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Craving milf porn? Experience is a hell of a thing in any field, including porno. We’re wired to lose control of basic common sense and decency at the site of teen flesh, but let’s be honest: 18-year-olds simply can’t fuck as well as women with decades of practice. That’s just one of the reasons I like to round out my smut viewing with MILF sites like MYLF.


The domain has been registered for years, but the site really didn’t get off the ground until 2018. It’s a young site, but traffic has been building very steadily. They’re currently getting about 1.6 million views a month, though it will probably be more by the time you read this.


A Gathering of Your Favorite Porn MILFs

There’s a lot of top-shelf ass on the landing page of MYLF. Without even logging in I watched a video preview of Rocky Emerson giving jerk off instructions and Reagan Foxx pulling out her giant tits to entice her husband into fucking the hell out of her. Other recent updates feature sluts like Eva Long, Cherie Deville, and Alexis Fawx. In other words, Mylf’s working with a lot of the babes you’re already beating off to, as well as some of the hottest new talent in the biz.



Even if I didn’t recognize names and faces, the high production values are apparent in every still or animated gif of women sucking cock, riding it, and servicing each other in lesbian love affairs. The images are crisp, the colors sharp, and the women absolutely gorgeous. A lot of money, hard work, and hard fucking went into this. There’s also a lot more material than I would have expected given how young MYLF is.


MYLF is actually a network of sites, so each movie is tagged with the site where it was originally posted. That JOI clip was part of FullOfJOI, and Reagan’s scene was from GotMYLF. The other sites include such MILF-themed fuck-fests as LoneMILF, MILFty, MomDrips, MYLFed, and MILFbody. These folks love a theme almost as much as I love a hot, horny mom with huge breasts.


A big ad says I can get access to these 7 premium sites for the price of one, and another says they’re having a Network Launch Flash Sale and I can get 70% today only. Both links send me to the sign-up page, where a month costs the standard thirty bucks you’d spend on any site. Longer memberships are cheaper, but I don’t see anything 70% cheaper.


It’s worth noting that the sign-up page actually says you get “access to 7+ sites.” That implies that at some point, subscribers may get some bonus items on the menu. I’m guessing any new sites on the MYLF network are going to have a bunch of Mothers You’d Like to Fuck.


Bubble Butts and Mature Sluts

After logging in, MYLF steers you by an upsell page on the way to your porno. I have to wonder if this is what they meant when they said 7+ sites. If I sign up for something else, yeah, I’m going to have more than 7. Those sites I haven’t signed up for also show up in the Sites menu, but there’s a big “Upgrade Now!” button and all the vids have a padlock icon on them. I hate that.



The good news is that even without buying anything extra, there’s still a ton of MILF sex movies here. A few padlock icons are scattered around the front page of the membership area, but they’re way outnumbered by accessible videos of expensive creampies, mature sluts getting hammered on yoga mats, and handjobs from mom.


Some big billboard ads slide by the top of the screen, showcasing some of their more popular offerings. Julianna Vega’s in something showing off that big, luscious ass of hers, which I’ll have to check out later. There’s also an upcoming flick called Dominate, which is defined in the ad as, “The act of sexually consuming the mature beauty of your deepest desires.” I’m not sure that’s what Webster’s says, but I’ve never been much for book-learnin’.


Newest, Most Popular, and Featured movies are lined up across the screen. There’s even a section of Upcoming Movies in case you were thinking of letting your monthly subscription run out. I know I’m going to need to stick around at least until Hole In One Cum comes out. At the bottom of the page are the “Exclusive Movies”. I think all the movies on MYLF are technically exclusives, but the ones listed in this row are from the locked sites like PervMom and BadMILFs. Red padlocks everywhere.


As annoying as it is to see the locked shit mixed in with the stuff I paid for, I know exactly why they put it there. It’s because it really works to get more sign-ups and upgrades. I’m staring at Ariella Ferrera’s giant knockers in this thumbnail, and I’m really considering grabbing my credit card even though I’ve got 7 other MILF sites on MYLF.


Areola Auditions and Twat Teachings

I’m in the mood for some girl-on-girl action, or perhaps more accurately, some MILF-on-MILF action. MYLFed is MYLF’s lesbian MILF site where you can watch MILFs munch on mom muff, so I knew they’d have something good for me. Their newest offering, added just two days ago, stars Sophia Lux and Texas Patti. It’s called Teaching Her Twat.



My connection must be fucked up today, because MYLF auto-selected 480p for the video resolution. Thankfully, I didn’t have any buffering issues when I bumped it all the way up to 1080p, their current max res. Sophia shows up looking for her best friend to talk her through fucking her boyfriend for the first time, but Bestie ain’t home. Fortunately, Bestie’s mom is a pornstar who is soon strapping on a dildo.


It’s a fairly no-frills player. There’s a download button, but there are no special features like speed adjustment or skipping to tagged/timestamped sex acts. You have to jump to the dildo-sucking yourself. I’d like to see some of these features built-in as the site grows, but these are not serious complaints. MYLF’s player is more than adequate at delivering the goods.


The goods here are fucking great. You know, I get the feeling Sophia isn’t quite as inexperienced as she lets on, or else she’s some kind of goddamn savant when it comes to cock-sucking and dick-riding. Either way, I’m sure that boyfriend is going to be very happy if he exists and this whole thing wasn’t just a ruse to bang her friend’s mom. (Respect to Sophia, though, because I keep trying that and it never works.)


MYLF has the standard porn-site tagging system and it looks like it’s really well implemented here. The big cloud of keywords below Teaching Her Twat includes quick access to all of MYLF’s Doggystyle, High Heels, Indoor, G-String, and Innie Pussy clips, just to name a few. The pornstar names lead to their profiles on the site, but these two hotties have only been in this one MYLF movie so far.


It really says something that the only thing I can find to complain about is basically the fact that this is a paysite. Yeah, it costs money to jerk off to these videos. Yeah, they’re going to hit you with the upsells and try to get more of your money. The only reason they can get away with that is because they’re offering such high-quality content. I’m still confused about that weird 70% off ad, but I’m not overly concerned; at $30 a month, MYLF’s price-point is right about where it should be.


MYLF is a new network, but I’m already impressed by what I’m seeing. In a matter of months, they’ve managed to build a sizable stash of MILF fuck flicks starring some of the most gorgeous women in the genre. They’re putting out new material all the time, so it will be exciting to see what they bust out next. With at least 7 sites chock-full of Mothers You’d Like to Fuck, MYLF (often misspelled as “milfty”) will appeal strongly to fans of mature, sexy, and experienced women.

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