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Sometimes I look at porn sites and think about the weird ways they bring us all together. E porner gets around 60 million views a month, which tells me a lot of people are masturbating to the site right this very moment. I just did, and I have a feeling you might give it a shot next. We could start a club.


New tube sites pop up on the Internet all the time, and a lot of them die just as fast. sounds familiar to that other porn tube “HQporner“, but it ain’t no flash in the pan, though. They’ve been around a solid decade now, and they’ve been building their collection of free porn the whole time. With 1,746,576 filthy sex movies, they claim to be The World’s Biggest HD Porn Tube.



It’s a Tube Full of Sex Videos

Eporner’s had a while to figure out how to do this right, and you know what? It looks basically like every other tube site. Whatever magic Eporner has that elevates it above the typical free sex sites, it’s not immediately evident from the landing page.



The front-page wall of porn thumbnails is broken into a few sections here. It starts with Popular HD Porn Videos, then Recent HD Porn Videos, and finally Recent Homemade Porn Videos. I do like how the amateur and pro videos are split up by default, but the overall collection of DIY smut here is dwarfed by the pro content.


A small selection of Trending Pornstars is presented near the bottom of the page. The thumbnails lead to basic profiles with a list of stats: age, measurements, ethnicity and so on. All of the trending girls today have pages and pages of vids on Eporner. Brooklyn Chase has hundreds of clips in her profile alone, which is a nightmare because I just ran out of personal lubricant. Bios also have links to other pornstars they’ve banged or banged alongside, so there’s a lot of tail to chase down the rabbit hole.


Finally, there are a handful of Recent Porn Photos. Most of today’s offerings look like professional nudes, but a few are slutty young 18+ amateurs. I got curious about how many people actually look at photos on a free porn video site. It isn’t many. None of the views have even cracked the double digits. Photos of tits are nice, sure, but we’d all rather see explicit penetration in full HD video.



Hot 18+ Teens Getting Fucked On Camera

The thumbnails out front are stamped with a video resolution and give you a moving preview when you hover your mouse over them. That’s how I knew I really had to see this video I saw in the Popular HD section. It’s a 20-minute, 1080p flick called 18+ Teen Gets Rammed By Dad’s Horny Friend.



The video started in full resolution without any buffering or ads, but I noticed my Adblock plugin’s blocked spam score went up a little. Don’t stick your dick in Eporner without protection!


I always see those social media icons underneath porn movies and wonder who’s sharing anal porn with grandma on Facebook. Eporner doesn’t have a Facebook button, but they do have huge, conspicuous Twitter and Reddit buttons when your mouse goes over the video. They’re the only icons that do that, so Eporner must really want you to share.


18+ Teenie Gets Rammed By Dad’s Horny Friend opens with some weak banter, so I skipped ahead a bit to the dude’s entrance on the scene. I got a couple of seconds of buffering each time I jumped ahead, but not long enough to go soft. The timeline displays a little preview image so you don’t jump to a boring scene, and there are even a bunch of linked, timestamped thumbnails beneath the video.


I didn’t really have to worry about boring scenes with this one, though. Once presented with a dick to play with, little Daisy Stone makes very good use of all that screentime. It’s easy to see why the clip has an 85% rating. I clicked the thumbs-up to add my vote.


A download button below the video brings up links to save the clip as an MP4. They offer the same video qualities as the streaming version, no login necessary and no ads displayed on the way. Nice!



All Kinds of Perverted Smut

The tags for 18+ Teenie Gets Rammed By Dad’s Horny Friend are done right. Whoever uploaded this gem made sure everyone would know it has a Blonde, Petite 18+ Teens, and a Cumshot. I point this out because tags can be really hit or miss on any site that allows user uploads. Sometimes people just upload a random lesbian movie and add a couple of half-ass tags, or skip them completely.



One thing I really like about Eporner is that if you see a clip with shitty tags, you can click the Suggest button and type something useful. Of course, this system does require people to look out for their fellow perverts and do something besides masturbate. It would be interesting to know how often it’s actually used.


I wasn’t able to find a full list of tags anywhere, but the sidebar on the left side of the screen has a list of Categories. There are about 70 sub-genres of pornography on the site, which is a decent number to deal with. Some sites hit you with thousands of overlapping and needlessly specific niches like Student Blowjob In Hentai POV. Here, those are all separate categories.


The sidebar even displays how many pieces of smut they’ve got for each Category. They’ve got half a million each of Blowjob and 18+ Teen movies. Chubby chasers will go wild for the 10k BBW clips, and the kinksters will want to check out their 109k Fetish and 51k BDSM videos. They’ve only got 200 VR movies, but give them time. It’s a very new genre.


I didn’t notice any Gay movies when I was browsing the site. I guess you have to click the Gay category if you want to pull up their 430k homo movies. The same goes for trans girls, but there are only 43k.



How Much Amateur Porn Is There?

I’ve always been a fan of fuck flicks with the girl next door, especially when she literally is the girl next door. If you’re into amateur porn, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s just so real and so hot.



Eporner has a sizeable collection of the homemade stuff. As I mentioned, the front page even splits up the new stuff. I’m not sure it splits it up exactly right, though.


The Production links in the top corner let you narrow the whole selection down to Professional (1,484,024) or Homemade (262,508). The problem is the Categories list just below that, where it lists 817,427 Amateur movies and 300,743 Homemade ones.


It’s not a super serious problem. It just means you’re not going to get all of the amateur stuff from the Production link at the top. Use the links under the Categories instead. Hopefully, Eporner implements one of the solutions that instantly come to mind when you notice the problem, because the collection itself is fucking sweet.


Eporner is one of the top free porn tubes in the world. It’s one of the biggest, it gets an absolute fuck-ton of hits, and it’s been around a long time. Besides the big numbers, though, it’s just a damn decent site.


Within 30 seconds of visiting Eporner, I got a pop-under for Chaturbate when I accidentally clicked the background. I took that as a really bad sign, expecting an onslaught of spam at every turn. I was pleasantly surprised that didn’t happen. With my spam-blocker activated, I didn’t have any bullshit ruining my wank session.


What do you look for in a free porn tube? When I’m after free porn, I just want a big, wide-ranging collection that’s easy to dig through and easy to watch. It’s really not a complicated formula, but it is fairly hard to do well. Eporner, just like PornTrex, does it, though. There are a million free tubes out there, and only few of them will compare.

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