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The subject of Love Her Films isn’t exactly a mystery; it’s got to be that titular “her” they’re loving. The name alone sets a bit of a different tone from the more degrading porn outfits out there, and that clean white layout helps in that respect, too. But, of course, cleanliness is largely a matter of opinion in the world of porno, and the included imagery probably isn’t wholesome enough for your grandma to tune in. Then again, maybe the old bag still has a libido as strong as any young buck like yourself, in which case she’ll probably enjoy this site just as much as you or I will. puts out premium pornos where beautiful women get loved in filthy, explicit ways. The domain has only been around a couple of years, but their archive stretches back to 2017 in what must be a feat of pornographic time travel. I’ve reviewed a couple of the company’s other websites in the past, including LoveHerBoobs and LoveHerFeet, so I have a feeling even before I get inside that I’m going to like what I find. Can you blame me? Not only have I seen plenty of these girls in plenty of top-shelf pornos, but I’ve even banged a few myself. They’ve got great taste around here! And if you aren’t convinced yet, let’s take a closer look.


I Love Her, and Her, and Her, and Her Films, Too

The tour page of LoveHerFilms hits you right away with a big, auto-playing montage right at the top of the screen. The beautiful blonde Geisha Kyd is featured today, bobbing her head on a big black cock that’s about the same size as her forearm. It’s a rapid-fire selection of snippets that only runs a few seconds but gives a good glimpse of what kind of smut this site is peddling. To sum up this particular flick, it’s hardcore interracial sex starring a beautiful woman, captured with absolutely gorgeous, professional lighting and camerawork.



Geisha isn’t the only pornstar doing her thing out front. They’re shooting with many big-name starlets and rising newcomers in the industry. They’ve got recent updates starring Jasmine Wilde, Penelope Kay, April Olsen, Erin Everheart, and Gia Derza, all of whom I’ve gotten to know very well over at PornDudeCasting. They’ve also got movies starring personal favorites and classic stars like Abella Danger, Cherie Deville, and Angela White. The full Models index is definitely worth a look if you’re into famous sluts.


There are free previews available, so I checked out the one-minute trailer for LoveHerFilms’s recent Marley Brinx flick, If A Guy Tried To Suck My Toes, I’d Probably Let Him. The montage opens with a close-up of Marley’s feet, followed by a footjob, and the camera keeps those tootsies in all the subsequent shots of Marley getting boned in various positions. The previews I watched after this one were only ten seconds long, though, which I think is one of the ways shuffles you along to the signup page. Well, it was going to happen sooner or later.


Paging Alexander Hamilton

I made my way to the signup page, expecting the usual thirty-dollar ticket most porn paysites offer. Instead, I was surprised to find out they’re asking forty a month for the regular rate. Either they’re overcharging or are confident their material is worth the extra tenner over the other guys. There are discounts on the three-month and yearly price, but it’s still pricey compared to most membership sites.



They do lay out some of the perks of membership on the signup page, though. For one thing, members can download whatever they want. Downloads used to be a given, but you know how it goes these days. Love Her Films keeps it modern, so the MP4s go up to 4K ultra-HD. Watch them on the big screen in crystal clear clarity.


Another perk is all the fresh porn they’re adding every week. The signup page guarantees weekly updates, which is really my golden standard for any paysite, but the reality is even better. LoveHerFilms is currently adding new material every couple of days. It doesn’t look like there’s a precise schedule, so you can’t set your watch to it, but you will have plenty of new fap fodder to beat off to every week. I’m writing this on the tenth of March, and they’ve already added half a dozen new films this month.


Now, looking at the numbers, the high price makes more sense. Sure, you may have to skip a couple of cups of coffee this month to cover the difference, but you end up with way more masturbatory content to amuse yourself with. As long as the quality is good, this is a hell of a bang for your buck. Based on what I’ve seen from this company before, I’m sure I will love, but there’s only one way to be absolutely sure.


Commencing the Official Fap Test

What do you order when you visit a new restaurant, but you already know the chef and have a bunch of favorite dishes? Do you go with something tried and true, or do you opt for something fresh, something you’ve never experienced before, but you feel they’ll do right? A similar question crossed my mind as I lubed up and got ready to start my official Love Her Films fap test. Should I crank off to a model I’ve known personally, like Eliza Ibarra, one I’ve beaten off to extensively, like Ella Knox, or a starlet I’ve never gotten off to before?



I went with the latter option, mainly because Nickey Huntsman looked so fucking sexy in the thumbnail for Teacher’s Home Visit. The 45-minute LoveHerFilms film opened with an FBI warning screen and a LoveHerBoobs logo, followed by Nickey showing up at some dude’s house. It turns out he’s a problematic student, and she needs to straighten him out. The intro is shot in a cinematic style, with both stars doing their best to sell the scenario. Nickey’s tits come out, and her glasses come off about three minutes in, and it only ramps up from there. The dude spends a lot of time sucking on her titties, as he should, and finally starts touching her pussy nearly ten minutes later.


As with the company’s other websites, the production values are consistently high throughout the whole scene. Besides the high-end cast, they’re shooting in one of those spotless porno mansions, with impeccable lighting and camerawork. The skilled cameraman follows when the dude lowers his head between Nickey’s legs, giving us a great angle that lets us see everything. You can practically taste her twat. Love Her Films? Nah, I love ALL of her!


I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but in between all the continued boob worship, our hero tit-fucks Nickey, gets his cock sucked multiple times, and Nickey rides him like a cowgirl. There’s some nice doggy at the edge of the couch, and when all is said and done, Nickey’s got a nice layer of sauce all over her tatas as she laps the few remaining drops from the fleshy tap. I liked it enough to download it for my permanent offline fap stash.


Love Her Films is putting out some seriously high-quality smut; that much is a fact. The big question is whether it’s good enough to be worth the extra ten bucks they’re charging compared to most other porn sites. If you’re shopping on quantity alone, it may be hard to make a case for LoveHerFilms compared to one of the extensive, all-inclusive networks with an archive built over a long time. However, if you figure quality into your considerations as much as you do quantity, LoveHerFilms becomes a much stronger choice.


So, what really makes special? What makes it worth that additional Alexander Hamilton? To me, it’s the high volume of fresh material with those consistently high production values. This is a site for porn fans who appreciate the best of the best and want a lot of new material to keep them all hard and drippy all week. That’s a tall order, but Love Her Films nails it in a way that few studios can. If you consider yourself an insatiable connoisseur of world-class pornography, you’ll want to check this one out.

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