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I’m going to be straight with you, I fucking love Porn Trex! These guys know what good quality is and they show it by putting the most prominent porn reviewer as one of their main tabs. That’s right, The Porn Dude has left his mark here, and I proudly stand as a standalone tab which leads you straight to my site. I can’t say that I’m not flattered, but I still have to stay unbiased when reviewing this site, even though I’m spitting stone-cold truths here, so let’s jump straight into the action and see what we’re dealing with here.



Not just a site but an entire network has their own network of amazing websites for you to choose from, so you aren’t just limited to this place. That being said, we’ll stick to as we take a look at what it can offer you that other sites can’t. The videos are amazing and the site does a really good job of showing you the most exciting and prominent videos right there on the home page. They’ve got some full-length videos for you right here, so you won’t have to miss out on half the action because some assholes are keeping the videos behind a paywall. knows what’s best when it comes to videos in general as well. Looking through the site while using all of the options that are given to you will always yield in some of the sexiest porn videos that you’ve ever seen in your life. It seems that the videos have a good representation in the categories though we’ll get to that in a bit. Overall, the content on this website is amazing, and on top of all that, it’s completely free for you to watch and stream without any limitations.



Sexy design with a night mode built right in

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the design since I’ve got some mixed feelings about it. First off, I like the color palette. It feels smooth, modern, and it pretty contrasty which brings a lot of life to the actual site. It does feel like it’s a bit much with all the information that it places on you at one moment, and this becomes brazenly obvious when you look at some of the dropdown menus which just seem too cluttered to me. There are no animations here, just straight-up pop-ups and it can get a bit wild because of that.



In my opinion, it would’ve been better if they made the tabs a bit smaller or made the left sidebar simpler in order to lessen the confusion around it. Information around the video could also be more compressed as to not make too much noise on the website itself. One tab that they DEFINITELY shouldn’t cut out is ThePornDude tab which will always bring you the best reviews of porn sites which are always being kept up to date. Shameless plug right there, boys.


Another thing that I absolutely love about the design of is that they implemented a Night Mode. This one is for all of us that can’t stand light themes on porn sites and you know I’m one of those guys. Why do you think I have a Dark Mode on my site as well? The white just blares through my eyes and agh, it just hurts to watch. This way you’ll have an easier time looking through the videos and picking out the perfect one for yourself. Night Mode for the win.



Navigate through the search bar, or use the tabs instead

You can use the search bar to browse through the Videos, Albums, Members, and Models. This makes it very versatile and you can use it in pretty much any situation where you have to look something up on Navigating a porn site has never been made easier because of all this. But it doesn’t end there, as has some great tab features that will help you find the perfect video even faster and easier.



The Videos tab features a drop-down menu which displays how you can sort the videos. This is perfect as you won’t have to click on the tab and then set the sort by the algorithm to whatever you want. You can immediately decide whether you want to watch the most viewed videos, the newest ones, or the top-rated ones. This drop-down menu also features the Playlists and Tags buttons which add even more functionality to your porn site adventure.



Categories to please everyone, no one gets left behind

Moving on, we’ve got the Categories tab which will display some of the most popular categories with their respective pictures on the left side, and some other categories without the pictures on the right side. This is great and all, but we’ve already got the categories listed on the left sidebar of the site, so it seems just a tad bit redundant to have another Categories tab. I guess some people prefer one way to look through genres to another, so everyone can be happy with this setup except for the people who enjoy a porn site with minimal noise.



Yeah, can get a bit busy at times with all of this happening, but it still makes a lot of sense from a design point of view. You’re adding a lot of features and making them prominent so that people would use them, and that’s great. I’m just hoping that people are actually going to use these features considering they’ll probably want to get rid of their raging boner the moment they get onto the site with all these hot thumbnails going around.



Some of the sexiest models that you’ll see on a porn site

Then we’ve got some other tabs which also try to make you feel right at home like any other porn site. These are the Albums and Models tabs which feature a similar layout to the Category tab drop-down menu, except that these deal with their respective themes. I just have to comment that the models on this page are absolutely gorgeous and there’s no going around that. The albums are a nice way to find cool collections and watch several videos in a row, handpicked by some members of the community.



Speaking of community, the Community tab transforms the left sidebar so that you can further utilize it to search for users that you might click with. I always get a weird vibe with these community things on these porn sites. I imagine some smelly old blokes on the other side of the screen just endlessly jerking off to porn and just waiting for someone to contact them on the site. Shit’s scary yo.



Find the perfect channel for you and stick with it

The Channels tab is a great place if you’re feeling like you can tie yourself to a particular channel and enjoy their content which can revolve around a certain specific niche. This is great for sites that stick to some kind of plot if you’re into it so much that you can keep watching it whenever a new video concerning that plot comes out. I don’t know if I can ever get enough of Czech Casting videos, they’re just so goddamn hot.



And with some final tabs such as the Forum, Theporndude, and Live Sex tabs we’re ready to make our conclusion. Solely based on the fact that these guys know who the best reviewer of porn sites is, I can’t recommend this site enough. It’s honestly a pleasure to use and the functionality of it makes me want to stay for a lot longer than just this review. As a matter of fact, I think I might just do that, so excuse me while I indulge in my primal instincts.

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