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I’ve come across more than a few times in my years of hunting down great porn. It turns out, though, I may have been pronouncing “beeg” wrong this whole time. I have always read “beeg” like an elongated version of “big,” as in, “damn, she has some beeg ol’ titties.” According to Urban Dictionary, though, the word “beeg” refers to the shorthand of BJ, as in, “there I was, minding my own business, when this sexy ass blonde chick came over to me, unzipped my fly, and gave me a beeg, right there on the bus!”


I’m not sure exactly how intends it to be pronounced, but, surely, either way, it seems to work just fine. Whether it is in reference to the site being a beeg ass archive of porn videos, or it is in reference to getting a beeg from the girl of your dreams, one thing is certain: you will likely never run out of content to blow your load to on


From the moment you land on Beeg’s homepage, this becomes clear. It’s a no-nonsense website, giving you nothing but porn straight out the gate, and tons of it. The site is designed specifically to cut through the bullshit. No giant jumbled and confusing banners, category divisions, or distractions to contend with. Just a fuck load of porn immediately. Hundreds of medium-sized thumbnails materialize before your very eyes from the moment you hit page one. And this trend continues on for 56 more pages.


Artful Site Design

This is the epitome of minimalist web design at its finest. Just a white background and seemingly endless porn video thumbnails stack right on top of one another, almost like a skyscraper of porn to scroll down, top to bottom on each page. On the top of this tower of videos, you have a very basic (but effective) navigation bar, but it’s so slim and out of the way, you hardly even realize its there if you have no use for it.



Here you’ll find Beeg’s tiny abstract logo which functions as a “home” button (just a narrow black rectangle, a space, and a black square … almost as if it is meant to look like Beeg with a dot next to it for but it has been redacted), below that will be a sparse menu bar, offering buttons for “tags,” “people,” “channels,” and “cams.”


To the right of the menu bar, feel free to search whatever keywords or porn stars come to mind. Then, from there, it’s nothing but free porn. It’s really kind of beautiful. is so well designed that it’s got me a little half chub already and I haven’t even gotten to the porn yet!


Clicking on “tags” brings you to an enormous and alphabetized list of all the tags used on I have to say, I am often underwhelmed by tag lists (they just never seem beeg enough for me), but this one is truly impressive. Filter Beeg’s content by almost any tag imaginable, from “alien” to “yacht.” Plus, another great feature, once you select a tag, you aren’t brought to a whole new corner of the site. Instead, the tag page simply reloads, allowing you to quickly switch to a new tag, and the tagged videos now appear under the list.


The “people” section of the site, however, does not seem to work quite as seamlessly. Clicking on “people” gives you access to their entire database of porn stars, sure, but it would have been fucking perfect if clicking on one of them did the same thing as the “tags” page—simply refreshed the page with the filtered videos underneath. This seems kind of like a missed opportunity, especially since the model’s individual pages don’t include a bio or stats or anything like that, just her name and her videos. Oh well, this is definitely not the biggest letdown. I certainly won’t be losing any sleep over it.


Navigating to the “channels” section of Beeg will filter their smorgasbord of porn into studio-specific video collections. Want to find only videos produced by, say, Ass Parade or Big Tits at Work? No problem. Scroll through their staggering list of production companies to click through to a page dedicated entirely to a given studio. I always thought that this was a great way to preview and sample paysites before making the big decision of which ones to actually subscribe to. Beeg makes this process of test fapping before you buy easier than ever.


Quantity? Quality? Both

Unlike many similar tube sites out there today, also does not make you choose between quality and quantity. As I mentioned before, the sheer amount of porn to be found on Beeg is impressive; but what is equally impressive is that every single one of these videos is of stellar quality.



If what you are looking for are tons of homemade shaky cell phone camera quality videos of mediocre-looking chicks getting fucked doggystyle for a minute and a half, Beeg is not for you. If you are looking, on the other hand, for tons of professional-grade, HD videos of some of the sexiest chicks in the world getting fucked right, then you’ve come to the right place.


Not only are the videos themselves all of really great quality (both in terms of the definition and the production), but the thumbnails and media player on Beeg are equally awesome. Hover your mouse over any one of the thumbnails that make up the tower of porn before you and view previews of the videos, actual quick clips playing out; none of that screenshot slideshow bullshit. Click on one that looks like it might be what you are in the mood for and enjoy a crystal-clear video without losing your spot in the tower of porn.


Fap Carefree

Again, this is an example of Beeg prioritizing convenience and ease of use. Instead of taking you to a whole new page when you click on a thumbnail, Beeg just loads that video wherever on the page you happen to be. Continue to browse right where you left off while the video plays, hardly even missing a beat. This is fucking wonderful.



To the right of the media player, you will find some handy information about the video in question. Enjoy reading a quick summary of the scene, learn what studio it’s from (and easily click into that studio’s channel page if you like), or choose from a list of relevant tags if you wish to explore similar videos.


On the player itself, you have one of the most convenient video scrub bars I’ve ever seen. Hover your mouse over any spot on the video’s scrub bar and an extra-large preview of what’s to come will appear. That greatest part is, that is how you jump around in the scene—not by trying to click on some tiny point on a little bar at the bottom of the video, but by clicking on the thumbnail of the preview based on where in the video your mouse sits. Features like this just make life so much easier, and it amazes me that this is the first time I’ve seen a media player designed in this way. More sites should really consider following suit.


The more I discover Beeg, the more I find to love about it. Not only do they have a fully functional mobile site, but it is possibly one of the best mobile porn experiences I’ve ever come across. Similarly designed to their normal site, you still have a tower of porn to scroll endlessly down. The only difference being that, on the computer, you’ll have five thumbnails per row. On your smartphone, each row is comprised of one extra-large thumbnail. I strongly encourage the people at Beeg to develop an app—I think their format would really lend itself well to it.


One Tiny Blemish

Beeg is doing so much right as a porn tube, it’s hard to oversell it. But no site is perfect. Beeg is not without flaws (albeit maybe only one, but still). They do use ads. This was a huge letdown. Because, for a moment, I thought maybe we had found that mythical perfect porn site. But, sadly, no; not today. Beeg does have ads. You won’t find any on the pages themselves, and they don’t have many, but they still exist. Every time you pause a video, they will be trying to sell you something. Damn it, Beeg, you were so close to becoming my new favorite porn site. I still love you, but this is disappointing.



All in all, Beeg is easily one of the best tube sites I’ve ever been on. Great videos, an enormous selection, excellent site design and layout, a unique experience, an awesome mobile site, very minimal ads. What more can I say? I’m here all day for Whether their name is in reference to a BJ or the enormous size of their site, I honestly could give a fuck less; Beeg will keep me cumming back for more.

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