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I’ve heard Cherry Pimps come up during a lot of conversations lately. Sometimes it’s among the kind of porn enthusiasts I associate with or the horny fans who DM me asking for a review of their favorite paysite. I’ve even had a few 18+ girls mention the site to me when they came by for an intimate visit on the PornDudeCasting couch. I’m not usually this late to the party, and I knew it was about goddamn time to rectify that. The joint’s getting nearly a million visits per month, so I’d know it wasn’t some bullshit hole in the wall even if people weren’t mentioning it all the damn time.


Besides all the casual chatter, there are other obvious signs this place is peddling some quality smut. For one thing, has been putting out premium fuck flicks since 2004. That’s like a fucking century in Internet years where most sites are a flash in the pan, here today and gone tomorrow. Damn, fashionably late is one thing, but I’m a little embarrassed I hadn’t checked this one out earlier. Without any further ado, let’s see what perverts have been aggressively shaking their dicks at for nearly two decades now.


Pimpin’ Sluts with Cherry Pimps

Some of the older paysites out there really wear their age in an obvious way. Cherry Pimps has obviously been doing well over their 17-year run because they’ve put the money and effort into keeping up with the times. The landing page is entirely modern, with a sleek and sexy presentation that screams professionalism on every fucking level.



And I haven’t even really mentioned the porn, which is arguably a hell of a lot more important than the layout. The thumbnails have my dick hard as a rock within seconds of hitting up the tour page, in no small part because they’re working with a ton of major pornstars. They’ve featured a number of girls I’ve banged over at PornDudeCasting, too. The newest video stars Maddy May, who I had the exquisite privilege of meeting just last week. Other babes we’ve got in common include Everly Haze, Nikole Nash, Erin Everheart, Angel Youngs, Natasha Nice, and Lauren Phillips.


It looks like I’ve got Eskimo-brother status with those Cherry Pimps, and they’ve also smashed a bunch of my bucket list, babes. A quick peek at their most popular videos shows live solo performances from Riley Reid and Gia Derza, Angela White in a lesbian scene, Valentina Nappi going interracial, Cherie Deville getting boned live on webcam, and a handful of classic nudie shows from the illustrious Alexis Texas.


You astute readers probably caught my mention of the live webcam shows. It’s not uncommon for premium sites to roll some cam shows into the setup, but usually, it’s just a selection of cams from one of the major cam sites rebranded. However, features legitimate, exclusive live shows for members. Recent live events have included performances from Haley Spades, Vivian Taylor, Eve Marlowe, and Jesse Pony. Hey, I know Jesse, too!


Tons of Porno and Cheap, Too

I was really hoping for a free preview or two, but all the Play buttons out front just send you to the signup page. That’s fine because I was pretty much sold already. I found a pleasant little surprise when I got there: the streaming-only membership is cheap as hell. The full membership with streaming and downloading will run you the industry-standard thirty bucks a month, but it’s about half that if you don’t want to save anything for later. The longer memberships get even better on the price, downloads included.



I want to touch on the download set up here because I really like what they’re doing. Ever since OnlyFans exploded over the last pandemic-tainted year, many paysites have been ditching the downloads again. Instead of cutting off the MP4 access or charging extra for it, CherryPimps gives you a break on the price if you don’t need it. I hope more premium spots follow their lead!


Another one of the big perks of membership at CherryPimps is that they’re updating the site with fresh content nearly every day, sometimes with multiple scenes. I like to see at least one update a week on paysites, but these guys are out doing the fuck out of that standard. For example, they added that Maddy May movie today and yesterday saw an interracial scene starring Lena Paul and a lesbian video with Alexis Tae and Delilah Day. That last scene is a strong hour long, so they obviously aren’t skimping on the runtimes as you’ll find on other daily-update porn sites.


As I mentioned earlier, has been around a long fucking time. They’ve had ample opportunity to build up a hell of a catalog, and you’d better believe they succeeded. To date, there are over 6,600 movies in the Cherry Pimps library. That’d be great news for the value shoppers even if this were subpar content, and even better when we’re talking about this high-end smut.


More Fresh Smut As I Type This Up

Since I wrote the last couple of paragraphs, has updated once again. The second video of the day is a show from Brighton Blaze that she recorded last month during one of the site’s live performances. It’s more than an hour of stripping, masturbation, and orgasms. I had to take a little break from writing to have a couple of releases of my own.



I’ve hinted a little bit at the range of content available on the site, but you’ll get an even better idea by heading over to their Channels area. Their channels are all genre-based, including porn standards like 69, Anal, Asian, and Big Tits. It goes deeper than the standards, though, including such niches as BBW, BDSM, Feet, Fisting, Food Play, and Fetish. In other words, they’ve almost definitely got the freaky stuff you’re into.


That can make things a little bit overwhelming if you’re a porn reviewer looking for the right place to dip your dick in. So I figured I’d keep it simple and fap test it to one of the newer flicks on the menu. To that end, I pulled up an hour-long flick added to CherryPimps just two days ago, Rosalyn Sphinx Has Mind-Blowing Birthday Sex.


The video opens with a brief introduction as the two say hello to the fans and the camera. This is yet another video recorded live, and I’m sorry I missed out; I’ll definitely be tuning in for the next show. Next, Rosalyn stands up, does a little spin, and shakes her beautiful ass, getting me in the mood for some harder fare. I skipped ahead a few minutes to the masturbation scene, playing along at home as Rosalyn worked her junk.


I was half expecting a typical cam show with a stationary cam sitting on the dresser, taking it all in, but the production values are significantly higher. Even with the live element, it has the polish you expect from professional porn, with a Cherry Pimps cameraman getting in close as Rosalyn gets her wet pussy fingered. He’s similarly on the ball for the oral, both fellatio and cunnilingus, the ass eating, and the doggystyle that starts about halfway through the video. The dude is wearing a condom, which will bum some of you out, but we wouldn’t want anyone to catch COVID.


It’s a fantastic scene, but I also wanted to check out the quality of the non-live movies. Alexis Tae was The Cherry of the Month for July, so I pulled up her recent black-on-black video, Alexis Gets Her Wish With That Big Black Cock. This one’s only 18 minutes long, opening with Alexis seducing her dude with her ass in his face before taking her panties off and getting her pussy eaten. Again, the production values are stupidly high, from the high-end talent to that expensive-looking set.


I’ve got to say, I had high hopes for CherryPimps just based on all the chatter I’ve been hearing, and they actually managed to live up to my expectations. There’s so much to love about this site, from the stunning and talented pornstars to the daily updates to that absolutely massive collection of premium porn. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re into really well-made porno, especially since the streaming-only membership is so fucking cheap. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some more whacking off to do.

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