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Porn Go! I made a list of the worst things in the world recently, and it had some real doozies. It sucks when you stub your toe, or when the hooker you hire turns out to have a cock. I hate when I’m jerking it and I run out of lube, as well as the sinking sensation you feel when the police show up at the library before you finish masturbating. War, slavery and murder are pretty bad from what I understand, but number one on my list was not finding the right porn when you’re lubed up and in the mood for a good wank.


Enter PornGo. Somebody bought the domain more than 15 years ago, but their current incarnation didn’t hit the Internet till July 2019. That’s a brand, spanking new sex tube, but they’re pulling some decent traffic. The numbers are already over half a million per month, and the graph is pointing straight up. That means we’re getting in there on the ground floor, and I really hope it lives up to the hype.



HQ Porn on a Free Tube? No Shit?

You’ve seen a free porn tube before. If I have to tell you what a site like this looks like, it’s safe to assume you either escaped from a crazy cult or you’re just a sad elderly person whose grandson is showing you how to work the interwebs. Congratulations, old-timer. You’ve lived long enough to see ridiculous amounts of free porn delivered directly to your home instantly. The youth will never know how fucking bad you had it in the old days, what with the paper porn you had to walk 10 miles in the snow just to jerk off to.



A lot of free sex tubes have something that sets them apart, like a bunch of Black bitches or a focus on hardcore anal fisting. It’s pretty obvious right from the landing page what PornGo is all about: pornography.


The trending videos at the top of the screen are all full-length scenes samples, each running between 30 and 60 minutes. I see a lot of big names in the business right away, like Mia Khalifa, Abella Danger, Karla Kush and Jane Wilde.


Not only are the starlets big, but so are the studios I see here. PornGo’s front page features full-length material samples from Brazzers, BangBros, Reality Kings and Mofos (might flag for copyright). Most free tubes have short samples from the big guys, but PornGo hooks you up with the full movies samples.


The header is full of links like Blacked, NaughtyAmerica, FakeHub and Tushy, but they don’t actually link to the sites they name. Instead, PornGo has a thick collection of premium movies samples from each site filed away for your free masturbatory entertainment. Not a bad deal for you cheapskates jacking off on the local fastfood Wi-Fi.


The View All link will send you to a full list of the paysites PornGo has on the menu. It’s a way bigger list than I expected, with drop-down menus for Niche, Sites, and Networks. Each menu has dozens of items to choose from, with checkboxes so you can view as many as you want at one time. It’s a pretty fucking nice setup for anybody looking to browse their favorite paysites on the cheap, or more accurately, on the free.



Did I Just Win the Porno Lottery?

Most of these guys charge 30 bucks a month for access to their paysites or networks, so it’s awesome to see PornGo making a deal with these companies, so we can see it for free with the displeasure of seeing annoying ads. I understand movies about fucking a girl in the ass a lot more than I understand the logistics of charging for said video.




Marathon Wank Sessions for Zero Dollars Down

One of the most recent Featured videos is a 40-minute Brazzers scene starring Ebony beauty Julie Kay, called Sucking off My Sister’s Man. I’ve got a spam blocker running, as I always do, but I still earned a pop-under ad when I clicked through to the video. I’m not sure what it was an ad for, but the big black window did try to trick me into allowing notifications before I even knew what they were selling. Seems shady to me.



I got another pop-under when I clicked the Play button, and the video took another click to actually get going. I didn’t have much buffering, and the unspecified resolution looks decent enough. I did click the gear icon to bump it up to full 1080 HD, but I’m not sure how much of a difference it actually made. Buffering is still decent, but it doesn’t look as crisp as you’d expect for a 1080 film.


It is a fantastic scene, though, but what the fuck did you expect from Brazzers? You bummy fuckers who have never signed up for a paysite are in for a treat. The Ebony beauties in this flick are fucking stunning, and the positions include missionary, reverse cowgirl, and a really incredible POV blowjob.


My adblocker is running overtime, with the number of blocked ads climbing all the time. It’s fairly safe to click around in the timeline, skipping from the big titty worship to the spanking to the spooning, but you will get a random pop-up from time to time if you play with the controls too much. When that happens, the video stops and the page reloads, so you’re stuck trying to find the part you were jerking off to. It’s a real bitch if you’re the kind of pervert who follows plot points in a porn scene. Wait a minute… was this before or after the ass eating sequence?



Save Some Premium Anal Fun for Later

Downloads are simple as fucking hell on PornGo, with direct downloads to each scene in a few different resolutions. I assumed I’d have to go through some shitty, shady file locker, but this is so much better. Keep in mind, these are full-length scenes samples, so the HD versions are pretty fucking big. I hope you bought the big SD card, because this Ebony cheating flick I just watched is about 1.63 Gb.



Given the unfettered streaming and download access to thousands of porno movies that would normally cost you thousands of dollars a month for full access, it seems a little bitchy to complain about all the spam on PornGo. Yeah, there’s a hell of a lot more spam than the bigger tubes like Pornhub or xHamster, but when was the last time you watched a bunch of full-length scenes samples over there? That’s what I thought. It’s a trade-off thing: you see more spam, you see more porn.


With a spam blocker running, the ad situation on is annoying but not so bad it’s going to prevent you from having a huge, free orgasm to your favorite pornstars in top-shelf movies. It’s a decent trade if you really want to watch a bunch of premium movies samples but you spent all your money on herbal Viagra from China. Check it out if you have a taste for the finer things in life but lack the heavy pockets usually required for to play.

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