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Devils Film? Well, Hail Satan! You might not think you owe the devil your soul, but if you watch as much porn as I know you watch, then you most certainly do. Okay, maybe not your soul, that might be a bit of an extreme exchange for porn (save your soul to bargain for your very own brothel or something), but you at least owe him some gratitude. If it weren’t for Satan, there wouldn’t be any porn. You’d have to rely on your mental spank bank alone. And obviously that would just suck. You and I both know that imagination has never been your strong suit.


Either way, there is no debating that if God and the devil were to exist, the devil is by far the better one. He’s the one who tempted Eve into eating from the tree of knowledge, making her and Adam aware of their nudity. Before that, they were just these boring-ass sexless beings who would have never known of any of the fun available to them. So, basically, if it weren’t for Satan taking the form of the serpent in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve would have never learned about their bodies and, thus, never would have fucked! In other words, according to that fairy tale, Satan is the sole reason we are all here now. And he is definitely the reason you’re about to fap to your third porno of the day, you perverted fuckwad.


The devil brought us deep throating, orgies, gangbangs, bukkake (not his best work, in my opinion), and taboo kinks. And that’s just naming some of the more vanilla acts of depravity the devil is responsible for. I won’t get into the other stuff here, but, rest assured, a trip to one of the more hardcore porn sites out there will also show you a fuck ton of the darker stuff the devil likes to get down on as well. But, for today, I want to talk about the stuff he’s given us in the form of a site called


Over Twenty Years of Quality Porn

Devil’s Film is a porn studio based out of Los Angeles, California (one of the devil’s favorite cities). The studio found its start in 1997 and it has, since day one, specialized in swinger and gangbang porn shot in a gonzo style. Since then, though, Devils Film has expanded quite a bit and broadened their previously small list of niche interests to also include interracial porn, transsexual porn, MILF porn, and, more recently, taboo porn as well. Basically, if it’s somehow considered slightly deviant by society, Devil’s Film will provide it.



But that is not all that Devil’s Film has built their reputation on. They also broke into the parody porn world in 2009 with a film called Coctomom, a spoof on the tabloid sensation, Nadya Suleman, who became internationally recognized as the “Octomom” after giving birth to octuplets through in vitro fertilization. Do I even need to tell you how many cocks were involved in that film? Following the wild success of Coctomom, Devil’s Film kept going with the parody porn, parodying HBO’s Big Love, Mad Men, The Bachelor, The Biggest Loser, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, the Twilight series; even a spin on America’s Next Top Model has been done by Devil’s Film in the form of America’s Next Top Trans Girl.


But parody porn is not all that Devil’s Film is known for. In fact, the majority of the awards that the site has won are actually in the categories of transsexual, orgy, and interracial videos. Having won 12 XBIZ awards in those categories since 2007, if any one of these three niches is your thing, then you pretty much have to check out Devil’s Film. They are nearly untouchable in those categories.


Something for Everyone

But if you aren’t into trans porn and gangbang videos aren’t really your thing (believe me, I can definitely relate), do not fret, there is something for everyone on Devil’s Film. They have plenty of taboo, FFM threesome, and high-quality interracial videos to enjoy as well. In fact, you can conveniently head over to any of Devil’s Film’s series by accessing a list on the left side of the page. Choose from Lesbian Factor, Devil’s Film Parodies, Squirtalicious, Hairy Undies, Give Me Teens (18+), Tranny Pros, Devil’s Gangbangs, or Out of the Family. I love the organized and user-friendly nature of the site design; you don’t have to go digging to filter the site to your liking.



In fact, the site design of Devil’s Film is pretty effective in general. From the moment you log into the members’ area, it should look pretty familiar to anyone who’s been on a premium pay porn site in the past. You’ve got a large banner at the top of the page (in this case, advertising Adult Time, the parent portal site under which Devil’s Film falls). Above that, you will find a pretty standard site navigation menu, allowing you easy access to Browse (dropdown: Videos, DVDs, Extras, Pictures, Free Scene), Porn Stars, Categories, Community (Dropdown: Peter North’s Fanclub, All About Tera Patrick, Silvia Saint’s Fanclub, All About Rocco Siffredi), Specials, and Live Sex (links to the cam site, X Fame Live).


Then, from there, aside from the easy series navigation down the left side of the page, it’s all about the porn. You’ll find a bunch of thumbnails in a gallery orientation. You can also select how you want the videos to appear (gallery with info, gallery without info, or a list), which is nice because it offers you a little bit of a customizable experience. You can also choose the way in which the thumbnails are ordered. Organize them by Latest Updates, Most Viewed, Highest Rated, or Upcoming. Plus, you can filter videos with convenient dropdown and select menus by DVD releases, series, categories, porn stars, and whether or not you want the site to show shemales (the default is no; you have to opt into transsexual content, which I appreciate).


Great, Customizable Experience

That’s enough of the home page, let’s see how the video pages themselves work. Click into the latest release (I’m a Nymphomaniac Like My Mom #4, starring sexy blonde Natalia Queen). You’ve got a few options to choose from to adjust your video viewing experience. You can download the video, choose from an array of streaming qualities, add to playlist, “like,” or view related pictures. You can even place and label your own video markers, allowing you to jump around to the spots that you already know are hot should you return to this video again later. You cannot, however, comment on videos. Which, if you are just here for the porn, that probably won’t bother you. But I know that some people value a sense of community in their porn sites, so you can take that for what it is.



I love the number of customizable features that Devil’s Film provides for their videos. A good porn site will always go out of its way to provide as customizable and unique an experience for the user as possible. So, the fact that you can place markers at various hot spots throughout the video (as opposed the usual, where the studio has already marked where they think the hot spots will be) is awesome. Plus, they even have a cinema mode that you can toggle in and out of. Clicking the lightbulb button below the media player will black out the surrounding thumbnails and text. This isn’t the most necessary feature, as the site background is already black and there doesn’t seem to be too many distractions placed near the video stream itself, but still cool that they provide this option to help achieve a more immersive experience.


Plus, the porn itself is extremely well done. This is, at the end of the day, what matters most, is it not? Especially if you’re going to be giving your money to a premium pay porn site, you want to know, first and foremost, that the porn is going to get the job done, help you to fap to fruition. And I think the porn on Devil’s Film will definitely get you there. It is all shot in 4K, the girls are smoking hot, and the porn is hardcore and no holds barred. It is definitely not the kind of porn made for feminists or pansies. This stuff is classic, hardcore, rough porn.


All in all, Devil’s Film is a hedonist’s playground. Like I said before, there is a little something for everyone here, whether you’re into trannies, interracial, gangbangs, or just classic hardcore fucking, you will definitely have a good time here. There is an enormous archive of porn to choose from (from 1997 to 2019), so you’ll never run out of fap material. Plus, the site is always uploading new scenes to keep you going. If you’re looking for a wide range of hardcore porn, Devil’s Film (often misspelled as “devils films” and “devil porn”) is the way to go.

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