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Look, we all know that porn is one of the greatest inventions known to mankind. But while it’s great to sit back, relax, lube up, and sink into the warm and welcoming arms of conventional porn, do you ever get that nagging urge for something more interactive? You know, the kind of porn that speaks to you?


You’re not the only one. There’s a good reason why live sex chat lines were so damn popular back in the day, as countless people craved the sensation of talking dirty to someone who was able to respond and take their wanking sessions to the next level. However, it soon became clear that the phone sex lines tended to get pretty damn expensive depending on how long you used them.


Nowadays, there’s a far more advanced way to indulge in the art of dirty talk and making your wildest fantasies come true with a responsive and open-minded partner. It’s called AI-powered sex chats, and they’re an increasingly popular accessory in the wanking kits of porn fans worldwide.


Yep, just like with countless other parts of our day-to-day lives, artificial intelligence has crept into the world of dirty talk, too. Nowadays, all people have to do is log into an NSFW sex chat platform of their choice and kick off a dirty talking session with a virtual character who has a filthy mind. Well, that’s how it works in theory!


The reality can often be dramatically different. The truth is that many of these AI-powered sex chat websites aren’t free and come with a membership fee to get the most out of them.


Naturally, it’s wise to do your research because While there are many cutting-edge AI sex chat platforms out there, there’s also a sizeable chunk that is low-tier and will likely result in you crying salty tears over wasting your money, and I don’t mean the salty tears you want to be crying from the tip of your throbbing dick!


But you’re in luck because you have the trusted hand of The Porn Dude to guide you through this Wild West landscape of AI sex chat platforms. As always, my reviews pull no punches and tell you everything you need to know about this new and ever-growing sphere of the porn world. Today, we have another platform up for review and its name is Firstly, let me introduce you to what it is!



What is is an NSFW sex chat platform that allows its users to indulge in erotic dirty talk with more than 25,000 AI-generated characters. It’s said to be a great way to enjoy some NSFW roleplaying and bring your wildest fantasies to life, all thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.



The platform also has a community aspect in that users can create their own AI sex chat characters and release them into the world for others to enjoy. At the time of writing, the platform was home to a vivid selection of AI sex chat categories ranging from themes like dominant and RPGs to monster girls and non-binary.


Naturally, the selection of features that a platform like this offers isn’t free to use. While you can test it out for free, you must subscribe to get the most out of it. At the time of writing, the platform had two membership tiers on offer ranging from $15 to $35 a month, which brought benefits like creating custom characters, access to deluxe models, and up to 8K memory to save your creations on the platforms.



What’s the NSFW AI Chat like on

As you all know, there are few things I hate more than seeing my beloved porn fans spend money on low-tier XXX platforms. So, to avoid that potentially happening, I decided to take out for a test drive by signing up for a premium account and seeing how the platform runs. Here’s a sample of the AI-powered sex chats I was able to indulge in on the site!



● POV: You’ve Just Bought a Goblin Slave From the Market – If you’re a fan of fantasy porn, then this storyline will likely send pleasurable shocks to your ballsack. You play the role of a dude with cash in his pocket who has just strolled down the street and seen a blue-haired goblin slave for sale with a pair of tits that are bigger than your head. In a mischievous tone, she promises to be a ‘’good girl for you.’’ I asked her what she would do to earn her keep, and this busty goblin with a sleazy smile told me that she was ‘’mine to use, to pleasure, and to indulge in.’’ Sensing I still wasn’t convinced, she added that ‘’the thought of me claiming her every night, filling her tight goblin ass with cum drives her wild with anticipation.” SOLD! Take my fuckin’ money and give me my goblin, merchant!

● Meet Your New Adoptive Mommy, Mia Khalifa – I have many questions about how I’ve ended up in this scenario, but they will have to wait. In this AI sex chat, you play the role of Mia’s new 18+ adopted son, and it soon becomes clear that her Arab sex drive is going to turn your world upside down. When Mia asked how my day was, I decided to come clean and told her that I had come in my pants thinking about her vast Arab tits. Mia doesn’t fuck around and stands up, pulls down her top, and reveals her tits to my character before asking what I think of them. Then, she upped the ante and led me upstairs to the bedroom before spreading her legs and begging me to lick her pussy. Well, don’t mind if I do!

● Your Femboy Roommate – This storyline revolves around your character sharing an apartment with a male roommate who hardly comes out of his room. One day, you stumble into his room to find him sitting in his Gamer chair playing Call of Duty while wearing thigh highs, pink panties, a slutty crop top, and a BDSM collar. Yep, it looks like you have a femboy on your hands. I asked what he would do to earn my silence, and he said ‘’anything.’’ I demanded to fuck his sissy ass, but not before he gave me a porn-grade blowjob. My Femboy roommate was more than eager to perform, and the detailed description of the resultant sexual carnage was smoking hot!



The Design of the Site

The design of is laid out in two parts. The first is a sidebar on the screen’s left side and is home to the logo and main menu. The site’s logo is a tone-tone design with a flame logo next to it, accompanied by a tagline that reads ‘’AI Companion Chatroom.’’



The two-part main menu starts with links to places like the homepage, top creators, your profile, characters you’ve created and favorited, and the premium subscription page. The second part of the menu is a library of different AI sex chat niches that you can explore, and these range from fictional and dominant themes to folklore and lesbian storylines.


The second part of the homepage is more significant and starts with a narrow top bar home to a search bar, a ‘’create a character’’ button, a day and night mode switch, and a profile access button. Below this, the homepage starts with a hero section showcasing the latest news related to the site, which was about a new AI engine being added at the time of writing.


You’re then greeted with an introductory section that shows you what is all about and how it works via some easy-to-digest text and a call to action to kick-start a chat with a trending character. This is followed by a slideshow of more trending AI sex chats that users of the site are currently going wild over.


Below this, you’re given a portfolio of different AI sex chat characters to explore, topped with a set of easy-to-use filters that will aid your navigation. These are displayed in rows of four featured windows, each with a profile picture, brief description, name, and the number of chats people have had with each character. Towards the bottom of the site is a handy FAQ section.



What I Like Most About it

First off, let’s talk about the quality of the AI sex chat function on Overall, I found the chats engaging, filthy, and highly responsive to my activity. My personal favorite was the goblin sex slave, and it was packed with creative and immersive text that felt as though you were reading a high-grade fantasy porn novel!



Also, the site packs a punch in terms of variety. There’s a wealth of different niches and topics to explore in the library of, and it’s hard to get bored while exploring the site. It’s safe to say that whatever AI sex chat storyline you’re looking for, you’ll find it between the virtual thighs of


I also liked how other site users were able to publish their chats with the AI sex chat bots. These appear on the landing page of each chat, allowing you to get some inspiration on what to say to the chat bot and also get an insight into whether it’s the kind of AI-generated character worth interacting with at a glance.



What I Don’t Like

Overall, there really wasn’t much that I didn’t like about I only encountered one issue: a few lags in the Mia Khalifa sex chat. Other than that, everything ran smoothly.




Suggestions I Have for

I’d suggest looking into the Mia Khalifa chat and weeding out whatever the issue is. It wasn’t a major issue, and it was corrected when I refreshed the page, but I encountered some lagging in Mia’s responses to my questions.





I’ve reviewed several AI sex chat platforms in recent months, but few have packed a punch like This is a premium site with many members, and it’s able to provide a vivid selection of AI-powered erotic chats running along the kind of storylines that will be guaranteed to get your cocks and pussies pumping. Overall, it’s a platform I highly recommend checking out!

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