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Bellesa Plus calls themselves the Netflix of Porn, which frankly wasn’t at all what I was expecting when I first heard the name. I was picturing a scaled-up version of Bellesa, which I’ve reviewed before here at NoLimitsFun. Their brand has largely been known for their pro-sex and pro-women take on dirty movies, their flicks featuring many real women having real orgasms. Now you’re telling me they’ve got some kind of package deal with their stuff plus other porn producers? Shit, why didn’t somebody wake me up sooner? was just launched at the very end of 2020 and is arguably still in the experimental stage. It doesn’t have a Beta stamp or anything that I saw, but come on, when’s the last time you heard of a pay-what-you-want premium porn network? The concept definitely sounds amazing, but I have to wonder how sustainable it is in the long run. I know I’m not the only one who loves the idea, because the site’s already pulling in around 7,000 visitors a day, just a few short months after launch.



Pay What I Want? For Porn?

“People want better porn and people want ethical porn,” the opening blurb reads at the top of the BellesaPlus landing page. “We want you to have it. No catch.” Beneath that is a slider breaking down the pricing structure—you really do pay whatever you feel like. It says they lose money on the $1 monthly subscriptions, don’t make a profit at $2, and offer 3+ new episodes a day at $3. They call $15 their “standard” Bellesa Plus pricing but imply $10 is the way to go. At twenty, you’re “subsidizing someone else’s subscription,” and there are a couple of higher tiers for porn fans willing to pay more because they “believe porn needs to be disrupted.”



The slider shows rewards being unlocked as you move the button along. The “prize” for spending two bucks a month is monthly billing, which is lame, but you get 4K at $5, early access at $10, credit for their dildo store at $15, and a fancy-ass vibrator (the BuzzFeed AirVibe) at $35. That last one is telling, because it hints at the audience they’re courting. A lot of porn sites really neglect advertising toward female masturbators, but it fits perfectly with Bellesa’s brand and image.


Let me touch again on the “ethical porn” they mentioned. Bellesa has always been a very female-empowering porn site, even before 2020’s drama with Pornhub and Girls Do Porn. It’s no surprise to see them including similar values as part of the BellesaPlus mission. It did make me wonder who’d be included in their “Netflix of Porn,” as I can think of a few sites and producers off the top of my head that seem to conflict pretty heavily with the Bellesa philosophy. (FacialAbuse, for example, probably wouldn’t make the cut.)



Easier Fapping Than Real Netflix

If is really the Netflix of Porn, it means they’ve got to have a ton of different smut starring a ton of different models produced by a bunch of different studios, right? Well, that’s exactly what you get. There are more than 100 premium porn channels on the network, including a lot of brands with paysites I’ve reviewed here at ThePornDude. (They’re apparently adding them too fast to keep up with their front-page text, too, which only claims 50+ channels.)



Obviously, Bellesa has some of their own exclusive material on Bellesa Plus. There’s also porno from Sweetheart Video, SexArt, NewSensations, EroticaX, HardX and SinfulXXX. Get your ebony fix at AllBlackX and your ambiguously ethnic girls from Exotic4K.


I can’t help noticing the contrast in vibes between and some of the other porn networks. Whereas the sites under the TeamSkeet umbrella focus on things like sexy 18+ teens and pseudo-taboo, there’s a fairly noticeable emphasis here on story-driven porn, real amateur couples, passionate sex, and some added artiness you don’t always get on your typical reality porn site. I don’t want to say it’s smut aimed squarely at women, but it does look like they’re aiming for a more diverse viewership than most sites.


That said, there is a lot of variety here. You’ll find all the major porn staples, from lesbians to interracial to blowjobs and anal. There’s even harder stuff like rough sex and BDSM, though you may be hard-pressed to find anything really degrading.


You’ll also find a deep mix of gorgeous models, pornstars and legit amateurs. There’s less emphasis on big names here, so I didn’t even realize how many famous chicks were getting fucked on the site. They don’t list names on the thumbnails, nor do they have a models directory, two staples on nearly every other porn site. Just clicking through videos, though, I was soon watching babes like Abella Danger, Cherie Deville and Riley Reid.



That’s a Lot of Good, Cheap Smut

If I have one immediate complaint about Bellesa Plus, it’s the lack of smart TV integration. When they called it the Netflix of Porn, I was really hoping to watch it on the big screen. Gamelink, for example, has a Roku app to let you watch the movies on their Unlimited service. Honestly, I’d settle for just a simple cast button in the video player, but as of now, there’s no really convenient way to watch this site on your TV.



Well, I guess it works out, because I can’t bring my TV to Starbucks, anyway. I can bring my laptop, though, making it a perfect place to begin my official fap test of BellesaPlus. The network adds at least three new videos a day, and I figured I’d start with one of the newer ones. I’ve enjoyed Bellesa’s work in the past, so I loaded up a fresh piece of theirs added just yesterday, Old Flames Still Burn Bright.


The 25-minute video opens with alternating interviews between Damon Dice and Violet Starr, talking up their crushes on each other. The gimmick here is the performers talk about who they want to bang, and why, and then they do it. After yammering about their chemistry, they’re finally brought into the same room at the 6-minute mark. No joke, it feels like a real reunion between a couple who really fucking missed each other.


The passion is certainly on-brand for Bellesa, and the video player streams it smoothly at max resolution without any buffering issues. A few minutes later, Violet is squealing, Damon’s tongue working the fuck out of her clit. Just the way she looks at him is fucking hot as hell, so just wait until you see how eager she is to suck his cock.



Better Sex Ed Than High School

BellesaPlus feels like a truly noble experiment in porn. This is a site with a mission that I think almost everyone could agree with, from the filthiest perverts to even the woke crowd. They’re pro-sex, through and through. It’s evident in the movies, in their different channels, and also in something I’ve never seen on a porn site: interactive sex education lessons.



The stats they list say 30% of people use porn as their primary sex ed, which honestly makes a lot of sense. In school, they taught me to put a condom on a banana and then showed me blue waffle photos, implying the only results of sex were pregnancy and withered, warted genitals. Bellesa’s doing live webinars with sex therapists, a weekly live chat, interactive sex guides and sex ed videos. It sounds like they deserve more funding than my high school.


I really like this site. I do worry that it ain’t sustainable, though. They’re publishing more than an hour of fresh smut every day, and asking fans to pay whatever they want, even if it means they lose money. I recently launched PornDudeCasting, where you can watch me bang gorgeous pornstars while wearing socks emblazoned with my own face. I’m only putting out one full-length porno per week, but it’s a real challenge trying to figure out how to keep it free indefinitely. If every Bellesa Plus subscriber is a cheapskate throwing a dollar in the hat, the site ain’t long for this world.


Whether or not the site survives may be beside the point. Right now, they represent one of the best values in premium pornography. Even if you spend $15 instead of $3, it’s still a cheap-ass way to watch over a hundred channels of high-end smut with big names and stunning amateurs. I wish it was easier to watch on TV, but shit, for this money, I can’t complain too hard. Let’s hope sticks around for a while.

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