls. sites, etc. You can also create playlists of your favorite content and receive notifications when your girl or favorite series updates. Plus, each video comes with a download option, allowing you to keep the best videos you stream for as long as your hard drive lives.



The site design gets even better, too, when you see the way 21 Sextury has borrowed from Youtube as well. When you click into a video and begin enjoying it, you’ll find a long list of videos to the right, very reminiscent of the familiar Youtube site design and layout. Plus, also like Youtube, you’ll find video details and comments right below the video. The result is an intuitive, familiar, easy to use, and streamlined online experience.


All things considered, 21 Sextury is one of the best premium pay porn sites on the market today. Consider the fact that you get roughly 30 times the amount of content that is being offered by most other premium porn sites and that alone should sway you. Add in the fact that the site is essentially the porn industry’s answer to the question, what if Netflix and Youtube fucked one night and gave birth? Not to mention the fact that much of the content on this site is unrivaled, in terms of quality, and that there is such a wide variety of content. It is definitely worth checking out.

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