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You already voted!! What an original name for a porn site, don’t you think? The title doesn’t fuck around: your mother would never allow you to watch the kind of filth they’ve got on tap. They pride themselves on being a moral-free zone for porn addicts, where you can find damn near anything. I’m talking about desperate chicks fucking anything that resembles a dick and crazy bitches literally eating shit. When you’re done fapping to the weird vids, you can even find “normal” porno to pass the time. It’s a place so hardcore, they host videos that no other site dares to touch. When the politically correct come knocking on the door, they get a big “fuck you” in their face. Motherless links have been blocked from Facebook, Reddit, and even edgelord shitholes like 4chan.


Welcome to the, a porn tube claiming over 1,500,000 visitors and over 25,000,000 page views a day, with over 23,000,000 user-contributed uploads and counting. They pledge to host anything legal forever, and so far, they’ve lived up to their promise. Let me tell you this: they are as massive as the Titanic, but no iceberg is going to sink this unstoppable titan of depravity.

One of the Freakiest Sex Tubes Out There

The first thing you’ll notice is the logo with the boy holding his mother’s hand and the 18+ emo teenage girl sitting depressed in her swing at the top right (18+). She reminds me of that creepy girl from The Ring, but for some reason, my dick is all stiff. I hope I don’t get a phone call in 5 minutes, telling me the little guy is going to go forever-limp in 7 days. I haven’t even started fapping to the site yet!



Motherless recently had a design upgrade, though its wall-of-thumbnails layout looks pretty standard for a modern porn tube. There’s a message at the top calling me out for using AdBlock and asking me to disable it or buy a Premium Membership. Well, why have spam in the first place? Am I the only genius that realizes that people hate ads? Where do you see an advertisement on ThePornDude? That’s right: nowhere!


With a spam blocker running, it ain’t as bad as it used to be. I didn’t get any pop-ups, but plenty of animated sidebar ads appeared on every video page. If you weren’t sure where to get boner pills before, you’ll certainly have a dozen opportunities at every turn here. The good news is the ads disappear with your sense of cleanliness when you watch those 18+ teen whores and piss movies full-screen.


The site has been so controversial over the years that for a while, you couldn’t even search for terms like fake taboo porn without getting the following message; “Banned word, nice try, incel. This event has been logged.” It was a weird step backwards for the site, but they’ve gone back to embracing the freaky shit. They’re one of the only porn sites with categories like Fake Taboo, Pissing, and Scat right in the front-page sidebar with the vanilla porn your parents love. It’s a story as old as time: you came for the 18+ Teens and ended up jerking off to Vomit porn.


I love how the site is noticeably sleazier and kinker than other tubes right from the front page. The new and popular videos are a mix of hardcore treats like girls getting their asses fucked and MILFs getting double-teamed, right alongside shared BBW wives, stepdaughters getting the business, a dominatrix fucking a male slave with a strap-on, and a really rough fake snuff movie called Reality Kidnapping. Holy shit! Don’t let the woke set learn about this!

Join a Community of Perverted Freaks and Sluts

The Motherless Girls you see out front are one of my favorite parts of the whole operation. Hot young girls will write the site’s name on their naked, supple skin to show it to the world. It’s a good idea for ThePornDude, too, ladies. I wouldn’t mind a shitload of fuckable women writing my name on their tits, ass, or pussy! Knowing you assholes, I would probably receive a tsunami of dick pics in my mailbox! Here, it’s 18+ teens in corsets, socks, or nothing at all, and the kinkier ones even put things in their various tight, wet holes.



I can’t think of another free porn tube with such an active community of hot amateur sluts posting degrading selfies. I’m not sure how they lure these babes in, but I’ll forever be grateful. I’m typically content to just gawk with my dick in my hand, and a couple crushed Viagras up my nose, but I know they’re going to entice a lot of you freaks into diving headfirst into this community of deviates.


If you really want to interact with this community, you’ll need to register for a free account. Yep, there are boards and a chat section where you can communicate in realtime with other porn addicts that share the same fetishes. Beware, though, of the mental people that you’ll meet here. Check out this comment, which I bet one of you left: “The only purpose of a dumb, worthless slut is to take a man’s cum. All females are born to serve as cum receptacles, and this bitch is the queen of them all!” I also just saw a post where a stepmother was asking the community if she should go after her stepson’s cock or not!


They even have a classified section that I haven’t seen on any other porno site so far. You can compare it with craigslist, where people used to be able to post sex ads before Craig turned out to be a huge pussy. I saw someone looking for a “scat partner” who wanted to take a dump on his chest. Okay, girls, here’s your chance! I give it better odds than the dipshits you see posting “plz fuck me I have big cock” under every video on the other tubes.


Another great feature here is that any pervert can create their own Group. You can share content that only people invited to your group would like without worrying about being judged. This way, the only people who have to know about your Pokemon cosplay shit-eating fetish are your core group of Internet weirdos, your closest drinking buddy, and your grandma.

Tipping Sluts and Premium Accounts also has its own currency in the form of Credits. You can use these to tip attention whores or uploaders to reward them for their content. They’re 5 bucks for 100 Credits, with no price breaks for the big spenders. Tip those Motherless Girls, so they keep coming back and shoving carrots up their buttholes!



By coughing up another $10 per month, you can upgrade your free account to Premium. I’m pretty sure that your wife won’t be happy when she checks your credit card bill, but who gives a fuck what she thinks anyway? Extra features like no ads, priority upload processing, and video downloads are worth more than her respect, anyway.


I do think it’s kind of lame to pay for priority video processing. If you’re actively uploading content that gets them visitors and earns them ad money, why the fuck should you pay? Maybe it’s to weed out the fakes and wannabes, but it seems like a fucked-up exchange.


Then again, fucked-up is the name of the game at I noticed that the easiest way to get a lot of views is by naming your smut something like, “dad eats stepdaughter’s pussy while granny gives him a toothless blowjob”. It’ll become the most popular video within 24 hours, guaranteed! This example just shows you what kinds of perverts lurk at this place. It looks like we’re in good company! has made a name and a reputation for themselves as one of the sleaziest free sex sites on the web, and that’s saying a lot in a world where the PornHub theme song is a goddamn meme. Their content ranges from 18+ amateur teen blowjobs to some of the most nauseating extreme porn you’ve ever seen in your life, earning them a place in the hearts, minds, and masturbatory sessions of deviates around the world. Motherless is a one-of-a-kind cesspool of filth like eFukt, and you’re going to love it. Go ahead, mommy isn’t looking!

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