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XVideos Red

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XVideos Red

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What in the world is better than mountains of free porn? You already know how easy it is to score nearly unlimited amounts of anal bang smut and teen lesbian group-sex (18+) movies on the free tubes. I’m sure you’ve also seen those ads promising to enhance your free tube experience for a few bucks. As distracted as I usually am by the free public threesomes and airtight orgies, my curiosity finally got the best of me, and I ended up checking out


Every fapper on the Internet has rubbed out more than a few to the free offerings at XVideos. It is, after all, one of the biggest tubes out there with over 2 million visitors a day. is the XVideos premium service. It’s a bit more modest in terms of hard numbers, with around 8,000 visitors per day. Still, that’s more than a lot of you expected. What makes a person bust their wallet out when a tube is already offering over 9 million videos for free? I’m ThePornDude, so besides my personal interest, it’s actually my professional duty to find out.

Why Should I Pay for a Free Tube?

My overall appreciation for ain’t a secret. If you’ve read my review, you know I love their truly monumental collection, the efficient organization of the site, and of course, the price. Hell, even if you haven’t seen my review, you may have noticed I rank them as #2 on my list of Free Porn Tube Sites, right behind the king daddy of them all, PornHub.



If you’re a regular visitor to their legendary library of smut, you’ve already seen the ads for XVideos Red. They’re fairly respectable about it, not slamming the upsells in your face or tricking you into clicking the sign-up link like the shadier tubes will do. Still, it’s impossible not to notice the RED Videos link in the header. Click it, and you’ll see some of the hottest thumbnails they’ve got to offer, like Mia Khalifa getting stuffed, Latina taboo movies, and uncensored Japanese Adult Video.


But click on one of those thumbnails, and you’re presented not with a video page and some moving pictures to shake your dick at, but a presell page for XVideos Red. It’s an enticing ad. XVideos itself has one of the uglier layouts among the free tubes, but they bring out the big guns when they want you to spend cash. This is the kind of polished landing page you see on major premium sites, with big-ass HD images of some of your favorite pornstars getting nasty.


Beside a picture of Abella Danger with her cunt exposed and a blue dildo up her asshole, the site promises “No Ads. Just Nonstop Porn.” It’s enticing, sure, though to be honest, XVideos ain’t one of the worst offenders when it comes to spam. With a blocker running, I don’t really have any issues with their free offerings.


An XVideos free account lets you download sex movies in SD, but gives you access to downloads in crisp, clear 4k ultra-HD. Many porn consumers prefer the convenience of streaming to hoarding a collection the wife might find buried on your laptop, but this feature will really appeal to those of you building an offline porn collection for the end of the world.

That’s a Lot of Premium Smut

The perk that really sold me, though, was the exclusive material. On top of the 9 million videos everyone gets to watch for free, XVideos Red subscribers get over 120,000 full movies. Porn memberships often boil down to a numbers game, and these fuckers just kill it. That massive collection includes top pornstars and world-class studios, as well as independent and amateur video whores and amateurs.



The other numerical element of that paysite numbers game? I’m talking about the price, my perverted friends. At just ten bucks a month, represents one of the best deals in premium adult entertainment online. They’ve got a nice system built-in, so a lot of your subscription dollars go directly back to the sluts and studios you love the most, financing another round of Asian masturbation videos, interracial blowjob orgies, and 18+ teenage lesbian experimentation.


The first thing you’ll see when you get logged in is a wall of the newest scenes to hit the site. I hope you’ve got an overactive libido or a really reliable Viagra dealer, plus a massive stockpile of something slippery to prevent chafing. is updated with around 250 new movies every day.


Like the rest of the XVideos collection, there’s no real overarching theme to the pornography on display. It’s just a delicious grab-bag of all kinds of freaky sexual treats. There are college girls playing naked Truth Or Date in their dorm room, 18+ Ebony schoolgirls masturbating for the camera, and hot Southern belles getting their asses reamed. There are dildos going into every hole, thick girls fucking on a public beach, and a few footjob movies for the fetishists.

All the Freaky Porn Sex You Love Most

With the typical weekly-update schedule of your typical paysite, paid-up perverts usually look forward to a regular wank to some new porn every 7 days. Hundreds of scenes per day is a little overwhelming, even for a professional like me. has fetish porn, big-studio smut from companies like BangBros, and uploads direct from famous pornstars like Deauxma and Julia Ann.



Beside a femdom video of a Brazilian body-building chick kicking a guy repeatedly in the nuts with tree-trunk legs, I found a 25-minute interracial amateur group scene that made me drip a little in my boxers. I grabbed the lotion and clicked through to the scene. Given the profit-sharing setup over at Red, I hoped my choice in morning fap material would toss a few coins in this threesome’s bucket.


His Girlfriend Is A Freak, Too, opens with a black couple making out on a bed while a white girl looks on. Right away, I can tell from the lighting that this ain’t a big-budget picture. The camerawork is clean, though, as is the editing as we move quickly into a big-dick blowjob sequence. The white girl looks on, getting increasingly aroused. I like the casual atmosphere, with friendly banter preceding the double-BJ, and a lot of big smiles while both girls are working over his junk.

Is It Worth It or Not?

Everything that make the free version of XVideos such a success is on display at XVideos Red, too. For one thing, they’ve got plenty of bandwidth, so the movies stream beautifully at full resolution. I never have any buffering issues with the site.



The organization of the collection has always been a big part of the site’s appeal, as well. When you have a collection this big, and it’s growing this fast, you need a way to sift through all those movies to find the ideal fap fodder for your needs. The extensive tags and meta-data for each upload ensures that nothing gets lost in the ever-expanding halls of pornography. Whether you’re into facials, gangbangs, lesbians, or even kinky shit like golden showers and pegging, has you covered, and you can skip straight to your preferred smut.


I came into this review expecting to write it off as a waste of time and money. My biggest complaint isn’t really a complaint about the site, but more related to my own mental attitude about XVideos. I think the most difficult element for most people is just getting over the idea of paying for a “free” site.


Don’t get me wrong; the free version is still a killer site that I’d recommend to anybody looking to kill a few minutes or a few weeks cranking it to hardcore porn. For the money, though, XVideos Red represents a really fucking serious value in the world of online smut. It’s only ten bucks a month, offering 120k+ movies in a nearly unlimited variety of pornographic subgenres. If you’re looking to save some cash and get the biggest possible bang for your buck, this ain’t a bad option at all.

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