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Hussie Pass

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Hussie Pass

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If you had a Hussie Pass, what’s the first thing you’d do? That’s more of a rhetorical question, because everyone’s less interested in what you’d do than what those titular hussies are getting up to. With the exception of your mom and the most prudish of prudes, everybody loves a slutty gal, which goes a long way in explaining why so many folks are lining up to get that pass we’re talking about. This next website gets an easy half million visitors a month, and today your old pal ThePornDude is going to be among them.


If you haven’t put two and two together from the title, let me spell it out in slightly clearer terms: is a premium hardcore porn site where you can watch hussies getting boned. It’s right there in the name, folks. This ain’t some fly-by-night operation, either, as they’ve been putting out dirty movies since 2016. That’s a long fucking time in internet years, and the longevity alone is a strong sign that we’re going to see some good porn inside. Let’s find out for sure.


Harder Than Your Dad’s Hardcore

The auto-playing montage at the top of HussiePass’s tour page sets the tone nicely. Most porn sites in 2024 call themselves hardcore, but these guys come off a bit harder right from jump. There are girls sucking on big dicks and getting their twats filled up, which is pretty standard on any paysite. What’s less common are the women taking on two at once, sometimes in their mouths and sometimes getting doubled stuffed in the twat. There are some serious monster cocks doing the stuffing in some of those scenes, with babes inhaling BBC the size of their fucking forearms. Girls tossing male salad are a rarity elsewhere, but the preview montage puts it right out there.



A trip to HussiePass’s picture menu of tags only confirms it further: they’ve got a killer variety of super-hardcore content. They’ve got the standards like Anal, Lesbians and Asian, but one of the selling points here is going to be the stuff you can’t necessarily find elsewhere. They’ve got entire sections devoted to Airtight, Ass Eating and BBBG, plus Blowbangs, Gangbangs, Footjobs and Foursomes. Tune in for Multiple Facials if you like it creamy, Squirting if you like it wet, or even get down with some Transsexual action if you like your chicks to come with dicks. shoots their movies with famous pornstars, brand-new amateurs and rising starlets. They’ve got great fucking taste, if I do say so myself, because they’ve even made films with some of the girls I’ve interviewed over at PornDudeCasting. Our mutual friends include Khloe Kapri, Kylie Quinn, Madi Collins, Angel Youngs and Jasmine Jae, just to name a few.


I don’t usually mention the male talent in my reviews, because I know what you guys like. They’re worth mentioning here because they shoot with some famously huge cock. I’ve had pornstars namedrop some of these dudes when I’m interviewing them, bragging about taking on that legendary long dong. Brickzilla, Isaiah Maxwell, Rob Piper and Brick Danger can all be found within, slanging that big dick.


How Many Hussies We Talkin’ Here? offers free video previews, a dying perk on paysites in 2024. They limit you to 200 freebies, but they run a good minute or two so the cheapskates can certainly crank one off before they get kicked out of the library. I watched a few of the trailers, and it was a recent poolside sneak peek with Indica Flower that really hooked me. Over the course of 94 seconds, she shakes her tits, twerks, fingers herself, gets her pussy and ass eaten, sucks cock, gives tit jobs and footjobs, and then gets her pussy stuffed from various angles. Wannabe pornographers, take note: this is how you put together a fucking preview!



By the time the trailer was over, I knew I needed to get the full Hussie Pass. I’m writing this a week before Memorial Day, so they’re currently offering half off the usual price of thirty bucks a month. Lucky me!


Even if you miss out on the Memorial Day special, HussiePass members now get access to their sister site, Hot and Tatted. In case the name is too fucking mysterious for you, it’s all about sexy, tatted-up chicks getting fucked. I got really sidetracked writing this review when I found April Olsen’s recent HotAndTatted scene, but I should be a little more focused now that I’ve achieved post-nut clarity.


Even without the bonus site, Hussie Pass is a nice value in terms of sheer numbers. As I mentioned earlier, these guys have been around since 2016, giving them a lot of time to build up the collection. To date, there are over 500 movies included with the Hussie Pass, not counting the bonus material.


They’re also banging them out at a nice clip. I always like to see at least one update per week on any paysite, but these guys do even better with six fresh updates per month. They use a set schedule, so you can plan your fap sessions accordingly. New porn scenes come out every Friday and on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, plus a Behind The Scenes feature every Saturday and on Wednesdays after the 1st and 3rd Tuesday. (Yeah, it sounds needlessly complicated, but you will appreciate the consistency!)


Watching the Hussies Do Their Thing

I picked a good day to get my HussiePass, because they just added a fresh 50-minute fuck flick today. Big Dicks Stretch Her Out Nice stars the lovely blonde Bailey Brooke, going interracial with 19-year-old phenom Damion Dayski. Downloads are included with the regular ticket price, so go ahead and save it if you want. (Those of you who want the full 4K version will have to download, since streaming currently maxes out at 1080p.)



The movie begins with an interview, similar to what I do over at PornDudeCasting. Bailey looks gorgeous in a revealing bikini/dress as she talks about her sexual interests and work in the industry. She’s fun and sexy and giggly, and I’m turned on even before she starts getting naked a few minutes in. Her body is juicy and natural, and Bailey clearly loves flaunting those assets.


She starts playing with herself, and then Damion gets into the scene a few minutes later, oiling up Bailey’s boobies and body for the fun to come. If you’ve got headphones on, you might get some ASMR tingles from Bailey’s breathing and whispers, to say nothing of the raging boner you’re going to have from watching. Wait until you see this girl trying to fit the entire sausage in her mouth.


It’s a great scene, and easily one of the more sensual ones I’ve seen all week. The duo take their sweet time, not rushing between the pussy eating and the cock sucking, the missionary and the cowgirl. The camerawork is clean as fuck, with some great POV shots as she’s smoking pole or working it over with her feet. After hosing Bailey down with sperm, the scene ends with the two of them in the shower together, getting cleaned up and enjoying a bit more intimacy.


After Bailey’s sweet, romantic fuck, I wanted a bit of a different flavor. The next HussiePass vid I watched featured Angel Youngs doing her first double vag scene. I was only able to give my singular cock when she visited me, but the scene proves her ability to multitask. It’s also a nice example of the different tones you can find on the site. This scene’s got more of frantic nympho vibe, which is just as fapworthy. What kind of mood are you in? has been around for so long because they make good porno, plain and simple. I’d recommend a tour if you’re looking for a nice, big, well-rounded paysite with a ton of movies, especially if you sometimes find yourself wishing for harder action on the other sites. These guys offer a great bang for your buck even before you factor in all the bonus material they hook you up with on the side. Make sure you’re well stocked on lube before taking the plunge.

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