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I Know That Girl

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I Know That Girl

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IKnowThatGirl! How many times have you been watching porn and wished you would stumble upon a girl you know? Maybe you’re even lucky enough to have actually done so at some point. I know it happens. Every once in a while, you see a comment under a video where someone says “hey, I went to high school with this slut! Glad to see she’s doing big things.” That’s the dream, right? To be able to find a hot chick in porn that you actually know? Well, maybe not the dream. The real dream is actually banging her yourself. But finding her in porn is a nice consolation prize, is it not?


This is, at least for me, one of the big draws of amateur porn. Obviously, amateur or homemade porn is not always the greatest in terms of video and production quality. That’s not what keeps me coming back. No, what keeps me coming back to amateur porn time and time again is the possibility of finding a sex tape of a girl I know. Maybe it’ll be an 18+ girl I went to college with, the barista who makes me my lattes every morning before work, or even an ex … who knows. Well, it’s that possibility mixed with the fact that amateur porn, in my opinion, tends to be hotter for the realism that it conjures. Even if you don’t find a girl you know, at the very least, you’ll find someone who looks like her!


In other words, homemade porn just tends to be more real, more believable, less contrived. Don’t get me wrong, I like the hardcore, HD classic overacted porno just as much as the next guy, but every once in a while, you need a break, right? You need something a little more down to earth, more realistic. And that is definitely one of the advantages that amateur porn has going for it. Real girls, real sex, real orgasms. Not a fake tit or overexaggerated moan in sight. Just raw and passionate fucking.


Whether you prefer professional porn or homemade porn (or maybe a bit of both like me), there’s no denying that the fantasy of finding a porno of a girl you know is a pretty universal one. So much so that the porn network, Mofos created a whole site surrounding that very idea: I Know That Girl, a site that was originally dedicated to high-quality, professionally shot pornos featuring amateur or up-and-coming girls. I say “originally” for a reason, which I’ll get to in a little bit.



A Reputation to Live Up To is a site, actually, that you’ve probably run into at one point or another. They engaged in a pretty aggressive marketing campaign. Especially in the site’s infancy. When the site first launched in 2008, I remember running into “I Know That Girl” ads on every porn site I went to. There was no escaping it. They have since calmed down their marketing for this site, but most people have definitely at least heard of it by this point. Well, maybe not “most people,” what I mean is most guys who spend a questionable amount of time fapping to porn on the internet. So, in other words, most guys.



So, back to the idea of I Know That Girl “originally” being a site specifically dedicated to amateur or unheard-of girls … Yeah, unfortunately, that is not so much the case anymore. Actually, this is not uncommon with many ‘amateur’ sites that are run by professional studios. The same thing happened with Dare Dorm, if you remember them. A lot of these sites start out featuring amateur girls getting fucked in professional contexts and, for whatever reason, somewhere down the line, they end up slowly morphing into professional porn sites with well-known porn stars that try to retain a bit of that amateur aesthetic in the shooting style. I don’t know if this is because the studios run into a lot of legal grief by employing amateur girls, or what, but it’s a common practice.


So, these days, the likelihood that you are going to see a girl you know on I Know That Girl is slim to none. Unless, of course, you know a lot of porn stars, in which case, every porn site kind of becomes a version of I Know That Girl. But that is very obviously not the case, so almost certainly won’t know any of these girls.



Amateur Porn Aesthetic, Professional Porn

That doesn’t necessarily mean that I Know That Girl isn’t still a hot site, though. Sure, it’s a little disappointing that they have abandoned their amateur roots (the whole point of a site with a name like I Know That Girl), but the porn is still great, and they seem to have stuck to some of that homemade aesthetic in the way that they film scenes. The videos still often start (as they always have) with the two actors hanging out at home as a couple, playfully flirting and chatting a bit before inevitably making their way into the bedroom.



There, the filming style is a mix of POV and ‘tripod,’ where the guy will set the camera down somewhere and go fuck the chick. This way, you don’t lose that classic I Know That Girl intimacy … it’s still ‘a couple’ meant to appear as if they are filming a private sex tape. The only real difference is that the girls are often no longer amateurs or unknown; frequently they appear in other Mofos scenes. But, as far as sexy and stripped-down gonzo style porn is concerned, I Know That Girl still dominates.


I do have one major issue with the site, though. And that is that it is not easy to find from the Mofos web portal. This is actually an issue with a lot of Mofos older sites. Once they switched over to their fancy Porn Portal to make accessing all Mofos content supposedly easier from one place, it seems to have had the opposite effect. Simply clicking on I Know That Girl from the “Sites” dropdown menu at the top of the page will not bring you to the page. I don’t know if this is a simple broken link issue or what, but it is definitely annoying (especially coming from one of the top premium porn studio sites on the web).


Instead, what you will have to do is find I Know That Girl through tags. Browse through the videos by tag instead. Look for a video marked with “IKTG” and click on that tag to be brought to all I Know That Girl videos. Even getting to that point from the Porn Portal is kind of confusing, though. Instead of trying to find the videos from the portal itself, you’ll want to click on the sort of subtle link that reads “Continue to Mofos.” From there, you should be able to search by category and, thus, find IKTG. Could they make it any fucking harder?


Once you are actually in the Mofos site, though, things get a hell of a lot easier and the site design a hell of a lot better. Now it’s easy to browse videos. You’ll find a banner at the top of the page that is advertising new scenes in a slideshow, as well as a site menu bar up above that. Here, navigate through from Videos, Girls, Sites, Cams, Premium, Meet & Fuck, and Promos. I would click on the Videos tab if I were you. Now you will be able to search the entire catalog of Mofos videos and watch whichever ones you have access to. Sort videos by release date, top-rated, most viewed, or alphabetically by title. You can also organize search results by date (anytime, this week, this month, or this year), by site, or by category. Why can’t the whole site be this easy from the moment you log in?


One thing that is undeniably great about I Know That Girl, though, is the fact that they upload new scenes regularly. You can expect a brand-new scene about once a week. Not only does this mean that you will constantly have new content to enjoy from I Know That Girl, but this also means that you will have tons of older scenes to explore while you’re waiting for the next scene to be posted. With I Know That Girl, you get both quality and quantity. In fact, you have, as of the time of this writing, 503 scenes to check out. And that number is only growing all the time.


All in all, I Know That Girl is a great porn site with tons of awesome amateur-ish professional porn influenced by the homemade aesthetic. If you love homemade couples videos but hate the poor quality that they often come in, I Know That Girl will be just the site for you. Will you know that girl really? Probably not, but that’s okay, you’ll get over it once you see smoking hot natural girls sucking dick and riding cock like there’s no tomorrow.

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