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Have you ever tried Internet dating? Or course you have, you porn-loving stud! After all, as much as it’s fun using our hand as a makeshift pussy for hours on end while indulging in some of the most hardcore smut known to mankind, sometimes we get that familiar urge to slide our dick into the warm, wet, and welcoming paradise of a real woman’s pussy or asshole, right?


However, internet dating is far easier than it sounds. Sure, there’s no shortage of horny bitches out there across the badlands of the internet who are eager to find a willing dick to fill them with cum in a no-strings-attached sex session, but finding them amongst a sea of chicks who want to ‘’settle down’’ or ‘’go on a romantic date’’ can be a complete ballache.


There are also few things worse than going on a date with some random chick and listening to four hours of bullshit, paying the bill for some sub-standard food and watered-down drinks, only to be sent home blue-balled. If this has ever happened to you, I can guarantee you’ve said the same thing to yourself; ‘’Damn, I should have just stuck with porn!’’


You live and learn, but many people keen to go on a date and bring their porn to life are often blissfully unaware of a unique porn category centered around the world of internet hookups. These high-quality porn flicks center around women found online who are then subjected to some of the most brutal fucks of their life after being picked up on various online dating and hookup sites.


Rather than navigating the minefield of online dating yourself, why not just chill at home and watch a hung and horny motherfucker seed his oats in some of the most promiscuous sluts found online? If this sounds appealing, then you’re in the right place! Today, a website called landed on my cum-soaked table and was ripe and fertile for a balls-deep review.


This premium porn site is centered around a hung guy who spends his days hooking up with 18+ teens across America. But these teens aren’t interested in romantic dinners and marriage. Their idea of a cocktail is sucking their ass juice off a cock in an ass-to-mouth BJ before washing it down with a hot load of cum. Their ideal date location is face down on a cheap couch having their pussy stretched to the brink of destruction. At least, that’s what people are saying!


So, is the kind of website that provides a solid alternative to IRL dating, and is it a premium porn site worth paying for? Let’s slide into it and find out everything it has to offer us!



What is is a porn membership site producing HD smut centered around 18+ teens with which the well-hung protagonist has hooked up online. From well-known pornstars to authentic amateur sluts, this site has a broad portfolio of premium smut spread across different niches.



Although the site does give you free video previews of its content, a paid membership is required to access the full clips. At the time of writing, the standard month-to-month membership would set you back around $29.95 per month. However, this cost can be dramatically reduced when bought in bulk, with an annual membership costing around $9.95 per month.


But we’re living in an era where money is tight for many people, so is the kind of premium porn site that you should consider getting your wallet out for? Let’s find out as we dive deeply into its hookup porn on offer!



What’s the Porn like on

When writing this review, had an impressive portfolio of more than 300+ premium porn scenes for members to explore. Damn, this is a collection of smut that’ll turn your dick red raw! So, to save you any penile damage, it took one for the team and decided to explore this site’s porn from top to bottom to find out what kind of quality smut it had to offer!



● Ass-Licking Jackie Hoff Gets Fucked in the Ass! – If you hooked up with Jackie Hoff, it’d be easy to assume she’s sexually naive and doesn’t know her way around a cock. Still, this scene proves otherwise! Jackie’s ass and pussy are both pushed to the verge of destruction, but she takes it all like a champ, even dropping to her knees and unleashing a rimjob on her male lover to say thank you for the anal fuck she’s just received. Good girl, Jackie!

● Jade Kimiko has a lot of Asian Sex Secrets Between Her Legs! – Jade is a dream come true for guys who love Asian chicks, and this scene shows the aftermath of a casual date she had with a guy she met online. From sucking his balls while flicking up the two-fingered Asian hand gesture to spreading her legs for his big white cock to stretch out her tight Asian pussy, this is a gorgeous scene from that members of the site have highly rated.

● Jessica Starling is a Greedy Slut Who Loves DP – Picture the scene; you hooked up with a sleazy-looking blonde chick hoping for a quick BJ, but, instead, you got a porn-grade fuck you’ll never forget! Jessica begs her random lover to slide his dick balls-deep in her ass, and when he does, she picks up a substantial see-through dildo and slams it into her pussy to give herself a double penetration fuck. Just like Jackie Hoff, even after she takes a cumshot to the face, she isn’t finished and licks the asshole of the guy she’s hookup with to say thank you and to get him ready for round 2!



Design of the Site is currently rocking a premium porn membership website theme that looks sleek, fast-moving and well-designed. It’s set out in a black, grey, and pink color scheme and does a great job catching your eye from the moment you arrive.



At the top of the site, things start with the logo of, which is a simple and well-designed image that features two instant messaging chat bubbles in place of the letters O in the word ‘’hookup’’. Love it!


After this, the site’s straightforward main menu takes users to the homepage, photosets, videos, models, and two buttons to log in or sign up. There are also two social media links taking you to the site’s official Twitter and Instagram, although the latter is a dead-end link as the profile seemingly doesn’t exist.


As the homepage of begins, it welcomes you in with a large featured video displaying a scene of one of the most recent popular videos added to the site. To say this is eye-catching is an understatement because, at the time of writing, it consisted of a cute-looking 18+ teen getting her throat and pussy used like a human sex toy in full HD in a fast-paced teaser edit.


After this is a portfolio of the latest premium porn scenes to be added to the site, and these are displayed in easy-to-see thumbnails in rows of three with metadata covering the title and user rating. After this, the homepage is broken up by a featured hero image displaying a promo of the site’s scene 300 with a gorgeously detailed deepthroat BJ carried out by a pigtailed 18+ teen while her equally horny friend watches with glee.


Towards the end of the homepage is a short selection of featured models displayed in rows of four portrait shots of various sluts who’ve starred on the site. The site’s homepage then rounds off with a call to action to sign up, underlined by more benefits the site offers, from exclusive porn content to high-resolution photosets.



What I Like Most About it

I love the theme of the porn on, as it’s a niche that many people can relate to. After all, who doesn’t love securing a straightforward online hookup with some local whore and letting her polish your cock with her hungry holes?



The quality of the smut offered by is immense, and I’m not just talking about its high-definition quality. The models picked up by these producers are chosen based on their nympho nature, and none of them are afraid to let themselves go wild when they have a girthy cock throbbing in front of their faces.


The site is also well-designed and professionally run. It’s a breeze to use, looks professional, and gives potential customers the impression that this is a reliable site that is worth considering paying for.


Also, I’ve reviewed many premium porn sites that are downright stingy when giving you free content previews., on the other hand, allows free visitors to see fast-paced HD previews of their scenes to give you an idea of their quality rather than hiding it from you until you pay for a membership. This is a telltale sign of a porn producer confident in their product!



What I Don’t Like

The main issue I had with was how the producers had titled the scenes. The vast majority of them feature the episode number and the model featured within, but it doesn’t have any creativity involved to give you an idea of what awaits you in each scene.



Also, the site lacks some critical written content, and nothing on the site informs new visitors what the theme is all about. There’s no blog, no FAQs, and no About page. The fastest way to get the gist of the site’s content is by watching several scene previews and coming to your own conclusion, which isn’t efficient at all.



Suggestions I Have for

Add some more creativity to the titles of the scenes on the site. For example, rather than displaying a scene as ‘’Episode 328 – Jackie Hoff Returns ANAL,’’ instead call it something like, ‘’Glasses-wearing teen has her asshole pushed to the limit before taking a cum facial with a sleazy smile!’’



Work on adding some written content to the site, too. There’s a tonne of potential here, and you could start with a dedicated About page telling new visitors what the site is all about while reinforcing reasons to join as a member. Adding a blog would also be a great idea, and behind-the-scenes articles will add another selling point to the high-quality videos.




It has to be said that can empty your balls time and time again with its ever-growing portfolio of online hookup porn with a range of pornstars and authentic amateurs, and, overall, it’s a site worth paying for. However, it could be vastly improved by adding more creative titles to the scenes and beefing up the site’s written content.

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