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Deeper. It’s one of those words that always sets up a “That’s what she said” joke, no matter what the fuck you’re actually talking about. Somebody might say it in reference to a credit card reader you used incorrectly, a bottomless pit you’re falling down, or the end of the pool where your fool ass is drowning, but you’ll always grin and imagine sticking your cock a little further inside a broad. At Deeper, there’s no imagining. Yeah, they’re talking about sexual penetration!


The domain is Internet gold, mined back when you could still find one-word domains for less than a million dollars. They’re sure to get a bunch of random-ass traffic from people typing shit into the URL bar, but their reputation as premium porn site is growing. The site only really got off the ground in April 2019, but they’re already pulling nearly 15,000 visitors per day.



Get Your Fresh Luxury Porn Here

This is a brand new site, and they want you to know it. The landing page is sleek and slick as fuck with a dark background, classy-looking white text, and a full-motion video that loads at the top of the screen right from jump. Jill Kassidy is in a confessional booth wearing a dress that’s maybe a little bit too slutty for church. The montage kicks off a second later and I’m not sure what dark room she’s fucking this guy in, but I can assure you that kind of activity is frowned upon in the rectory.



You know, despite the fact that this bitch is eating cum in a holy sanctuary, the whole site screams class. The screenshots show a lot of dudes in suits and broads in expensive looking dresses. Of course, this a porn site, so that bougie shit comes right off in no time. What’s left is gorgeous pornstars like Riley Reid, Karla Kush and Adria Rae getting stuffed with all kinds of hard cock in all their tight, little holes.


There’s a little bit of kinky fetish and BDSM action mixed into the nasty fuck scenes. One bitch is all tied up in rope, another is getting her ass spanked red, and one beautiful, slutty whore is sticking her sexy feet in a dude’s face as she jerks him off. She’s wearing a skimpy PVC dress and he’s wearing a really nice suit that’s going to need to be dry-cleaned after this.


It’s not just the suits and dresses that give Deeper such a high-class look. The flicks are shot in blisteringly clean HD with impeccable lighting, dark in the background with the players lit up like they’re on a stage. I like this a lot better than the musical I sat through last week, even if that did earn me a quality beej.


A lot of paysite landing pages these days mention some of the magazines and TV news channels they’ve been mentioned on. I usually don’t give much of a fuck, since those mentions mainly ain’t from porn people, but I’m impressed with the noise such a new site is making. These fuckers are only a few months old and getting attention from mainstream outlets like Rolling Stone, BBC and the New York Post. How the fuck did these assholes get a look before The Porn Dude?



Thirty Bucks for Hot Porn Fucks

Deeper is a straight hardcore porn site that costs exactly the same amount as almost every other straight hardcore site. If you guessed it’s thirty bucks a month, I guess you’re one of us already. As per usual, there are cheaper rates for longer memberships and a cheap-ass trial that actually costs slightly more than the regular price. It’s porn site math, folks. Don’t forget to cancel your trial if you go that route, because of course it automatically rebills you.



The sign-up page lists the basic “perks” you damn well better expect from a paysite in this modern era of high-tech Internet porno. They’ve got all that shit, from HD videos to mobile compatibility and discreet billing. No shit, Sherlock, everybody does that and you’d better hook me up. Bragging about basic features is like being proud of wiping your own ass. Don’t fall for that shit.


The sign-up page does mention that Deeper updates 6 times per month. That, I like. I like paysites to update at least once a week, and Deeper is going just a bit deeper. That works for me. Now, let’s get deeper inside of Deeper.



Getting Deeper Inside of Deeper

One of the things I looked for on the sign-up page was a total number of movies on the site. I couldn’t find one, and I wonder if it’s because their catalog is still relatively light. I counted once I got signed up and logged in. At just over 100 scenes, they’re not the biggest paysite out there. That said, I don’t know a lot of hardcore sites that offer what Deeper is offering.



That high-class yet sleazy feel follows me into the member’s area. The moving previews I get when I hover over an anal threesome or DP scene shows professional cinematography and professional depravity. Goddamn, it looks like somebody sunk a ton of money into this smut. Break out a bottle of Dom Perignon while you’re jacking off to Deeper in your Porsche 911, getting sperm all over your Gucci jacket.


The thumbnail for a newer flick called Finish caught my eye. It’s got Gina Valentina with her legs up in the air. She’s giving the camera a nice fuck-me face, but the lucky stud in the pic already has his cock up inside her. I’m sure there’s room for more, but this scene is just the two of them.


The movie starts at 480p and I have to bump it up to HD, but there’s no buffering as the scene starts. There’s a dude on a couch putting on a good drunk with a bottle of brown liquor, the kind that makes you fucking nuts. A voiceover bitch rambles at him as he scowls, and then we’re dropped into a bar with ominous music over the happy drinkers.


It feels every bit like a cable TV drama for the first 5 minutes, but then her tits come out and he starts groping her nipples. If you’d rather skip the fancy cinematics, there are very clear yellow markings on the timeline under the video. Hover over one and it tells you what happens during that pivotal plot point. Click one of those bad boys to jump right to the pussy-eating, the blowjob, the standing doggystyle or the facial.



Ejaculating Into an Expensive Handkerchief

I popped all over my Louis Vuitton jizz rag when the dude started licking Gina’s hairy muff. What can I say? The girl wears bush well. I wanted to play the scene on a loop while I sleep, hoping she’d visit me in my dreams. I clicked the Download button, half expecting to hit a paywall like so many sites are putting up these days.



Downloads are thankfully included with the standard Deeper membership. The button brings up a menu with MP4 files ranging from 270P, suitable for viewing on a toaster or microwave oven, to that 6 gig 4K movie that will look great on your TV. Bring your wife to a really fancy restaurant, get her a little tipsy on expensive wine, and then bring her back home for some luxury smut on the big screen. And then, presumably, you’d fuck her. Alternately, you’d have something really good to crank it to.


The only minor complaint I have about Deeper is that their catalog is still relatively small. Some of the big network sites charge you the same price for thousands of videos, but these guys only have around 100 so far. Then again, these exclusives have consistently high quality and a high-class feel that stretches throughout the catalog.


Deeper offers top pornstars doing what they do best: blowjobs, threesomes, rough sex and bondage. A lot of sites offer that, but Deeper wraps theirs in a luxurious package that will appeal to those who like the finer things in life, like tying up and fucking a girl in the ass while she’s wearing an expensive dress. Bust out the caviar and bust a nut to a prone-bone cuckold scene.

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