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I pulled up AO Flix this morning when I found the link in the DMs. Maybe it was just because I hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet, my head still kind of cloudy from the sleep and the good-morning doobie I’d just fired up, but I really thought I was looking at a different streaming video platform. “Damn,” I thought, “Netflix sure is getting freaky these days.”


Then I rubbed my eyes and realized, no, Netflix hasn’t started putting cock sucking, girlcum squirting and ass eating snippets in their front-page video previews. This is actually, a premium video site full of filthy porno movies. They’re a relative newcomer to the scene but growing more popular by the day, with about half a million visitors stopping by for a tug last month. I was interested from the moment I saw those auto-playing previews out front, so naturally I needed a closer look.



Freaky Flix for Adults Only

In case I didn’t make it clear in the intro, AOFlix does a hell of a job aping the Netflix vibe, with a red-lettered logo at the top and rows of new releases beneath that automatic montage of eye-catching scenes. The interface looks clean as fuck, though the same cannot be said about the actual imagery plastered all over the screen. I mean this in the best way possible, of course, as you perverts wouldn’t be looking if it was clean and wholesome—and neither would I!



Aside from the sleek design, a few things caught my eye right away. For one, the preview clips and thumbnail pics are well polished, with the kind of lighting, camerawork and expensive sets you expect from good premium porno. There’s also a nice range of hardcore content on display even before I started digging in. The front-page spread features interracial BBC bangs, Asian tomfoolery, blowjobs galore, and a whole lot of group sex.


Scenarios run the gamut, too. There are stepmoms overstepping their boundaries, teachers with ethics issues, and cops beating the hell out of pussy instead of their usual civilian targets. Previews are unfortunately pretty limited, so I couldn’t watch any trailers or even read any video descriptions, but the thumbnails speak volumes.


The movies look fucking solid, and so do the women. features a wide-ranging cast of gorgeous, talented pornstars. Right away, I spotted at least half a dozen of the lovely ladies I’ve gotten to know quite well on the PornDudeCasting couch, like Nicole Doshi, April Olsen, Tommy King and Marica Hase. Whoever’s booking talent around here has a keen eye, I’ll tell you that much.


They don’t seem to mention what the AO in AOFlix stands for, but based on the tour page, I’ve got some ideas. It could stand for Amazing Orgies, Asians and Others, or Assorted Orgasms. If I had to put money down, though, I’d wager the title is a shortened form of Adults Only Flix. Whatever the case, I’m in!



Lots of Banging for Your Buck

As I type this up, the signup page at is hyping a sale offering up to 67% off on memberships. Even without the discounts, though, they’re charging significantly less than the average paysite. The current 30-day rate is just eight bones a month, down from $18. Contrast that to the usual thirty bucks you pay almost anywhere else, including the aforementioned PornDudeCasting.



There is one major catch, and I’m glad they mention it along with the prices instead of stringing you along until you’ve already ponied up the funds. “Full access” in this case is streaming only, so this may not be the joint for you if you’re a collector who wants to save all your favorites.


They’re really loud out front about the size of the stash, and with good reason. They’ve got over 2000 videos, which is impressive as fuck on a domain registered less than a year ago. The huge collection size and young age of the site suggest a library that ain’t entirely exclusive material. It’s just not feasible to build a stack this high so quickly if you’re only releasing movies you just shot.


That said, the signup page promises “More than 4+ exclusive movies updated every month”. Weekly updates are my golden standard for any adult paysite, so I was happy to hear those two thousand movies weren’t growing stagnant all by their lonesome. You’ll have fresh reasons to stop by for a fap on the regular.


There’s also an AOFlix app available for Android devices. Google doesn’t allow porno apps in their official store, so you’ll have to download the APK file directly from, and you may have to fuck with your phone’s settings to make it work. For the purposes of this review, I’m perusing the web-based version of AOFLix. It’s just easier for me to look at the site, jerk off and write at the same time on my laptop than with another device laying against my balls.



Dirty Movies from Japan, Korea and the USA

Once I got signed up and got inside, it was time to shake my dick at some movies. Making my way to the video page, the first thing I noticed was the overall lackluster organization. Those thousands of movies stretch out in one, seemingly endless page. There are a few buttons to browse by location (America, Japan or Korea), and just a handful of tags to narrow down your selection. The videos are tagged with a lot of the relevant keywords, but they don’t include a full, browsable tags index like most sites do.



The lack of organization wouldn’t be such a big deal if it were a smaller collection, but with thousands of vids to choose from, the whole thing’s a little unwieldy. There’s a search bar to type your favorite keywords into, but a Tags or Categories page would go a long way in making the site easier to navigate. The tags they did include at the top have some odd choices; neither BDSM nor Squirting bring back any results.


Just from looking at the thumbnails and seeing the preview montage out front, I knew they had both BDSM and squirting. The tagging is just weak, which means stuff is going to slip through the cracks when you’re searching for your preferred niches. (I was able to bring up a handful of results for “Squirt” without the -ing on the end.) On the same note, the Models page is far from complete, with most pornstars going unnamed and untagged in the videos.



Let’s Watch Some Dirty Movies

Though she ain’t properly tagged, I noticed Charlotte Sins getting her pussy eaten in a recent AOFlix movie called Friendzone. I’ve been having wet dreams about her ever since her visit to PornDudeCasting, so I couldn’t resist revisiting that flawless body again, if only in video form. I clicked through and hit the Play button. It’s a 28-minute film directed by the world-famous Wesley Pipes, another sign that this was going to be a good one.



The flick opens with Charlotte talking to a guy friend about a drunken kiss they shared at a party. He wants to take things further, though she’s a little hesitant on account of their long friendship. The camerawork is cinematic, alternating shots as the two converse, immediately setting the picture apart from all the shaky, handheld one-camera reality porn out there.


Three minutes in, they start making out, which quickly leads to titty sucking and fondling. The clothes come off, and Charlotte seems to forget all about her earlier reservations. The carpet munching from the thumbnail begins around the five-minute mark. “Oh my god, I love the way that tongue feels on my clit!”


It’s a damn shame that AOFlix doesn’t include downloads with the membership, because this one’s a good candidate for the permanent spank bank. For the price, though, it’s hard to complain, especially when it’s such a large and expansive collection. I just wish there was an easier way to see if they carried more of Charlotte’s material without scanning two thousand thumbnails for her pretty face. Nothing comes up when I type her name into the box, not even this film. has some minor flaws with respect to how they organize that enormous library, but they offer up a solid value in terms of quality, quantity and price. The movies are top-shelf productions starring some of the most beautiful women in the business, with enough variety to satisfy almost every type of pervert save the really deep-niche fetishists. Now if you’ll excuse me, I want to get back to this movie with both hands free.

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