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Pure Taboo! Do you ever feel like there’s this lustful itch that you just can’t reach? Like no matter how much porn you watch, no matter what kind of porn it is, it all just keeps missing the mark? Maybe you want something rougher, something darker, something grittier, but you don’t necessarily want to delve into the realm of extreme porn because that can be an absolutely disgusting and nightmarish place. Sometimes it just feels like you need something very specifically hard and dark, but you just can’t put your finger on it.


So maybe you try some super hardcore anal porn, but that doesn’t do it for you. You check out a couple of gangbangs, but there are just far too many dicks and it takes you out of the moment. So you try some of that disconcertingly popular roleplay “abuse” or fake “taboo” porn (not-dad goes into his not-daughter’s room drunk in the middle of the night and fucks her in her sleep), but it really just ends up being filmed like normal porn with an edgier title.


You need something raw; something dark, but not too dark (you’re obviously not trying to see scat torture or anal prolapse or anything truly disgusting like that). Trust me, I know this feeling well, this feeling that comes in waves every once in a while, that unreachable itch. Well, you’re in luck. If you have experienced this feeling before, I have some very good news for you: I think I’ve found the perfect site to satisfy that mysterious desire for the dark but not disgusting.


And the name of that site is Pure Taboo. Before I start breaking down this site and talking about how it functions as a porn site, let me just say, this is some next-level shit. With a name like Pure Taboo, I was expecting another run of the mill “taboo” site—you know, trickster sister seduces brother into fucking her and a friend (gasp!), slut fucks stepdad and fake blackmails him for new iPhone (shock and awe!), etc.—but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was not this oversimplified, softened, and, frankly, cliched version of the taboo.



A New Kind of Taboo

Instead, what I found on Pure Taboo were pornographic short films that actually push the envelope of what would be societally acceptable, and they do so in completely novel and innovative ways. Allow me to give you a little taste of what I mean. Take the film, The Last House on the Block, for example, which is about two 18+ schoolgirls, Ashley and Nina, who skip school and wander around a desolate part of the neighborhood until they find an abandoned house at the end of the block. They enter the creepy place and play around for a while.



“Still topless,” reads the video description, “Nina tries to sneak a photo of Ashley changing as a joke and the girl freaks out, running around the corner to avoid the photo. She trips over something and falls crashing to the floor. Nina comes running after her laughing but stops in her tracks as both she and Ashley look down at the homeless man unconscious on the floor between them […]


“She is shocked to find Nina posing suggestively for a selfie on top of the homeless man. Ashley demands her to stop. ‘What?!’ Nina retorts. ‘This is fucking hilarious. Stop being such a bitch!’ Ashley watches anxiously as Nina goes back to her duck faces and suggestive poses. ‘I’m going to send these to my boyfriend and tell him I found a better man!’ She says, laughing … and Ashley can’t help but crack a smile.


“Nina begs her to come and take some photos. ‘Please,’ she says. ‘Derek’s going to freak out! I have to do it … just a few more pics and then we can go, promise.’ The reluctant friend takes the phone and starts to photograph Nina as she poses around the man and ends up straddling him in a reverse cowgirl pose. As the girls take their final photo, giggling, the homeless man suddenly wakes up with a jolt and grabs Nina. She screams. Ashley drops the phone.”


From there, the paranoid homeless man proceeds to bend Ashley over and start fucking her hard against the wall. All the while, of course, Nina is freaking out, screaming at her friend to stop, but Ashley’s loving it. She and the homeless man simply ignore her screams of protest. Eventually, though, Nina rips off her blouse and, as if almost out of spite, joins her friend in being ravaged by this weird and dirty old man.


See what I mean? It is taboo, for sure, for these two young 18+ schoolgirls to fuck a strange and dirty man in an abandoned house while they should be in school, but it is far from cliché. These are the sorts of unique and elaborate storylines that you can expect from Pure Taboo. Different, dark, and powerful pieces of porn. Plus, it certainly doesn’t hurt that one of the 18+ schoolgirls is played by Whitney Wright, easily one of the sexiest women in the galaxy.



Classic Tropes With a New Twist

But if you are a fan of the more traditional kinds of taboo porn out there, do not worry, Pure Taboo hasn’t completely forgotten about you. They do, of course, have taboo videos that should feel a little more familiar, though they do often have their own Pure Taboo spin to them. Why Are You Doing This? is one great example of what I mean. In this film, a “sadistic boyfriend makes girlfriend seduce her stepmom under threat of eviction.”



Another version of this shows up in The Daughter Disaster, in which a stepfather is forced to choose between his beautiful wife and his amazingly sexy, newly pregnant 18+ teen stepdaughter. Spoiler alert: he chooses to fuck them both in secret. Bet ya didn’t see that one cumming!


Pure Taboo is one small part of the porn powerhouse known as Adult Time. And anyone who has been following my reviews for a while now knows how much I fucking love the entire Adult Time network. Not only do you get access to tons of different sites for one small monthly fee, but each and every one of those sites produce insanely high-quality porn. And Pure Taboo is no exception. If you like unique stories, the sexiest chicks in the industry, and Kubrick-level cinematography, then I highly recommend checking out any site in the Adult Time network.


If tons of incredible, just dark enough porn isn’t enough of a selling point for you, I would add to the list of Pure Taboo’s accolades the fact that the site is designed well and is easy to use, the videos all stream in crystal clear HD, and there are some really awesome and unique features for you to enjoy as a member.



Great Porn, Awesome Features

One of the things that Pure Taboo offers, in terms of creating a customizable experience, is the ability to create your own markers on videos. This means that, say you’re watching a video and you come across a particularly hot scene, instead of having to go back and scroll around the video to find it again later, you can mark that part of the video, labeling it whatever you like.



Plus, upon adding a marker to a video, now whenever you return to it, you’ll have a convenient list of your customized markers to choose from, making it easier than ever to jump straight to the stuff that gets you hard and makes you cum, without ever having to deal with all the in-between shit again. Obviously, the idea of having place markers on porn videos is not new in and of itself. However, I have never been to a site before this one that lets the viewer pick his own markers. Very fucking cool.


In my opinion, no porn studio out there today is doing what Pure Taboo is doing. For that matter, there is no porn network really doing what Adult Time is doing. And that is providing unbelievably high-quality porn that elevates the medium to something closer to art than smut. There is a literary quality to the narratives and a cinematic excellence that is just unrivaled in porn today.


All in all, I fucking love Pure Taboo. I think that they have really interesting and dark storylines that scratch that previously unidentifiable lust we sometimes get, they put out the best of the best in high-quality, cinematic porn, they have unique, customizable features I haven’t seen anywhere else on the web, and the acting and the fucking are both consistently remarkable.


If you have been considering trying out a premium porn subscription but have been wavering on the fence about which one (or if you’ll actually do it at all), I say give Adult Time a shot. Even if all they offered was Pure Taboo (it’s not, there are like 20 other channels) it would be worth it. Happy fapping, you dark porn-loving degenerates!

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